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  1. great chicks? cool abbreviations? (one of which i was aware, the other of which i wasn't) - thx guys, but it's looking more & more like the majority of Americans aren't going to fall for your fantastic storyline this time, & they will be kicking the rightful bums out of office, & maybe to the tune of 60 senate seats as well now that'd be a tally for ya, except that they may inherit a real-life Repub-trashed fed deficit larger than the Darlene-lama's mythological tally!
  2. >>In this world, do you think a bank/lender with capital to invest/lend would make loans to someone it was not reasonably sure could pay it back? the question you ask is a good one, James. unfortunately the answer is: "yes, they would for short-term profit". in other words, if deregulation opens up a window where they can get in, get their own, & get the hell out, they will. greed tends to drive people in this damn-everyone-&-everything-else kinda way knowing that in the end, gov't may eventually swoop in w/ the safety net only perpetuates the mentality, tho' it doesn't drive it as singularly as greed & my crossfire colleague hollies, while rightly reflecting on the role fannie & freddie played, leaves out a hugely significantly slice of the pie when failing to attribute the deregulatory binge that Repubs have gone on over the course of several presidencies/congresses (& *especially* the current admin) to the root of the problem: the domino effect has certainly run thru the housing/lending industry, but it all began when the Enrons, Tycos, Global Crossings, Worlcoms, etc of the world (& incl the current crop of financial institution failures) began practicing newfound "shadow" (ie: very dubious) economic, accounting, & investment strategies. on top of the housing lending sector woes, deregulation opened the door for these companies to a multitude of these practices that had for decades prior been considered unethical & even illegal. this deregulation has been Republicans' baby (w/ a few Dems on board here & there along the way) since Reagan, but especially for the current prez's term & his Repub-controlled congress
  3. wow - this is the most inaccurate statement of denial i've read on the whole mess yet. there is absolute 110% certainty that deregulation is the root & source of the problem, this has not even been debatable - unless it comes from someone like John Stossel, who has an overt right-wing/libertarian agenda think about it: if it wasn't deregulation, why wouldn't John McCain be all over that? he fully acknowledges that dereg led to all this
  4. ha! the 'maha-rushie'.. damn u funny hollies... but that don't make him any less the blowhard, eh, 'big fat liar' that he really is. yep, he's the oxycontinest, objectivest, fair & balancest news source of them all i'm just quotin' btw, not name-callin'. heh..
  5. i do too - we are just not going to talk politics after we wed... btw darlene, i know what you are saying about pelosi, the whole time you're watching her you're kinda thinking "c'mon, just spit it out nancy, just spit it out, you can do it.."
  6. .. cue the Bugs Bunny plunger-muted trumpet music bit: "waow waow waow waowwww..": http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27207215/ he should check w/ the Bush admin b4 theyre gone - they've been handing out buckets of $billions in corporate welfare & subsidies for 8 yrs!
  7. >>by Darlene: I can't wait till Obama gets elected and shows what a horse's patootie president he'll be. Then, when people complain that their taxes are through the roof and the economy is irretrievably broken down, I'll say, "Weren't you all gullible?!" every independent fact-check i've seen shows Obama giving a tax break (around $1200) to middle class Americans that is 3-4x the amount McCains plan gives ($3-400). McCain's party has a proven track record (& continues the streak) of giving tax break after tax break to very wealthy individuals & to prosperous, lobby-favored corporations (aka: Corporate Welfare, the real welfare/socialist problem)
  8. i'll take Pelosi as majority leader over Palin as VP all day long, every day, from here to eternity. good gawd, the thought is like a comic book surreality to at least half of the country. a Repub coworker told me she was gonna vote for McCain until he plucked Palin out of obscurity & got her in waaay over her head i like McCain, he's scrappy, & i think deserves more credit than you give him Tony. however, it struck me that he complained about Obama going negative while going negative the entire debate himself! apparently, even tho' voters drink this stuff up, this eventually rubs them the wrong way & wears them down, according to pundits, so maybe he is doing himself in, i dunno. he seemed very agitato-desperato doing so too we'll see; as mentioned before, i don't get the feverish/delusional O-paranoia i see posted on these boards & elsewhere, & i have no problem w/ supporting him b/c he has generated so much energy from so many people disgusted by what they know they've been subjected to for 8 years now, & sick of a president who (along w/ his majority party most of the time) has disgraced the office of the president like no other before him the 'Joe the plumber' broken record was almost as bad as Palin's canned non-responses so maybe Obama & McCain should've run together on the same ticket - win/win! they could take turns being president each week.. tho' i think some folks on these boards wouldn't be happy w/ anything less than a Trent Lott/Tom DeLay/Jesse Helms/Rush Limbaugh ticket..
  9. hollies - u & i have already both professed to getting behind some tenets of Libertarianism via mutual admiration for Ron Paul, but there's enough to dislike too - in fact, one could argue that the unhinged unleashing of deregulation that got us into this current mess is the very same, dangerous, Libertarian-style approach that we've actually seen all along
  10. oh, & i love the pot-callin'-the-kettle-black self-contradiction just a few sentences apart from each other here. but you forgot to mention where the real meat & potatoes of greed-based deregulation began - w/ Reagan & then Bush - before the momentum carried over into Clinton's terms btw, Olbermann is just the alter-ego ghost of 20 yrs worth of Rush Limbaugh clones' past; his rip on Palin was, embarrassingly, so dead-on, even i was cringing
  11. eh, no need for me to enumerate Obama's true beliefs, he does a very capable job doing that for himself. tune in tonight & you might learn a thing or two, but what you won't learn is that he's this commie/socialist/terrorist etc etc that some among y'all imply or outright claim, & has pulled a fast one on his entire party & half of America & i love the rationale that looking at Bush & Co's searingly disgraceful track record is reeeeally inconvenient for you, too. nice.
  12. wow, you guys & your "the Reds are still coming!!!" fervor (is Swayze's 'Red Dawn' in your video library?) would make Sen McCarthy proud. as we all know, Chicago soon fell to the merciless sword of Obama & Ayers' secret life-long pact of indoctrinating Chicago's youth, & to this day it is a Communist nation within a nation all while your preferred party's administration is spearheading the biggest Socialist intrusion into American business & economic policy in the history of the country Tony, did you know that George W & Repub-led congress are responsible for half ($5 trillion) of the $10 trillion federal debt accumulated since WWII? let that absolutely stunning factoid sink in for a minute - it's a laughable slice of absurdism that Repubs still try to call Dems the 'big-spenders' - the Repubs have been burning thru your money like there's no tomorrow, & like no other time in history... nothing even close did you know that George W & Repub congress stripped away most of the regulations in place since the Great Depression to open up & allow for all the shadow economics & deceptive accounting & lending practices that lead directly to the current eco-meltdown? you don't think it happened to bother them that they could make a bunch of themselves very, very rich in the short-term at the expense of destabilizing the entire economy, do you? you're right, it didn't so, if you did know these things, & you continue to vote for the same party that brought you this & so many other lies & disgraces for the past 8 years, it kinda begs to open the discussion about who's really been indoctrinated here you guys really should try & check your O-paranoia at the door, it's really gettin' the best of you & meltin' your brains much more than this Texas heat could ever do
  13. so did ya watch it hollies? totally harmless to your preferred agenda, yet informative & btw, who COULDN'T do ten documentaries critical of the Bush presidency - ha!!! i slay myself...
  14. hollies - you should try watching the Frontline special - i've seen it, & even tho' we are divergent on the candidates, i think you will see as i did is appropriately even-handed & generous to both candidates the problem w/ the conservative/right-wing cry of foul re: PBS is that say this about *ANY* news outlet that doesn't spout their ideology, not just PBS, which serves to discredit them as much as anything out there Frontline is a program that covers so many topics besides politics & their standards are so high that they would be discredited themselves & destroy their entire reputation if they ran a pro-one candidate special
  15. everyone should try & watch the even-handed Frontline documentary on both candidates tonight on PBS called Choice2008 (also watchable at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/choice2008/) will also be shown 2 other nights before election night on PBS, check the link above for details well-done doc w/ all the absurd sensationalist stuff weeded out
  16. OMG! hollies, this is easily your lowest point on the political boards! wow, what a cop-out, default, phoned-it-in analysis. i love it - when the facts won't do, baffle 'em w/ sensationalized sound bites.. so let me get this straight: you are 8 years old, & some guy you don't know in his 20's is an anti-government activist connected to some criminal gov't prop bombings. later, the guy goes through the judicial system, becomes a college professor, & you, now grown up a bit yourself, find yourself on a community anti-poverty fund board, upon which this older guy also coincidentally happens to sit, as part of his effort to make reparations. you go your separate ways & at some point a few years later he donates a few dollars to one of your early political campaigns, like so many others are doing. but miraculously he has shaped your entire political career & belief system & has practically converted you into a terrorist who can't be trusted - wow!!! how'd he do that to you? hypnotism? for actual truth & facts, everyone on these boards, incl those who have tossed out similar demonizing molotov gossip cocktails (you know who you are), you should watch the even-handed Frontline documentary on both candidates tonight on PBS called Choice2008 (also watchable, i believe, at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/choice2008/)
  17. >> by Tony: ASKED AND ANSWERED! SO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH, IT MAKES THE LIBBY TEXANS RUN AND HIDE IN THE UN-LICENSED AUSTIN BATHHOUSES! eh, Senator Craig, i mean Tony, this is almost as creepy as your Igor/hunchback avatar - is that a belfry bathhouse in the background? consider yourself served.. <Sarah Palin wink wink>
  18. so knowing that we do how it infuriates you if someone tells what you perceive as a lie about mccain/palin, this implies its ok to lie as wildly about obama as one may deem fit. classic, textbook repub/conservative double standard. the desperation showing here & in the mccain camp sho' aint pretty these days..
  19. eh, i reply to you hollies, not articles (which we could lob each other all day long) - thats what this blog is for. i'm still waiting on a number of replies from you re: direct questions i've asked you, like the one earlier in this thread: hollies - your mantra = "obama is a puppet" now, we know The Shrub, proven commodity & towering intellect that he is, was & is puppeteered by Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, & Corporate America, etc etc etc O's intellect is prob about 5x that of Bush's, & this type of candidate/person is by nature & design much less prone to be dangled on others' strings & agendas so lay out your conspiracy theory for me here, but check your paranoia at the door - who, in your mind, is puppeteering Obama? i can't wait for this one..
  20. >>by Tony: Ausinberries next up in the cage for "Hollies the Liberal Destroyer"... oh please.. r u kidding? i've *always* got hollies' number..
  21. so what's w/ all the crazies at the Repub rallies yelling "hang him" & "Obama is a Muslim/terrorist"?? jeezus man, they come out of the woodwork when you get a towering bastion of intelligence like Vice President Avon Lady coming out w/ "he's out there pal'in' around w/ terrorists". incomprehensibly shameful & irresponsible.. wow, i cant wait till this election's over so we can all get off our rants & back on the same side & talk about the Raspberries instead (albeit w/ a suspicious look out the corner of our eyes)! & should there be another Raspberries reunion show, the beer is on the losing side! ;-)
  22. >>by JohnO: A-Berries - You can insult me by calling me an "average voter" JO i went out of my way in the very next sentence to explicitly say "i'm not saying this describes you". you are taking the "average voter" words on & owning them in a way i did not state or intend my point was that the over-generalized/simplified list of traits you provided that supposedly make Obama so suspect are bereft of facts & details behind the actual stories that play out as non-issues or non-"scandals" i didn't say you are plagued w/ Obama paranoia & conveniently look the other way when it comes to Repub track records re: big spending/big government & deregulation setting us up for economic meltdown, like hollies - now that woulda been offensive! heh..
  23. Johno, i'm not gonna, but i, & almost anyone, could take issue w/ & contrast every one of these 'facts' about Obama, esp starting w/ his supposed coming up thru the Daley school of Chicago politics i'm sorry, but all these points sound like reiterations blipped from the sensationalist-craving, sound-bite swallowing, nanosecond attention span of the average american voter again, no offense, & i'm not saying that describes you, but i am saying this laundry list of 'shortcomings' & 'suspicions' reeks of gossipy versions of actual facts on another note, some truth & justice amazingly (given the environs & power-plays) came out of the Palin troopergate scandal today
  24. "i'll be in my goddamn effin' trailer!..." too funny. & bizarre, given how warm & cuddly he's been in our collective memories all this time
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