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  1. I loved him in Dirty Dancing. That film will always have a special place in my heart. When it came out I was a senior in H.S. and I remember seeing it at least 3-4 times in a row(same day mind you....) at the movie theater. I sat there with a shocked look on my face... I had never seen anyone dance like that! We'll miss you dearly Patrick. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
  2. Happy Birthday Al! I hope you have a great day!
  3. James.... What took you so long??? We have missed you! All is well in the harem and we're adding new members each day. Look forward to reading your posts once again.... HT
  4. Happy Birthday Julia D! Hope you had a great one!
  5. We have a family wedding to attend today. My oldest daughter is a candlelighter. Then..... after the reception, our twin 6 yr old nieces will be staying the night at our house.
  6. Happy Birthday Ted! I hope you have the best one yet!
  7. I hope you had fantastic birthday Darlene!
  8. You need to scroll down to the "Everything" section in the Community forum.
  9. I am still in this stage. My girls who are 13 and 9 just started back to school this last Tues. It's so great that I am home in the afternoon when they get home. Love hearing that school bus come down the street and my kids getting off to come home. "Meet the Teacher" night is the coolest thing the school district does before school actually starts - parents and kids both meet the new teacher and see the classroom(s). This year, at the middle school, it was wild! There were 278 new 6th graders(and parents new to m.s life). My husband and I just stood there and watched(and laughed) We have been down that road a couple of times(our daughter is now in 8th grade - her last year there ) Just my .02 worth.
  10. Early Wynn, I do the same thing each day! I still keep wishing for another show. But if it doesn't happen, I know that I was at the last one and had a fantastic time and those memories will stay with me forever. HT
  11. Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you have a fanastic day!
  12. Happy Birthday Elle! I hope you have a fantastic day! HT
  13. That's why I chose that particular picture for my avatar!
  14. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest gals I know! Enjoy your special day! Hugs, Beth
  15. Happy Birthday Joe! Hope it's a great one! HT
  16. Happy Birthday Eric! I hope it's the best one yet! Enjoy your special day surrounded by family and friends. HT
  17. Very cool!!!!! You should start a Raspberries museum and charge admission (not to ec.com members of course ).
  18. Happy Birthday Rich! I hope you have a super day!
  19. Very nice indeed! I'm sure a great time was had by all!
  20. Fantastic photos and personal commentary Bernie! Indeed what a cool job you have! What was the longest photo shoot that you did & who was in the ad? HT
  21. Hmmm..... a nice cold beer sounds good to me! Do you have that?
  22. Happy Birthday Wally! I hope it's a berry good one!
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