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  1. so you are married to... Click & Clack, the 'Car Talk' guys! i guess i may have given up playing if i was trying to keep up w/ Stanley Clark
  2. you are married to Rush Windbag?!?!?? & why did you have to remind me of Ed Meese?...
  3. fresh, i thought you were one of the ones who had my back on the political debate posts - it must've been another "____rasperry" member, cuz they wouldn't have written ""freedom of speech continues to diminish with the liberalization of America". that's an odd notion there, pallie..
  4. LV, thank you for the, eh, compliment.. like i mentioned in my other post, it's an interesting phenomena that right-wing radio soars, while left-wing radio sputters, but i doubt very seriously that 'the rules are about to change'. right-wingers did a very effective job of getting their 'voice' more prominently heard & rep'ed on NPR a few years ago, & you still hear it loud & clear in their broadcasts (tho' at not near the decibel level as windbags like Rush, obviously) now, we could take up the topic of why right-wing radio soars while left-wing radio sputters...
  5. this is mind-blowing, i'd never come across this. hollies, what was the program you watched, & where can it be watched in its entirety?
  6. whoa - zing, LV! it's an interesting phenomena that right-wing radio soars & while left-wing radio sputters. i think the reasons why are obvious, tho' hollies & i would debate on those reasons, no doubt back to my original post: Jaw-juh went down in a ball of Red flame yesterday. remains to be seen how the great northern hinterland (MN) fares my gift to you & tony, hollies - the magic # of 41! hey, where's tony anyway?
  7. hey, i miss scrappin' w/ y'all now that the political season is over... almost! i can't even remember who had my back in the other debate posts - maybe LC & freshraspberries? should be GA race called tonight, & the MN thing will supposedly take weeks for some reason so where are we now, what's the count? did the Dems end up w/ 58 in the Senate w/ these 2 hanging in the balance? i've kinda lost track i can't imagine GA going blue in this one are either of you guys fans of Al Franken, ie: read his book(s)? can you appreciate him in the same way i appreciate PJ O'Rourke, lads? or did he dump on Rabid Rush too much for'ya?
  8. that song is actually a brilliant little slice of genius, off-the-cuff as it was. it was comical, hooky, & a didn't-see-it-coming moment of levity amidst an album full of highly-evolved rock compositions of now-legendary status (hence the Rolling Stone nod) & if the Raspberries ever do another show, they need'ta roll this one into the set list - would be a great tune to kick off an encore set with!
  9. daisy, by all appearances u wouldve married lionel richie at age 10 ;-)
  10. ah yes, frolicking in the park... true rarities - keep 'em comin', bernie... this was long before eric started blogging about politix
  11. this video of palin is classic, kinda defines her, i think. she totally creeps me out, when i look into her eyes & listen to the facade in her words & voice. i'll forever maintain the eye-candy factor got her to where she was, as much or more than anything. americans are total suckers for a 'hottie' reminds me of bush looking into putin's eyes & 'seeing his soul'. bill maher says, 'ha! i looked into putin's eyes & saw lucifer. i saw black pools of ex-KGB deadness!'
  12. great pic bernie, but you often leave out the details as to where the shot was taken - should we assume you dont know unless you include the info?
  13. pretty funny tony, but hey, the guy deserves a break here & there.. heaven knows if he could blow it in somalia, he would!
  14. ...my tribute to you , The Outgoing Shrub. (thx Mad Magazine)
  15. eh, no, that would be the name of the entire playlist on sarah palin's ipod...
  16. of course, he's a Blackberry totin' kinda guy, but we all heard what was on W's iPod a while back someone implied in another thread that because MSNBC played 'Go All the Way' behind election results that O knows about the Raspberries (which he prob actually does, being of the right age) go all the way? yes he can! ;-) anyone heard what's on his playlists?
  17. daisy, cool yer lionel richie jets over there & quit licking the screen!.. bernie - your narrative was evocative, but do you have the lowdown on this pic?
  18. Eric, do you mean like another Raspberries reunion show for the Christmas/winter season? heh.. c'mon, get down & get wid'it!
  19. ... over at raspberriesonline.com—previously announced here by Big Al, official 'berries sitemaster? i didn't realize they had merged the mssg boards, but t'was a good idea
  20. then so be it, susana - buddies we are. dont recall u on the boards b4, but we coulda used u on the politix threads on the O debate team - thx for showing up after its all over! ;-)
  21. ok, but he leaves that one alone in 'the decider' - it's all about the shrub. or actually, maybe he does dish on the religious right too, cant recall, but its mostly about bush jr
  22. hey, y'all owe us a couple for florida & ohio. actually y'all owe us a whole lot more than a couple, given the past 8 yrs..
  23. wow, serious vault classics bernie - do we know the real backstory on these shots? ie: where/when/by who? those are/were some totally hep cats.. did mcbride *ever* smile?
  24. quote: Originally posted by pauliemississippi: "We let the retarded cowboy have his ride, now give a black man the chance..." this is one of the funniest *understatements* about Bush i've heard yet.. to really see a painfully, cringingly funny rip on Bush, rent Bill Maher's 'The Decider'
  25. whats a fan reunion w/out... the raspberries! all the best from texas.
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