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  1. Happy Birthday, Lady. Hope you have a great day! Hey! Have ya heard? 50's the new 20!
  2. Happy Birthday, Muz, my friend. Hope you have a great day.
  3. I won't be able to meet with you in Springfield (or Branson) on Wednesday. I have to be at the Cherokee Heritage Center. But still, I'm gonna try to call your hostess in the evening so I can at least talk to you guys. Hope your days here in the USofA are going good and fun. Later....
  4. Maybe (just maybe) it took the lives of 12 million men, women and children to get the attention of some folks. Sad to say but when even one light is extinguished, darkness gets a better hold on those who curse it. The silver lining in murder... The act of taking a life is horrible, however, those who were ready to go don't have to worry about this world and what it can do anymore. But we who remain, do. Which is why we need to love one another. And God's plan isn't so big... it's simple. All He wants is for us to love Him as much as He loves us. It's man who makes it all difficult. And yes, God knows we can't live up to his standards and yes, we are full of flaws so what's a person to do, Eric? The answer is again simple. For God so loved the world... you know the rest.
  5. Kholvn

    Sad News.....

    I'm sure, somewhere along the way, EC will think "There's a song in this." And he'll write a new mega hit. Or even better - a new album to surpass even (dare I say it) Boats Against The Current.
  6. Too bad divorce isn't like the olden days of the Keetoowah. When a woman divorced her husband all they had to do was set all of the man's belongings outside the lodging. The man came home and knew it was over and just picked up his things. Of course the woman already owned the home and kept the kids. But the man could go back to his hunting and fishing. But then Europeans came and thought they could improve on that.
  7. Hey, Muzz! I'm counting the sleeps too. Looking forward to seeing ya and your gal.
  8. Again... Evil depends on whose well you're drinking from.
  9. Forgot to mention... My favorite Mel movie is THE ROAD WARRIOR! SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
  10. Mel Gibson is just a person. I don't see why folks are so interested in his divorce. But, of course, he's a celeb so I suppose that makes the difference. However, it seems to me that, according to this board, evil depends on where you stand. To American Indians, Hitler was no worse than Andrew Jackson. And minds and hearts don't want to mention the American Holocaust where over five thousand men, women and children - elders and babies - died. Oh, and we didn't have a hell in our beliefs until outside contact. Hell was a concept that went against our relationship with the Creator. We believe that He is a loving God. Our traditional beliefs are centered on Him and His creations. We are all one and everything we do eventually reflects on everyone else. This was, and still is, our purpose for walking the white path (the rightous road). As for the beliefs of others... we respect them but that doesn't mean we have to agree with them. To force ones beliefs on others is not the way of the Keetoowah. Wado.
  11. I'm gonna do my best to meet up with these great folks in Springfield. That is, of course, if Muzz has his bags packed. But he's a BIG BOY. He's a Big Boy! Who else is in Springfield from this board? Won't mind meeting with you too. Waiting is so bitter sweet.
  12. I'll be in Ã…ustin again this weekend. If anyone is around - come and check out the Pow Wow this Saturday.
  13. I've got an idea. And it's so crazy it just might work! Give us our homelands back! But the chances of that happening is as good as getting trustworthy people in office. That's why most grass roots American Indians don't care who's in office - we'll get screwed no matter who's in there. Just my 2 cents of ranting.
  14. I'm amazed that we're still driving vehicles that run on oil products. We should be flying on magnetic wings by now. I'm amazed that wars still happen. We should be more mature after all these years. I'm amazed that I'm still alive!
  15. Among the Keetoowah and Cherokee, Christmas is called "The Day When They Shoot Their Guns". That's how Christmas was celebrated in earlier times. Some families still do this. You can hear the sound of pistols and rifles being fired all through the valleys and hills. It really, really cool. This is a really fine place to be - a place where the world doesn't touch our love for one another. We can disagree and NOT be pulling a trigger to a gun or pressing a button for the missiles to launch. You could almost say that Christmas is here all the time. THANKS ERIC for your music that brought us all together. But most of all, THANK YOU GOD for sending your Son to this lowly place called Earth. Happy Birthday, Jesa!
  16. Ain't it funny? People usually tell one another to take care and stuff only around Christmas. HERE! It's all the time!!! So very cool! But yeah, Muzz and Kiwi. Take care and get home safe. Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!
  17. We've always had these lights around and above us. American Indians have stories, some centuries old, that tell of these kinds of lights. I, once, asked an Elder about them and thinking he was going to give me this real cool, Indian Wisdom type of answer, this is what he said. "Don't worry about 'em. They're just here to check up on us." Uh...? I, for one, believe in them. The reason is because I had one fly right over me back in the late seventies. It wasn't scary but interesting.
  18. Just wishing all my family Happy Holidays!! No matter where you live - be careful if you intend to travel anywhere. Even though it's the holidays, I still won't get to be on the board all that much. So, I figured I'd give you all the best of wishes and prayers for the year that's going out and the year coming in. Take care everyone!!
  19. Kholvn


    Awww, Kiwi, you say the kindest things. Muz is a very lucky guy. I've been taking holiday but it's back out later on this week. A storytellers job is never done. Happy - reading Kiwis kind words Joy - knowing that Kiwi and Muzza are my friends Giggly - thinking of the time when we'll all finally meet in person.
  20. Kholvn


    Hey, Kiwi! How's one of my favorite New Zers? Sad but true. I don't giggle very often. I think my giggle box is broken. Hey! It snowed here, today. It was so cool! But it didn't stay long. I love the snow. I like driving in it. Happy - Driving in the snow! Joy - Making it home alive after driving in the snow. Giggly - Wondering if I should go back out and drive in the snow again!!!!!
  21. Kholvn


    Happy - Sitting around a campfire with my friends and telling stories. Joyful - When I look around and see the wonderful creation which is Mother Earth. Giggly - Catching a lady checking me out (naturally, i don't get giggly very often).
  22. I'll try to do good on the road. I'm looking forward to it. Lately, most of my gigs have been here in my home state but the winter time is my usually busy time with Universities and such. I got a sad shock earlier though. I was cleaning out a message drawer and found one from Sugar. Man! That was two years ago! Wow! Oh well, I'm sure she's terrific where she is. She's probably got a Sugar Shoppe going there. Ha!
  23. Things are going pretty good tonight. I've been goofing around since it's my birthday week. But I'm back on the road again Thursday night. How are you and Muzz? Good, I hope.
  24. One thing everyone is forgetting is that the Mayans counted their days beginning the evening before. So one day to them was evening to evening and not morning to morning as we do in the modern world. I just hope it'll be a step up from the way things are now. Some folks might say no matter what happens, it'll be a step up from now. Oh well, hitch up your drawers and pass the Tequila!
  25. You guys are great! It never fails to tickle my funny bone whenever the thread takes a turn and this one has gone waaayyyy into left field. I never thought of Hilly as being a woman... but hey! you guys are right! Nobody told me she was a GIRL!!!!
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