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  1. btw, very cool that you had a wurly on 'tonight', can't wait to hear that...
  2. eric - by all accounts, it sounded fantastic & beyond (& the 'go all the way' video sounds *so rockin'* on the new website)- so do it again, numerous times, in 2007!... & do it in austin, texas, while you're at it
  3. thanks for the reply & insight, eric, sounds like a very proactive, constructive, & effective approach was taken, & it makes me respect even more what you guys used to pull off between the 4 of you when i listen to the original recordings & see old video footage of shows
  4. wow, how is it some of you guys seem to know inside scoops on some of the band's perspective/experiences? i suspect some are friends of bandmembers, maybe some have worked w/ the band in some capacity over the years, etc. or maybe some folks even pass off some speculation as knowledge or fact? i dunno... anyway, thanks for the feedback, i was hoping the guys were still in good shape vocally
  5. glad to hear the other guys were singing more the rest of the set than they appeared to be in 'go all the way' - thanks for the feedback, can't wait to see & hear them doing so on the cd/dvd (or preferably live...)
  6. i notice in the reunion video of 'go all the way' on raspberriesonline.com that the rest of the raspberries sing very little in the background vocals dep't; instead they're handled by 'the overdubs' bg singers. w/out putting anyone on the spot, was it just too hard for them to hit all those high harmonies these days, being out of practice, having aged, etc? i'd also wonder if eric was intimidated by the same factor, given his incredible range & snarl back in the day. i have to tell you (country music fan or not), i saw ray price here this weekend in texas, & amazingly, at 81 years old, the man still has his pipes & was hitting all the big notes in all his songs! (ray can also probably relate to some of eric's challenges over the years re: "pop" music's bad rap at times - he was summarily run out of nashville back in the '60's for adding string sections, orchestration, & pop overtones to country music - & now of course he is a legend for having done so!)
  7. bernie - if u read this thread, can you post the video montage on ETV? those of us who couldn't make it to a show would be 'berry, 'berry grateful...
  8. ok, i may have missed it in this thread, but didnt see any reference as to the actual content of the video that malfunctioned in LA - was it an old clip of one of their original performances, like one of the ones that can be seen on youtube?
  9. brioohs, you sound more informed than i do, but his short bio on his website (andykimmusic.com) would lead you to believe he sang lead on some of those, incl. 'sugar sugar'... check it out - misleading bio stats, perhaps?
  10. don - re: the archies, also note that andy kim (of 'rock me gently' fame) sang lead vox for them too. speaking of the archies, now i'm thinking there should've been a raspberries saturday morning cartoon too! ;-)
  11. this would be a fun list to throw together, but to address susan's question, my post (the first one) at http://www.ericcarmen.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000178 might help explain & deviate b/t 'power pop' & 'rock', i think - power pop's always got a bit more sugar in the recipe than rock (hence the delicious flavor by bands like the Raspberries!)
  12. so cool! cant believe you managed to hang on to them, amazing... would it be easy enuff 4 u 2 scan them & shoot me the pics via email?
  13. so darlene, what is 'CAM in new york' ? where else did you see them? you guys apparently had the regional advantage we didnt have here in texas... marvin, what kind of things did you get from the fan club? was 'kathy koral' the fan club prez or something? anyone have any memorabilia left over from the fan club?
  14. ok, right, it must've been carnegie hall, not MSG. pauliemississippi, can you post the link to the reviews to which you refer, so i dont have to hunt? thx!
  15. i've read several references in recent years to what was supposed to have been a fantastic Raspberries concert at MSG in NYC back in the day. was there any video or audio documentation of this performance? if not, did anyone on these mssg boards happen to be at that show & have any feedback (pun intended) on the experience?
  16. all this message board banter, incl feedback from Eric himself, makes me wonder if & how he/they communicated w/ fans back in the original Raspberries days? back then there were fan clubs you wrote to (did they ever write back, aside from the glossy photos sent?) & there were promos (did they really give away the groovy volkswagen?). other than the obvious, err, umm... interaction w/ the screaming, squirming girl fans, i wonder how EC & co. communicated w/ fans (aside from giving them great records & performances) - i suppose it was mostly while on the road out at the shows. it's just striking to me how much the internet has changed all that...
  17. i dont see any actual photos in this thread - did i miss something? the captions sounded funny tho'...
  18. thanks, i found his input after reading thru that thread
  19. ...in having to pick from just the LA show for the upcoming live cd, as i believe typically it would be that the band would cull from several different shows recorded at several different venues to compile a live cd, ie: having the luxury to pull from several different performances, w/ different dynamics inherent in each version of the songs based on a number of factors (venue, vibe, band's tightness that night, etc)
  20. bernie, i guess you are saying you have a copy - so yes, please post, i (& presumedly others) would get a fantastic kick out of that!
  21. unfortunately, the ever-overcompensating alpha male b.s. that eric alludes to in the music biz is one that has grown to permeate every aspect of our (american, more than anywhere else) culture, to ridiculous, pathetic, embarrassing, & laughable extremes. look around, it's literally everywhere you look, & perhaps the most unfortunate byproduct is that perhaps for the first time in history, large numbers of women have bought into the false front & facade that men put up - as a result, the universe (figuratively speaking) is tipped way out of balance these days, & we need a pendulum swing back in the other direction...
  22. ok, this bill bixby episode sounds cool, & classic- does anyone have a copy i can get from them? thx, kyle/austin tx
  23. i just recently got a copy of the show, & found eric's quote (re: the interviewer's question about them being tagged as creators of the "power pop genre") interesting - he kind of balked at the moniker, & pointed out something many people don't realize, that "pop" music is a term that has been around forever & simply means "popular" music. however, he omitted mention of the evolution of the word "pop", which has come to imply *melody* & *harmony* in music (which was always there originally, but much of which is absent in today's tunes/bands). thus, the tag "power pop" for the raspberries - rockin', soulful, & meaty ("power"), yet still hung on strong, hook-laden melody & drenched & soaked w/ harmony ("pop") - the ultimate combo! needless to say, the raspberries did it like no other (tho' many came after & still thrive to this day in the genre - listen to the great stuff, new & old, you'll hear on powerpopradio.com, among others). anyway, eric, i hope you don't resent or resist the tag, or the credit for it's creation, b/c it's a *huge compliment* from the music world! - kyle / austin, tx
  24. eric, or anyone else involved w/ the harmonic reconvergence of the raspberries - what has seemed like a rather regional set of events has left many fans far & wide wondering: is there a chance or consideration that the reunion tour could be re-ignited to treat those of us away from the midwest (or east & west coasts) to take in the raspberries magic? being stranded down here in austin, texas (a great live music town, btw, where we'll turn out & treat ya right) while reading so many great reviews of the shows has left us chomping at the bits, to say the least. is reality that we should probably stop waiting & hoping, & settle for & look forward to the live cd (& dvd possibly?) instead? either way, many thanks to the raspberries for being there for us all, then & now - you guys laid some mighty big tracks!
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