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  1. this is of course another conspiracy by the liberal media... it *always* is if it doesn't favor the extremist right-wingers/neo-cons!
  2. no doubt, but Palin is the only candidate ever for Vice President of the United States who could've been so snowed & clueless. it's been a long time since i've heard a politician say so much w/out saying anything, as she does here, & any other time she speaks on issues about which she is supposed to actually be informed. amazing, truly stunning, & only in America could someone of her intellectual capacity & caliber find herself in this position. of course, The Shrub pulled it off two times in a row!
  3. it could only happen to a tried-&-true airhead like Palin, compliments of our Canadian friends. her sucking up & cluelessness is truly cringe-worthy: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/27491253#27491253
  4. >>How about "No Child Left Behind"? Or the "voucher" system. Eric, here in Texas, we had "No Child Left Behind" for 4 yrs w/ Bush before he took the office of prez. the program is known here under several different monikers, incl "No Child's Behind Left" & "No Child Left a Dime". there are a number of other funny ones..
  5. yeah, that was pretty funny & ironic, but when its crammed & shoved in your face every day for months on end, its easy to understand
  6. u r right angelina/john (gender-bender? ;-)... colin powell noted this a couple weeks ago. it's not really the problem; the problem is using the "fear factor" to try & subdue & control voters, which has become a favored repub tactic for a long while now
  7. dangit, sorry 'bout the double post!
  8. Eric - its very to easy to imagine & put together a 'Popular Mechanics' scenario as you describe above. in fact this type of thing happens every day in every major media news outlet & publication across the land. its very simple to do: observe & listen to the mouthpiece, & then *Follow the Money Trail*. this is a fail-safe way to decipher almost any political or 'in the name of public interest' quote (& even in "product reviews" in pub's like PM!) printed or recorded, anywhere, anytime. there is always (literally, w/ almost no exceptions) someone w/ money-to-be-made at stake behind these statements. even something sugar-wrapped in benevolent stewardship statements like "healthy forest initiative" (a classic Bush administration ploy) have 110% economic, money-making motives & "sponsors" behind them, on down to the smallest local "issue/plan/project/statement/etc.." in every community around the country the facades are literally everywhere you look. everywhere.
  9. survey came out last night - one out of every four lemmings, i mean voters, in Texas believes Obama is a Muslim; so this is why people put so much due diligence behind smear campaigns - b/c they actually work! hollies & Tony, i'm here to tell you we will hand-deliver Texas to you (& McSame/Pain) on a Red Platter next Tuesday
  10. You would have to hire 4 more Hannitys on FOX to equal out the embarrassing paritsan hackmanship that covers MSNBC prime time. eh, sorry Tony, but Fox *wrote the book* on this one, & no one does it better, more blatantly, or even comes close
  11. hollies, i just love it when we occasionally find ourselves wading in the same pool. i know you know to just try not to splash too much on me tho'.. btw, u may have skipped it, but if you watched the O-fo-mercial last night, what was your cringe factor scale of 1-10?
  12. btw, hollies please update us on the hour, every hour, on Obama's cruel, ruthless neglect of his great aunt's second cousin's nephew's dog. important stuff, ya know
  13. whoa, Eric's back! i knew u were bloggin' politix over on your myspace page, but you gotta understand, i think we all actually *enjoy* the point/counterpoint in the political posts here - it's the nature of political blogs sure we get sarcastic & irreverent & wise-ass & scuff things up, but in the end its all just a release avenue for political "hobbyists" & we have some fun w/ it (& yes, some tension is occasionally exchanged) & good, valid points are put fwd on each side in a week, it'll all be moot (sorta) & i keep saying we'll just go back to being Raspberries/EC fans, altho' the O-haters may just keep on hatin' btw, your insight into the groups you list above are well-informed; the fact that you know even about & are aware of them has you several dozen steps in front of the avg American citizen/voter. the tendrils run deep, my friend, & the insidiousness is very real, tangible, & ominous, & are not wild-eyed conspiracy theories, as many would prob rather believe
  14. holy cow, he's a terrorist AND he doesn't swoop in & support all his extended family members & save them from their everyday fates like you guys must all do w/ your extended families! man, what an un-american guy he is, because you know mccain supports every great aunt & 2nd-nephew twice-removed & half-cousin on his family tree let me see if i can phrase this in hollies' words: "what a non-issue"
  15. dude i need a Robert Goulet before i can check out any Vegas-crooned 'anthem'
  16. biden loves the hardball, but what he cant control is the absurd 'boogieman' spin the mccain camp will try & put on it. they conveniently left out the followup remark biden made that anyone 'testing' obama will be met 'by a man w/ a spine of steel'. pathetic, desperate spin, ie: the usual scare tactics
  17. hollies/darlene - of course it was a non-issue. what it was was funny & ironic & topical. but an issue? no. you guys want to go ahead & defend his right to shave his head too, while yer at it? (unless he's a lefty, of course)
  18. Tony - i changed the bumper sticker on my overalls - it now sez "Palin is my Dan Quayle, only Air-Headier"
  19. sounds like he thought the question was as absurd as it actually is the 'international crisis gaffe' was not a gaffe at all as has been widely reported & analyzed all over the press as such. it was nothing more than the opposition taking a comment completely & totally out of context & attempting to twist it into something to scare people with. this effort was embarrassingly pathetic the mccain camp is desperate & turning on the 'scare faucet' full force, & its degrading to his campaign, but they also know some people will bite. not a lot tho' - independents are bailing out on him more & more every day
  20. dont know anything about it, but your description sounds suspect, my friend, b/c joe biden is one tough, smart, & experienced cookie who ive never seen intimidated by anyone, ever
  21. chris - i'm gonna land on hollies side of the fence like i do every once in a while here. i don't think that any of us on a politix blog where there's healthy dialogue & spirited jabs, etc expect it to "go anywhere" or be moving each other across lines. i think some of us enjoy "scuffing it up," as i've called it previously, & i even appreciate the substance of the arguments, whether i agree or not w/ the other side. so i'd say jump on in, or jump on out, & we may carry on or not, who knows? or we may move on, but its easy enuff for you to avoid the thread once you lose interest, right? & i only dish big to hollies b/c i know he can take it, is always up for more, & i know he likes to dish big himself
  22. so then stop throwing fits every time a story in the media doesnt go your way, h-bomb. i hear this every day from republicans being interviewed, & it makes them look like either they wont be satisfied until they can control all the major media markets like they do (or did in their heyday) much of talk radio, or like they're just real sore losers. if this is just a silly myth, then stop perpetuating it & stop crying foul on the media every time they file a report that doesn't slant your preferred way, y'see? take it from mickey dolenz... & so what else is cookin' around here?.. & where is tony's backing 2-part harmony for ya here? i prefer jugglin' the both of y'all when i drop in..
  23. hallelujah, my illicit & circumspect political dreamscape weaver & co-pilot, Darlene. Obama has Raspberries on his iPod, btw... ;-)
  24. h-bomb, u r truly the broken record on the "if this were someone in McCain's camp..." foul cry of media favoritism, & it always hits home like this: "if its not what i want to see reported & doesnt show my preferred party/candidate in favorable light, then it's unfair". why do repubs get so mad when they can't control the media? (which they do plenty frequently enough). that would be like a half-step removed from Chinese/Russian-style state-controlled media if they got their way about what they want & are always complaining about, as is being done here
  25. >> I happen to think false Conservatism, and its policies and various manifestations, is to blame for the State of the country presently. amen & hallelujah RBW, here in the church of the Neo-Cons! >>I suppose this opinion makes me a moron, at least in the viewpoints and philosophies of the majority of posters. eh, no, it makes you non-gullible & not one to vote against your own pocketbook. keep it in context: remember, it's a very few of us here sitting in the back pews of the Missionary Church of the All-Knowing Neo-Cons here on the ec.com politix boards king of like being in Austin, a blue island in a sea of red sharks, as Stewie noted above
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