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  1. does wally ever read these boards - ie: does he realize what huge fans he has out here, esp re: his raspberries work? i kinda doubt it, but he oughta know about his fandom over here
  2. hollies, dont forget to catch 'W' too... tho' i wouldn't categorize it as 'must see' cuz we just got through 'must-seeing' 8 yrs of it in real life...<groan>
  3. ok, now she's a *real* beauty, & wally's sound in the 2 songs bernie mentions (IWBWY & LP) was just untouchable, & was a brilliant call for the tunes
  4. so *thats* the guitar responsible for the massive crunch & tone in 'tonight'. nothing could've sounded better paired w/ EC's vox - both were at their strongest
  5. umm, prob the same thing you might say, if you said it. but i don't know, i'm just sayin'...
  6. sorry TT, your topic title cracked the door open for those who would be ambushed by monopolization-run-amok of the forum - shouldn't you guys, uh, get a room? ;-)
  7. tommy tunes should be banned from clotting up the EC.com mssg boards w/ an absurd barrage of threads about lew as if it were his own personal blog what in the hell are these 2 on about? who knows? not me, i can't find it in me to crack open one of those 57 threads.. texas judges give TT 2 thumbs down - control your urges & step away from the computer, son..
  8. oops, i thought this post was about hollies' love for 'W' - heh!.. actually a tragic loss for us southern late-boomers..
  9. someone on the boards named marcie or margie or maggie (?) has threatened to post them for a long time now, but its been over a year now..
  10. Eric - is it true what they say about Japanese girls?... heh..
  11. classic!! how in the bejeezus did that audio ever survive??... gotta admit i woulda liked to have heard EC rip-snort thru those vox... wonder where the Cement, Gravel, & Rock Co. are now? musta been a cheezy house band @ DW..
  12. hollies - r u still the last card-carrying member of the GWB fan club?? stunning loyalty!
  13. Any teachers out there? I'm guessing it's a B.A plus another year or two. Wouldn't it be great to have 22 year old kids, fresh out of college, with Master's degrees, just itching to get a job teaching school because they could earn $100,000 a year? Don't you think we'd get a lot more qualified, quality teachers that way? eric- i'm a teacher & can confirm that we CONSTANTLY lose good people to the pay issue. i've almost bailed on the profession a time or two for that very reason.. believe me, it's a *very* real issue, if you had any idea how many people either get a teaching degree & dont teach, or teach for a year or two, only to leave soon thereafter (#1 reason: pay), you'd be even more apalled...
  14. re: 'bottle rocket' - finally, a piece of pop culture that hollies actually *missed*! its good, but 'royal tenanbaums' & 'life aquatic' are two of my fav movies ever hey i dont have cable, but do have netflix - have you guys seen 'its always sunny in philadelphia'? man this is one reeeally funny show, think it airs on fx. check it out if you haven't already..
  15. wow, EC should have his own hardball program - how often do you find a rock & roller as politically astute as EC? i happen to agree w/ all comments on Obama's WMF guy, Ron Paul, the gold standard, Iraq war-for-profiteering & those who should be (impeached &) tried for it, tax policies, & yes, our government should have been overthrown & usurped long ago. Obama has disappointed many of us who voted for him already by recycling many of the same old Clinton-era cronies & other career fed-raiders but perhaps the best part of this thread has been finding out that EC had to rough it on the frozen football tundra in ROTC b/c of his "abnormally long hair" & still has the letter to show for it! you're right, EC - we should all be furious, but it's all trickled down from the top in recent years. when you have a crook, thief, & amoral weasel like GWB in office for 8 years, thats a long span of opportunity for many to raid the till & hose the country & run off into the sunset w/ their riches while the rest of us are left flappin' in the wind
  16. ehh, if you fall off a cruise ship , this might be considered a darwin award - the process of thinning the herd by natural selection..
  17. here's my new money pit for all you guys' guys: http://web.mac.com/kyleness/mysite/truck2.html
  18. this would be a photoshopped pic of lionel richie's body w/ daisy's head on it...
  19. i cant believe i posted w/out dissing sarah palin!
  20. hollies - mind your typos, you left off "of Windbag"
  21. pretender, i think you just served all Rush fans, 45-Love! & ain't it the truth, tho'... we could power the western US w/ all the wind that comes out of his bag; luckily (& finally) there's K. Olbermann around to deflate Rush's windbag & drive guys like Tony crazy b/c they no longer have 100% of the market cornered anymore (it's down to like 95% instead)
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