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  1. Hmm good question danmichel. I wonder that myself. HT from Mo
  2. Super version! Just goes to show that Eric has an extensive voice range and that we all seem to enjoy his music no matter what tempo, arrangement, etc. I had never heard "Caroline, No" before - wonderful song as usual! Thanks Bernie for the opportunity to listen to these gems! HT from Mo
  3. Muzza, Thanks for the warm welcome! I appreciate it. Sorry I didn't respond earlier - much too busy posting on other topics!! HA! I look forward to getting to know everyone here on the board. I have already laughed so hard at some of the posts that my sides have hurt! Thanks again! HT from Mo
  4. Fabulous!!! I didn't waste any time getting registered and have already posted. Keep up the great work!! HT from Mo
  5. I can understand both sides of the coin. We all want to see Eric and the Raspberries more frequently that we do. However, as a mom of two daughters who are the same age as Eric's kids I understand his feelings about his family - he did quote one of his friends about how fast time flies when your kids are young and that is the honest truth! You can't ever get back those times you missed whether it be a ballet recital or a baseball game, etc. I think that Eric is right about who is going to follow in their footsteps and fill those concert halls. I right now can't think of anyone that comes to mind. I have only seen Eric once in concert and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Just my .02 worth. HT from Mo
  6. SusanSAM, Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I have loved music ever since I can remember. I unfortunately was never blessed with the ability to create it nor read it. I can keep time just fine and sing along but that is far as it goes. I think that I will be learning alot about the music business on this board and lots of other things along the way! Thanks again, HT from Mo
  7. I just registered and got the validation. Are there any topics yet? I didn't see any. The site is really cool! The music keeps playing while moving around on the site. Job well Done! HT from Mo
  8. Eric, After reading all of the previous posts in regard to songwriting I have a question about the actual writing of the music. When you are writing the music, do you write it for one instrument at first and split the music in parts for the different instruments or do you write the music for the instruments separately from the beginning? This probably seems trivial but I am interested in how the process starts and evolves(however not interested in songwriting as a career - I already have one.) Thank you, HT from Mo(newbie on the board)
  9. Laura, My husband says that I sing horribly - I sometimes sing with him in the car. I hear him sing(with other music other than EC)- can't hold a tune in a bucket. I on the other hand think I sing better than he does by far. My kids - ages 10 and 6 hold their ears and plead for me to stop! HT from Mo
  10. Julesberry, Do you table dance too? or just chair dancing? HT from Mo
  11. Hi All I am a newbie here on the EC board and as I was driving home from work this morning I was wondering if any of you sing along with EC in your cars and which ones do you sing with most often? Have a favorite? I do sing in the car almost every time I'm driving to work, pick up kids, etc. My favorite EC song to sing along with is "That's Rock and Roll" and in a close second is "Ready to Try Again". Thanks a bunch! HT from Mo
  12. Eric, Even though I was born in 1970, I got hooked on your solo recordings when I was 17 and have enjoyed them ever since. I have a few of the Raspberries songs on the Definitive Collection and I think so far my favorite is "Hit Record". But I know that there are many more to listen to and enjoy. I still have the cassette tape of the Greatest Hits that I purchased in 1988(yes, it still works) and listen to it constantly at work along with a couple of other albums that I copied onto tapes. Great Stuff! I never get bored listening to them over and over. Thank you for everything. HT from Mo
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