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  1. early voting is steady/heavy here in TX, but we are solidly red until the sun goes down, even tho' we had to live w/ Gov Bush for 4 years before y'all's 8 yrs w/ him. i swear they'd vote him in again here if they could (well, maybe not). how's Jeb, the sonofabitch vote-rigger, btw? oops, i forgot, no name callin' ;-)
  2. tony - u should officially retract the 'u r a moron' statement - i mean, we get hot under the collar & sarcastic & rough-&-tumble & impassioned & smart-ass & everything else in the politix rooms here, but you know, we can't go callin' each other 'morons'... ya moron! i'm totally kidding; but cereally... & then in a coupla weeks we can all go back to being Raspberries friends & pretend we don't know anything about each other's politix
  3. ron paul? - rbw will apparently not treat me as a leper after all. rbw, the quote about mccain is dead-on, as is your own quote about palin. this is largely why the big chunk in the middle is drifting away en masses from mccain's grasp the 'scare tactics' thing is a HUGE issue too, & it has become the repub signature, waaaayyyy overused, & even tho' it has often worked for them (inducing fear *always* does w/ a large swath of american voters), i am glad to see it finally backfiring on them the libertarian votes were for local positions, btw, incl our tax-assessor collector! TX always has a healthy dose of them on the ballots not that i care, but this could even earn me a notch or two on the tc/h65 dynamic duo's belt. but probably not ;-)
  4. & just to show hollies & tony i'm not their fantasy whipping boy (in their minds only, btw), i voted early today & voted libertarian in several slots. i also state this at the risk of RBW & LC will being appalled & refusing to associate w/ me in the future ;-)
  5. eh, i dont think this will be doable for a long, long, very long period of time
  6. Tony - social security aint all bad & could be a good thing if we could get the fed 'gubment' to stop spending like an out of control manic. however, as you know, your preferred 'conservative' party & president has led us thru a $5 trillion deficit spending orgy in 8 years (an amount greater than the previous combined 60 years!!!). the dems should also be bitch-slapped for not demanding this spending frenzy be caged & subdued for the past 2 years (hollies will enjoy coming across my authorship of this line if he reads it) imagine what we could do w/ a budget surplus & lack of deficit year in & year - guarantee SS's solvency, for one thing, which most middle class americans need man, we are all still vamping on 'debate #2' thread while 'debate #3' thread is all crickets..
  7. well, probably not 'best', but certainly the one they figured would catch everyone's eye & attention, which worked for about 2 days after the convention. boy has that ever proven to be a mistake; they should've vetted Tx Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, except that she votes lock-step w/ Bush, which may have been her dealkiller
  8. so this is how american socialism is affecting you, T ?
  9. yaaawwwnnn.... i wish there were worthy ones from the far right too. heh
  10. as we know, the Repub party is the party of the rich elite, out of touch w/ struggling middle-class americans - why would this clothing allowance come as a surprise? palin is all eye-candy, no substance; & i think cindy mccain's convention dress cost twice that amt! people are finally waking up to the fact that the repub party has looked out for the super-rich, & no one else. this is part of the reason (in addition to people's "no way, not even close to being qualified" aversion to palin) that the mccain camp is hemorrhaging more voters every day
  11. the unethical, weasley Palin stuff just keeps pouring out, & much of it is not getting reported at the mainstream/headline level. there's been one after another, incl.. "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. ... And I won't be buried under their damn flag." - founder of secessionist Alaskan Independence Party, which Palin has repeatedly & actively courted, & of which hubby Todd was a long-standing member get the word out, the Palins are America-haters!!!
  12. hollies, well i never knew! musta been before the days you were spoutin' politix. what page do we find the salaciousness on?
  13. smells like a coupla guys around here still flying the banner for the House Committee on Unethical American Activities or somesuch.. Tony, other than the fact that we are (relentlessly) held hostage to taxes, please tell us how Socialism has its wrenching, unforgiving, non-capitalist grip on your day-to-day life here in the good ol' USA leave out the reg gov't stuff like imminent domain land grabs, necessary regulations, etc, & describe how Big Brother is dictating your every move - no science fiction please! or does it all just come pouring down once Obama gets in office?
  14. it's funny, i felt let down when i got it (but felt ecstatic way leading up to my discovery of it), mainly because it's basically in a 'scrapbook' format. don't get me wrong, its great that it got out there, but its hodge-podge format isn't necessarily for all lovers of music literature. of course when you dig a band as much as the 'berries, it's good to have anything on them to dive into
  15. i'm looking fwd to watching her fade into the sunset off the national stage & back to alaska (& "her base"), where she belongs, apparently fits in, & can stop embarrassing herself here in the lower 48 am i "out of it"? "a star is born" is what's out of it. but it's really funny too, so i gotta hand that to ya dude, people everywhere are cringing over her, jaw-droppingly stunned & amazed, embarrassed for her, etc etc etc & for all the obvious, right reasons. she has really cost mccain..
  16. eh, hollies, i'm pretty certain by this point that *everyone* is left of you, mon frer
  17. oh lord.. alright, let's reconvene & trumpet her brilliant post-McCain career in about 10 years to see if she can still hold a candle to... Quayle's post-15 minutes. 'scuse me, i think i just threw up a little in my mouth.. meanwhile, you might wanna get that fever checked out, h-bomb..
  18. chris, jump on into the fray - all perspectives & candid debate points welcome! we like to scuff things up a bit..
  19. hollies, just because someone doesnt swing as hard right over the line as yourself doesnt mean he isnt conservative, relative to the middle or the left besides, youre missing the point: Palin is a buffoon. one of the funniest things to witness this election cycle has been to watch "conservative-or-death" types refuse to groan about Palin, or in this case to blame her ineptitude on the media boogieman McCain truly could not have picked a worse, or more lame, candidate. she will def go down in the Dan Quayle & George W. annals of lameness..
  20. wow, blaming Palin's buffoonery on the media instead of on her lack of intellect, & being in completely over her head, & being unqualified for the position, & hiding behind style over substance, & being unversed on the issues, & etc etc etc is taking a mighty, mighty swim up De Nial River she has also roundly been criticized by conservatives, Tony - sorry, but there's no way around it, & your media conspiracy doesn't hold a drop of water - just ask the latest dismayed conservative: Colin Powell
  21. yeah, we def play a little hardball on these boards, like most political blogs, but thats part of what makes it fun, & hopefully no one takes things too personally, in spite of people locking into their positions it strikes me that conservatives, moderates, & liberals can all find some things to like about McCain, but far right neo-cons cannot allow themselves to, & will always be disappointed (unless Rush Limbaugh & Dick Cheney's love-child were elected) man, the more i think about the whole Sarah Palin debacle, the more absolutely stunning it is, & McCain & party have no one to blame but themselves. don't worry tho', she will NOT be back running in 2012, that's a no-brainer for them.. for one of the funniest things i've seen yet about Palin, check this pic out re: comparing prez candidates to trains
  22. wow, i step out for a few days & return to see that Raspberrywine & LC, like myself, both have a bead on hollies' & tony's number as well y'all have to watch out tho' guys, this thing is slipping out of their grip, which frustrates a neo-con more than anything on the planet. they will not only take their ball & go home, they'll try & tear you down as traitors on the way out (w/out wishing you "good luck w/ our mess") heh.. it'll all be over soon guys. then it's on w/ the task at hand of trying to undo The Shrub Years (neo-cons here must be so proud) & trying to forget the joke that was Sarah Palin but we shan't gloat..
  23. & while hollies is on a pun-roll: you're politically drunk & weaving from looking at all this through a Rush Lense-baugh! heh..
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