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  1. eric i agree with ht from mo, i also have 2 kids (17 and 8), and i am well aware of the demands that parenthood places on one. I in no way expect you to give up one second of your time with them, nor you shouldn't. Time does fly fast and our primary goal is to see them raised the right way. Enjoy whatever path you choose and regret none! PS: my 8 yr old is a huge raspberries fan (you've transcended time itself my friend) tim from long island
  2. susan lets agree we all love eric, the raspberries and the music. tim from long island
  3. Susan I'm not his personal assistant, so i won't keep track of his schedule. I realize that he has a family and a life of his own, but his field of employment is in the entertainment business. He also is a very gifted man with a lot left to share. i just wanted to convey that in a positive and supportive way. OKAY, if he doesn't come east, i'll travel west "AND IN THE END, THE LOVE YOU TAKE, IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU MAKE" tim from long island
  4. Susan What extra pressure, he has kids!!! A little pressure is good as a motivational tool i've been boogie since i left the stroller tim from long island
  5. eric how about re introducing yourself on select entertainment shows (tv/cable etc) as a prelude to a short tour. Find a way to start blitzing major media then WHAM, get out on the pavement with the boys and show them how it is done. The Raspberries Army is mobilized and waiting orders. "And in september, when i first realized" tim from long island
  6. eric that the point!!!, they don't exist. Once you guys stop writing and touring, we're done!! that's why YOU have to get moving now. I know it's hard with kids and all and yes we're all being selfish, BUT YOU DID THIS TO US WITH YOUR GREAT MUSIC (DAMN YOU) tim from long island
  7. eric i just went to see aerosmith at jones beach on sep 19. Take a lesson from them, there were more people my age (40's and up) at the concert than probably any other age group. I've seen them over 5 times because they still produce great music. So do you. I don't consider you a has been, and i hope you don't either. Don't get stuck in that "Reunion" or "Oldies" rut. You don't have to play the big arenas (aerosmith are probably the only artists left that can still do it, but who knows when they will pull the plug). I think medium sized venues is the way to go for you and the raspberries. We all listen to the same music as years ago because NO ONE IS CAPABLE OF WRITING GOOD SONGS anymore. Keep at it, i think you and the raspberries have a larger backing than you think GOD SPEED AND ROCK AND ROLL AHEAD tim from long island
  8. eric now that we cleared that mess up, where did you come up with some of the chord fingerings that i see on the "tonight" footage (is a standard tuning). Your chord progressions are a work of art and just seem to make sense in most of your songs. YOU HAVE A LOT OF FANS THESE PARTS (THE HOME OF ROCK AND ROLL, LONG ISLAND). WHAT ABOUT JONES BEACH OR WESTBURY. tim from long island
  9. eric i didn't mean anything negative by the "petty differences" comment, it was kind of a backwards compliment and an attempt to encourage you that you and the raspberries are greatly appreciated by those of us who "got" what you were communicating in your music. For me personally, the two groups that were and have been with me for most of my life (through good and bad) are the beatles and the raspberries. good music last a long time, great music (yours) is eternal. As I have said in other posts, i never met you or talked to you, but you have spoken to me through your music for over 25 years. I would like to shake your hand sir and state "JOB WELL DONE". Brother, we're all getting older and it would be great to see the raspberries playing live. tim from long island
  10. Eric, the reason that you and the raspberries have a strong meaning for many people and myself in particular, is that over the years, a certain song or group brings you right back to that moment, as if captured in time. I got into the raspberries in my mid teens and you guys have been there ever since. Through breaking up with girlfriends to meeting that special someone who i married, your music was there. What else can be said. Though I think that the beatles wrote the greatest of songs, i place you right amongst them for the sheer impact that you brought to me and continue to do so with those eternal songs you wrote. We never met or talked but you have spoken to me for over 25 years. Thank You. I'd like to shake your hand sir, and state "JOB WELL DONE"
  11. if that clip of the raspberries doing "tonight" live isn't one of the greatest performances ever, then ship me off airmail to the amazon. forget this power pop nonsense, the were ROCK pure and simple. I'm 47 and i greatly regret that i did not see them live. C;MON GUYS, GET BACK TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF ALL OF US. DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT TOO LATE. SETTLE WHATEVER PETTY DIFFERENCES YOU HAVE AND DO WHAT YOU GUYS DO BEST....ROCK!!!!
  12. hey eric i watched that mike douglas show you were on and you seemed a little down on the raspberries. i hope the years have shown you that A LOT of people love your music and that you and the raspberries have earned a place in usic history. Those songs were with me during good times and bad (just like my beatles songs).
  13. happy bithday eric thank you for the years of great music and the memories attached to you and the raspberries songs. i've been a fan for 25 plus years and your music still fills me with the excitement i felt when i first heard them. I still enjoy turning other people on to the raspberries, you guys were and are great. Continued success, you deserve it for all you have given. And thank you for one of the GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIMES. THE RASPBERRIES
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