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  1. My daughter just told me that her high school Wind Ensemble had a visit from the University of Central Missouri band director today.

    The band director had come to personally invite the Wind Ensemble to come play with the UCM Wind Ensemble on Apr 20!

    Usually, this band director only invites 6A schools and Grain Valley is a 4A.

    Ok... back to the regularly scheduled topics....


  2. Awww.... how sweet! Congrats Grandma! and of course to the parents to be!

    I have 2 girls myself but they aren't "little" anymore.

    Enjoy your new granddaughter when she arrives! LuvLove

  3. I tried to color my hair blonde one time. I looked like I saw a ghost and everything went white.... at least that's what I thought at the time.

    Now I just get a box of brunette color and cover all the gray/white that I have(most of that has been due to having a teenager - LOL!)

    It's alot cheaper than going to the salon - I actually like to get a highlight(foil variety) but at $70 to start... that's not in the budget.

  4. I have to brag just a little.....

    My daughter is a 1st year member of her high school marching band - Grain Valley Marching Eagles. We attended her end of season band banquet this afternoon and it was very nice and relaxed.

    She received her first varsity letter, band pin and certificate! We are very proud band parents!

    This band has had a fantastic marching season, having placed 1st in their division - 4A at each competition and placing in the top 5 overall after finals! This just shows the level of commitment and dedication that these kids exhibit on and off the field!

    Anyone else here a band member/parent? Love to hear about the experiences!


  5. Great thread! I currently drive a 2010 Chevy Suburban. It's great for road trips(which we do each summer),pulling the camper and hauling band kids & Girl Scouts!

    We also have a 2007 fire engine red Chevy Impala that my husband drives back & forth to work. He's still waiting on getting his truck though(they do come in handy).


  6. I couldn't agree more! I am impressed with Taylor and her genuine love for her family, friends and fans. She is a class act all around. I'm glad that my girls have another positive role model. When they watch Taylor on some of the award shows and any interviews, they see how young adults should conduct themselves. Hopefully they will take something away from those moments and use it in their daily lives.

    Great job Taylor! grin

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