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  1. 'ecstacy' really didnt grab ahold of me until i got the reissue cd's a few years ago, but boy when it did, it really did. i was totally blown away. & it is so original. & of course 'tonight' is so rockin', & just as carnal...
  2. ha! good one, hollies - or if sarah palin is hotter than hillary.. oh, wait...
  3. no kidding LC; paulie, quit staying up so late at night polishing yer cold blue steel!
  4. nah, i just happened to use a pre-existing page i had posted the palin cartoon b/c it had easy to use empty space on the page, plus i didnt want you to miss out on the palin thing its an urban-brookings institute chart, & as usual, not so easily dismissed just b/c it runs counter to your political leanings
  5. not so fast, paulie - check the 2004 tax chart at http://web.mac.com/kyleness/mysite/choochoo.html (note how it was skewed for the high-end earners, of course) there's another li'l treat for ya there too...
  6. Obama shares his birthday with... hollies & paulie! & hollies - let's get this thru yer noggin: if O lets Bush's tax cuts expire, but *replaces them with his own*, it = tax cut, not tax increase! dude, you can't just conveniently leave out a major variable just to make it convenient to your slant man, talk about putting the "con" in "neo-con".. heh..
  7. "financial rape" by obama, paulie? please, the guy you helped vote into office (presumedly when allen keyes wasnt running) just ripped his way thru' an 8-yr spending orgy to the tune of adding over $5 TRILLION to the fed deficit - a literal looting of the till & spending spree & corporate welfare honey-drenching that enriched the top 1% a whole helluva lot, but not much for you & me let me post these #'s again for you, & if you dismiss them again, i'll just remind you that i've read this data in several investigative pieces thru'out the election (& tho u may try, you guys cant write off all facts that dont coincide w/ your opinions to the 'liberal media'): ------- McCain - Nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates tax break of $325 for the middle 20 percent of taxpayers — those making $37,600 to $66,400. Obama- Nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates tax break of $1,118 for the middle 20 percent of taxpayers — those making $37,600 to $66,400. & again: For people with incomes between $66,354 and $111,645, Obama's proposals would cut their taxes by more than $1000, compared to around $300 under McCain's plan. ------- good gawd man, we didn't all rush to vote for O so he could raise out taxes; part of the reason we voted for him was so he could restore tax breaks to the middle class (progressive) instead of the uber-rich (regressive) for a change if O & the Dems dont come thru w/ a tax break for you & me, i'll be just as PO'ed at them as anyone else. will be *very* hard to pull off given the state of things tho'...
  8. by LC >>It's unfortunate that we had 8 long, long years of "the wrong choice," but now we can officially move on from the old regime. unfortunately LC, we will not be "now officially moving on from the old regime" for many years - Bush's legacy will take years to play out, repair, & recover from: fiscally, economically, environmentally, socially, legally, legislatively, globally... this list goes on & on & is under almost any political/policy stone you turn over
  9. hollies, btw, u got it backwards: O got 52 million, McPalin got 46 mil
  10. ok, thats a downright funny comeback, Doug. where were you when i & a couple other EC.com'ers were single-handedly taking on all the "Pat Robertson is a liberal" neo-cons around here thru'out the prez election buildup?
  11. i read thru this thread to do a little catching up, & to those who say Plain was abused by the media, your crying foul does not change the fact that once the lights were turned on & held up to her, she simply didn't hold up; in almost every way that it was important for her to hold up to scrutiny, she was incapable, incompetent & unprepared, or at best, embarrassingly scripted don't know if McCain could've won w/out her dragging him down, but she certainly hurt him. that said, she did actually help him some too, but i think only in the way Paulie alluded to (the eye-candy factor) & w/ a handful of those "you-betcha there" fans
  12. EC - classic line! i was mortified when i saw/heard that Palin repeatedly pronounced it like Bush! hollies, rest assured O will walk it right down the middle, w/ hopefully a little left correction to some of Bush's hard-line/right soul-selling-to-the-highest-bidder legislation/policies the biggest casualty may have been John McCain. he did & said so much against his grain & nature & past record that he must deep inside feel really torn & conflicted, even more so after failing to capture the chair. but he'll prob rise to the occasion, true to his character, & get back on the side of what he knows is right, vs parroting bad advice from 'advisors' & pandering to hard-right elements we can do it y'all, we really can. change can come from the top down, but it also starts at home. i'm feeling real proud about the country too, after feeling terribly embarrassed & disgusted by the standards set by the Bush admin for 8 long years. it's really an amazing & potentially defining moment we're all privileged to witness & be a part of at this time
  13. i was messin' w/ the 'mandate' line, but 56 senate dems waiting on 4 races to be called, maybe 3 could still go either way? your boy al franken may not have held out tho', hollies MJ, you gotta get outa the room if you dont wanna hang w/ the guys smokin' cigars & armchair quarterbackin' the day after the polls.. what is north carolina's problem - are they the new florida? forced recount b/c it was so close? at some point i thought i saw O winning it by a squeaker margin
  14. dems may top out w/ 59 seats in senate & they took 26 more house seats from repubs to increase their lead to around 90. glad youre still breathing easy tho' hollies! it also may end up being a near 200-point delegate spread & a margin of victory of 7+ million votes. eh, can you say 'mandate'?
  15. you missed the 2nd part of the clip where she says "if mccain wins, i'm gonna put gas on my house & torch my mortgage" we really should be able disqualify a bunch'a voters, like this guy on msnbc.com's front page today: Then, shaking his head, he added, “I don’t understand why they picked a man for president with almost the same name as the guy who sent those airplanes into those towers.â€
  16. john/angelina (still havent figured out your gender) - i dont even know what 'booyah' means, tho' i think its givin' some kinda props, in a shirtless packers fan kinda way.. sarah palin - the beauty queen that almost was - NOT! (i hope i dont eat my words later tonight)
  17. right - wasn't that a classic? he's still probably sizzlin' from being so smoked in that post. heh..
  18. paulie, look out - the liberal media is hiding under your bed tonight..
  19. besides, we had him in texas for 4 yrs b4 y'all got him, & he's ours, & he's coming back, so we retain the right to label bush by any number of monikers. 'the shrub' is one of the nicer (if not the nicest) ones.. & oh yes, missy, yay for beauty queens.. <sigh>...
  20. i'm not even gonna argue the 'airhead' moniker, but 'shrub' is a bit friendlier: bush sr. = 'the bush'; bush jr. = 'the shrub' - get it? ;-)
  21. same here, & the eagle-eyes on jim's drum head.
  22. umm, sarah palin may be a number of things, but she is not intimidating. i'm glad she has accomplished what she set out to do (ie: gov of alaska), but she continues to be very unimpressive to many if not most americans, whom she strikes as having ridden a transparent facade as far as that will take her - kinda like a beauty queen. oh wait, she was a beauty queen..
  23. they must've associated it w/ "as in 'holier than thou' ". heh. there's yer 'snap', tony!
  24. >>She'll have 4 years under McCain's leadership to brush up on things before she runs against Hillary and Jesse The Body in '12! go Jesse! (in 2016 tho', not 2012). heh..
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