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  1. I agree 100% Diane. I try not post anything that I wouldn't say directly to the person I'm responding to. Everyone on this board has something to contribute musically or otherwise. I'm sad to hear that some have left the board because of others' lack of judgement in posting their opinions. Let's all play nice...
  2. Happy Birthday Dave! I hope it's the best one yet! Enjoy your day with family and friends. Beth
  3. Happy Birthday Pretender! I hope you have a great day!
  4. To my ec.com family.... Thank you all for the great birthday wishes! I plan on having dinner with my husband tonight(our girls are in NC visiting their aunt and her family.) It was actually nice shopping today by myself - no time limit! Thank you again! Beth Rob.... I've already had a piece of my "frozen section" cake... a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen - I don't think it will cut very well on my microtome...
  5. Wendy, I'm in the back row - the second from the right(I have the bandana around my neck).
  6. I am from the Kansas City area. The "Camp Rocks" was a similar theme to "Camp Rock" - Disney film. We did have a GS leader who is a geologist come to teach the girls about rocks. Each girl received a geode to crack open(they were about the size of a small rubber ball). It was soooo hot - in the 90's everyday(heat index made it seem like 105)
  7. Happy Birthday Susana! Enjoy your special day surrounded by family and friends! - Don't forget about the cake! HT
  8. Happy Birthday MAM! I hope it will be the best one yet! HT
  9. Here is the GS day camp staff that I worked with for a week this summer. Had lots of fun!
  10. You're back! YAY!!! So glad to see you posting again!
  11. Happy Birthday Razzy! I hope it was a blast!
  12. I'm ready! 18 months is too long! I would have loved to see the RRHOF show! Would a "do over" be too much to ask?
  13. Happy Birthday Brian! I hope you have a fantastic day!
  14. I too miss Sugarbabi(Cheri). I loved spending time in the "Soda Shoppe" hanging out with Cheri, James, Tommy, Muzza and Foolin'. Her kind and gentle soul has touched each and everyone of us who knew her on and off the board. We still miss you!
  15. Happy Belated Birthday Highwayangel! I hope it was a terrific day!
  16. Happy Belated Birthday Danny! I hope you had a fantastic day!
  17. Happy Belated Birthday Anna! I hope you had a great day and celebrated in style!
  18. Happy Belated Birthday! Ira! I hope it was a great day!
  19. Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you have fun filled day with family and friends! Don't forget about the cake... have a slice for me!
  20. Happy Birthday Pat! Have a piece of cake for me!
  21. Get well soon Beth! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Take care, Hugs, Beth
  22. Congratulations Kathy! You and your husband deserve a HUGE HUG from me for a job well done! You don't find too many adoptive parents that would... 1) bring a special needs child into their home with open arms 2) go against the diagnosis and believe in your hearts that the child will be better than that! Congratulations to Brian as well! I hope that he will continue to progress through life and enjoy all it has to offer! Beth
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