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  1. >>O's intellect is prob about 5x that of Bush's did i say 5x? i meant 25x
  2. hollies - your mantra = "obama is a puppet" now, we know The Shrub, proven commodity & towering intellect that he is, was & is puppeteered by Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, & Corporate America, etc etc etc O's intellect is prob about 5x that of Bush's, & this type of candidate/person is by nature & design much less prone to be dangled on others' strings & agendas so lay out your conspiracy theory for me here, but check your paranoia at the door - who, in your mind, is puppeteering Obama? i can't wait for this one..
  3. O is slick by way of intelligence, tho', not by deceit (like our outgoing president). if you think he has NO idea of what he's going to do, you haven't been paying attention or looked into it. it's a ludicrous notion to assume one gets to this point by having no idea of what they want to do O does need to follow McCain's lead on earmarks tho. & as for Fannie Mae, here's your facts: O has taken in about $110k, & McC has taken in $16k from Fannie & Freddie employees in the last 3 years. this is a tiny sliver of the over $4mil that have been donated to many other candidates during the same period hardly enough to cast such a broad 'snake in the grass' sweep over this candidate, no matter which side he's on & just to show my sense of reason & love for my Raspberries colleagues, i'm w/ you on ross perot, but he got railroaded by the corrupt & anti-democratic 2-party system, w/ some help from the media in the same 2-party pockets
  4. youre kidding, right? these guys are arriving hopelessly late to the same journalistic integrity party that right-wing loons have been throwing for 15-20 years, just in time to clean up the dishes & beer bottles Obama is a slick-willie tho', ain't he? must be driving fans of the incoherent garble-speak Bush & Palins of the world nuts
  5. hollies, pinning the tail on the donkey is about the only coherent thing palin is capable of doing! ;/'''. <<--- my cat just typed those last few characters
  6. aaahhhh!! hollies, at last we reunite - this is hilarious! i don't even know what i'm doing in this room - i think i got something on me tho'..
  7. & btw, 'comrade austin'? if u r gonna play by your own rules of 'name-calling is for kindergartners' when i called palin 'vapid' or something, u failed the litmus here i'm onto ya, h65, i'm onto ya.. like water off my feathers tho'; for lightening the tedium, go check my reply to your post in 'dont get any funny ideas..' thread
  8. the 2 unreleased tunes are on the sunset strip dvd, & are phenomenal tunes. made me really miss that they hadn't recorded them outright, b/c the quality leaves a lot to be desired, but at least they are out there & were shared w/ the fans. & rick is right, eric sounds more like paul than perhaps any other recording i think if you put eric & paul side by side from those days, tho' similar styles, eric could totally out-wail paul & was/is the superior vocalist. just my li'l ol' meager opinion..
  9. hmm, i hadn't realized, but you betcha, darn right, wink wink! speaking of socialism, u cant be too happy about the uber-socialist bailout, can u?
  10. ... so haven't seen any recent posts on latest prez poll numbers - how 'bout an update? heh..
  11. i think what's really funny is how people who consider themselves 'conservative' always spout this line about 'the liberal media'. it's very odd, & strikes me that what they are really complaining about is when any given news story doesn't mirror or parallel their point of view (ie: any position other than mine is wrong & a falsehood) not to disparage you specifically, raspathens, but the crying-wolf re: a liberal media conspiracy has really gotten old & rings hollow, & it has always had the resonance of the wolf-cryers not being satisfied until every major media outlet looks, acts, & smells like fox news & rush limbaugh (not that you wanna go smellin' rush limbaugh)
  12. right?! what are we talking about? she couldn't name magazines in couric's interview or something? if this is news, i can sure understand why it ain't front page..
  13. gwen ifiil is a very good & highly respected journalist. but it doesn't matter who the moderator is b/c the vp debate is going to be held under very restrictive guidelines, where someone like palin will have no trouble getting thru b/c she's just be able to rote-quote her way thru the script. if it were one-on-one engagement w/ the opposing candidate, we would be watching a slaughter & meltdown, as biden would eat her lunch & really demonstrate how out of her league she is
  14. hollies , real sorry to hear pal. dogs are some of the best people i know. mine is a victim of the pet food poison recall, w/ terminal kidney damage. i have to give her subcutaneous fluids every other day (for almost 2 years now) & she's been a real trooper. she won't live too long, but is doing ok for now. i hope you got some nice pics of your furry friend to remind you over the years how awesome they are, real sorry you had to say goodbye at this time tho', i'm sure he was the best
  15. do we know the time & place this was taken? looks like a pretty good sized hall. classic, as usual, never b4 seen..
  16. the debate was good, very refreshing to hear two intelligent speakers; a welcome change coming from the top down hollies, the remark about reading the Sun was a joke - it's british fluff! glad to hear u r also broadening ur horizons w/ huffington post & let's use a bit of you own logic here: republican-led admins & congresses have been recklessly stripping away regulations in every business sector they could get their hands on for 20 of the past 28 years, *especially* the last 8 - even McCain acknowledges that... ...so it's widely renown common knowledge - & so, just because you deny it, it doesn't make it so - you see? so you might wanna stop sippin' on the Cuomo-spiked Denial Koolaid however, even tho' you voted for the wrong candidate the last two times (ie: the one most responsible, along w/ his congress, for creating this mess), your vote for McCain has some shred of accountability b/c he is the only repub candidate among contenders to have won the nomination who will at least try to re-institute some of these regulations (tho' prob much fewer than are needed to be put back in place) i'm not out to change ur mind, btw, just out to call u on the floor when u overlook & omit truth & realities if they are not convenient to you slant or agenda, like Rush has made a career out of. i'll give u this over him tho', even tho' u r on the same slant: he lies, blatantly, & you don't it's hardball, baby! actually, as much as i enjoy it, i may be ready to take a breather from this stuff, so i jumped on over to your other post & voted for ur photo - i've never known a Repub photographer! (at least i assume you took that pic). it's excellent, & classic - ur son? nephew? do i at least have the gender right?
  17. just to prove i still luv ya, i voted for ya. u r winning, sir!
  18. >>Really, name calling is like kindergarten for debaters. I mean Telegraph UK. Hahahahahaha! hollies - i 4got2 tell u, i know kindergarten, i teach kindergardeners (& 1st-5th graders, computer classes), & insulting the other kid & laughing derisively is definitely kindergarten behavior glad to know u read UK newspapers, i guess - you read the Sun too? seeya after the debates..
  19. >>Really, name calling is like kindergarten for debaters. I mean Telegraph UK. Hahahahahaha! uh, this isn't funny if u r the only one in the room who gets your joke.. name-calling? ok, i shan't call her 'pathetic poseur'. let's see, how about 'she comes across as a pathetic poseur'. there, you see? i didn't call her one, i compared her to one (choose any of your choice for comparison, lemme know if u need help w/ this) McCain's Dan Quayle w/ stockings. man, i love that..
  20. another reading assignment for hollies; dude, even her own party members are asking her to resign as "an embarrassment to the party" & "clearly out of her league". have you seen the interview? wow! vapidity, a pathetic poseur, & she hadn't quite memorized what the party puppets wanted her to say - OMG, Palin is McCain's Dan Quayle in stockings!!: http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5i7lJ7uGNOkOTK964WwjybvKVDouA http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopi...-interview.html
  21. >>As Larry King woud say..."ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!" do you mean about her ethical lapses? i'm not gonna list them for you, b/c i know you know what they are - they've been enumerated all over every media outlet there is, & they keep spilling forward. tell you what, start w/ so-called 'troopergate' & then connect the dots from there, & you'll have a grand old time & a fun way to spend an evening!
  22. ok, bro', let's let all the senate & house republicans throughout the Reagan, Bush, & Shrub administrations (incl the prez's themselves) who fought so determinedly & desperately for deregulation, off the hook for all those years, & hang it all on Cuomo, & see who buys your history book not sure what your obsession w/ Cuomo is (who i've already acknowledged was part of the prob in another post), but you might wanna shed some of that myopia & swallow your medicine. eh, your preferred party's medicine but i understand if you don't wanna. after all, medicine usually tastes pretty yukky hollies, i don't wanna go 15 rounds w/ you, i like you! but i will if i hafta ;-)
  23. she has a trail/list of indiscretions & malfeasances that keep getting longer & longer every day, as we look into her record & her past my statement about how she conducts herself is drawn thru a steady stream of research & observation as a matter of my political-interest hobby. just b/c this is what i discover & observe doesn't make me elitist, so don't default to the latest soundbite of the day, bro' ('obama's an elitist') look, anyone can accomplish whatever they they set out to - just look at W! it's what she prioritized, so it's what she accomplished. i don't think just because someone reaches a position like governor makes her any more impressive a human than you or i - in fact i've accomplished pretty much all i've set out to do based on my priorities thus far & would respect what you have accomplished yourself prob more than most politicians because of the fact that they are just that: politicians, & most of them operate at a very weasely & greed-mongering level. do you respect most lawyers b/c they are lawyers & have accomplished becoming one? maybe so, but like most people, i suspect not, & likely for some of the same reasons sarah palin is eye-candy that mccain's camp knew would play well w/ the eye-candy & sound-bite loving american electorate, but they prob didn't count on her being vetted in a different way by folks-who-want-to-know than they did w/ her themselves
  24. those are great things for you, mellie, esp given the state of things, & i'm glad to hear you've avoided the mess (maybe b/c u r wonderwoman? ;-). however, it still doesn't change the fact that there is a very direct correlation between politicians & the economic meltdown, as described above
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