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  1. i'll br there in the pavillion
  2. jay and the americans dave clark five buckinghams raspberries 10cc bare naked ladies
  3. TP and the HBs are probably among the top 5 all time rock and roll bands. Great songs great guitars harmonies and they deliver the package live. Not every band delivers the goods live (read Dwight Twilley). Petty is right up there with the new (reunited) Raspberries as consummate performers. )
  4. i thought it was great. i loved that they opened with American Girl. That was the song that started it for me, hoping that they were the band that would fill the void left by the Raspberries. TP and Dwight Twilley did do that for me and they kept things interesting until the others finally got it.
  5. The Boats Against The Current Lp plus Walk Away Renee
  6. 1. Hard to Get Over A Heartbreak 2. If You Change Your Mind 3. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 4. Play On 5. Ecstacy I Wanna Be With You 7. Should I Wait 8. Nobody Knows 9. Go All the Way 10. Making It Easy
  7. michael stanley has a new CD out also. wow. never thought i waould be listening to new Berries and Stanley in the same week let alone in my lifetime.
  8. Michael Stanley , the DJ, is a bid suppoerter of the band. He has been at all 3 shows in Cleveland and has much more "local: sucess than the Berries ever had, Having said that, Mr. Stanley understands what the Berrie s were. When GATW made it big, Mr. Stanley took out a full page ad out in THe Scene in support of the band. This was when every other band in Cleve was jealous of the Berries. Michael had a local hit "Let's get the Show on the Road: with Epic REcords, Michael is a class act. If he rambled it was onl becauses he was proud of the guys
  9. the songs with dave and wally are from 1981, the others arre from recent performances in CLeveland. anyone interested in the 1981 version conatct me.
  10. He can help by covering one of their songs. I mthink he came close on RIVER and TUNNEL OF LOVE but just come out and do it.
  11. Boycott the sponsors of Imus program who dropped his show, boycott CBS,Viacom, MTV for their cowardice. Boycott with your wallet not your mouth. That is the only free speech they understand. Take back America.
  12. 1.Raspberries 2.Buckinghams 3.Jay & the Americans 4.Dave Clark 5 5.Small Faces/Faces 6.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 7.Dwight Twilley Band 8.Michael Stanley Band 9.Artful Dodger 10.Badfinger 11. Roxy Music 12. Bare Naked Ladies 13. Beatles 14. 10cc 15. Beach Boys
  13. Ecstacy / I Don't Know WHat I Want - Fallout Boy
  14. Anything by Dion and the Belmonts plus great songs like At The Hop, Get A Job, Earth Angel, on and on. Funny, I picked up the love for it in 1972 as a senior in high school. As we were listening to Raspberries, The Choir, Badfinger, The Beatles, a bunch of us got into 50's music by accident, and then we got to see Sha-Na-Na live and that really set it off. Any good compilations out there I would be interested in getting my hands on them.
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