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  1. Hey Eric is a big fan of The Bee Gees-listen to "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye"-if that isn't Gibb inspired-I will eat my hat-a Bee Gees cap at that! LOL!
  2. I am going to see Peter and band tommorow nite at a casino in IN-Can't wait!
  3. Yep I was 16 when I first saw that on TV-thanx!
  4. My user name is Janster-Come on down!
  5. We're all Boats Against the Current till the end....
  6. I find it very sad-I think her Son was the only person that she really trusted-I think-in her mind-she probably just wanted to be with him-but who knows????
  7. yea-I saw it too and said"Hey Eric-you gotta check Man!" Good goin!
  8. yes I read the Mary Wilson book as well as her second book-I believe this is what lead me to the film-Frankly I wish the movie had been more like the Ray Charles movie-a drama with music-Just my opinion....
  9. I think Walmart tries to run their stores like concentration camps-is that too harsh? They seem like Nazis to me......I know people that have worked for them for almost 20 yrs and are not even making 10.00 an hr-Scary.....
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