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  1. oops, never mind don, i found the quote feature...
  2. don - i now realize i have seen & have a copy of the 'go' episode & the capitol promo spots - i am now almost certain that what you describe below is what i saw, the cbs news feed - do you have a copy of it or know where we can track one down? btw, how do you enable the quote feature you used in some posts? i couldn't find it, just copied & pasted below thanks again! ------- Or it may have been a network news feed. One of the networks in 1972-73 had little news briefs for kids (I think it was CBS) between Saturday morning shows and there was a brief Raspberries segment on one of those reports as well. It was short, the band was in suits doing "I Wanna Be With You," and the reporter compared the band to The Beatles.
  3. ok, now this is really ringing familiar - i believe it might well have been the program 'go'! - where could we turn a copy of this up? anyone?
  4. yes, i meant to include that, i'm pretty sure this was the song featured (brief clips of it, anyway)
  5. down here in texas, i think i've come across all the old raspberries video footage *except* one that i remember vividly (& except whatever rare stuff else bernie may have tucked away to post to the multimedia section). it was maybe a couple minutes long featurette that was placed in between saturday morning cartoons, forget the name of the program, only remember it for one cartoon season at most. but if i recall, they were in their white-ish suits, & in a studio, & the whole "American version of the Beatles" angle was played up. it's not the studio video footage that has commonly been traded around or is available on youtube.com, it was narrated, & it was very short (i remember thinking "wait, more! i wanna hear more!"), as it was quickly placed in between cartoon episodes. does this sound familiar to anyone, does anyone recall the program, & does anyone have the clip? i've never been able to find it... thanks, kyle / austin tx
  6. very cool, this hadn't turned up last week when i did a raspberries search on youtube - this is a great piece of raspberries history
  7. Eric - thank you from Texas for the amazing story that has been Raspberries music (along w/ all your other endeavors). Raspberries music still sparkles w/ highly evolved, accomplished, & original melody & lyricism, as do your vocals w/ searing soul, & is drenched w/ soaring, soaking, golden-throated harmonies. you guys were absolutely seminal in your time, & still are - your influence has, & still does today, reverberated beyond your most vivid imaginations, i can assure you. so Happy Birthday to you, congratulations on the Raspberries reunion, & please consider, for all your collective fans' birthdays down here, to muster the troops & treat us to a reunion show in Texas & beyond! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...
  8. i too have lobbied to get them down south (austin, texas anyway). wondered if anyone might be able to help or know of a resource (this is from my recent posting in the 'take it or leave it' section of the mssg board - the moderator took out my copy where i posted it in this, & the 'everything' sections, where i figured it'd reach the widest audience). anyway, hated to miss their reunions, thanks if anyone help, no worries if not: ------- i don't have cable & didn't get to see (nor did i realize it ran) the VH1 Classic episode of "Hangin' With the Raspberries" which apparently documented their reunion gigs to a degree - does anyone have a copy on dvd or vhs they can send me? i'd be glad to compensate you for any costs incurred; contact me via email asap - thanks! - Kyle ketie@earthlink.net
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