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  1. i'm playing w/ these guys (my signature link) here in Austin, TX & noticed we are charting & getting airplay in some places/stations in Ohio, among about 50 other radio markets around the country & a few international markets. if inclined, check this link to see if we're w/in earshot of you!: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac...98-e3e795e9e9bc
  2. i found a curious audio file in the multimedia section of ec.com by this name & listened to it (there's no explanation on the page for the tune) - the tune is called 'it must be love'. anyone know the story behind it? perhaps a couple of raspberries singing backup? a quick google reveals a bangmusic.com website w/ some useful info about the band its a great tune, but i've never heard of them - were they a regionally successful band up there in the snow-encrusted lands way north of here (texas)? i'm also trying to hunt down the 'live at the roxy' tunes recently referred to in other posts, if anyone can unlock the mysterious location by posting a link... thx!
  3. the Raspberries suits inspired by GQ... who knew?!? great story! that album cover is a great moment in rock & roll history, & the cool thing is, to this day rock bands still are bold & creative enough to mine the great pop music tradition of matching suits/outfits!
  4. a Jag?!? a British car?? ok, we'll forgive you only because the Raspberries were once hailed as the American answer to the British Invasion! but seriously, looks like a blast to sling around some Ohio curves...
  5. Dallas - ok, i could drive up there for a HOB show, Houston too; but remember, & as my fellow Texans here will confirm - Austin is the REAL music city in these parts, make no mistake about that! we've got the music fans/nerds/fanatics/aficionados that'll turn out in droves for the 'berries!
  6. eric - so how'd those conversations w/ the rest of the 'berries go? i've said it before & i'll say it again: "get thee to austin texas, live music capitol of the world!" heck, i'll even get your booking folks off to a perusable start: 500-1500 capacity clubs to book the 'berries at here in austin: antones, stubbs, the backyard, austin music hall, la zona rosa (i'll be playing there next week). i'll even put y'all in touch w/ the folks who book these places if you'll just saddle up your horses & head to texas! ;-)
  7. ok, am i missing something? keep reading about 'live at the roxy' tunes, but theyre nowhere to be found after about 15-20 min's of hunting - anyone wanna point me in the right link direction? thx!
  8. eric's observations about the production of the raspberrie's cd's are so dead on - they lack so much bottom end that its puzzling & frustrating to hear. only a couple years later pop/rock bands started discovering the benefit of having more drum/bass bottom & a big kick/snare combo in the mix. that said, it makes hearing the raspberries current crop of performances of these tunes show just how mind-blowingly hot they were all along in spite of the audio/recorded shortcomings of the originals!
  9. uncanny coincidence? i think not! brilliant minds think alike & all - tho' i think raspathens once scoffed at my challenge to bury him in a raspberries trivia duel...
  10. how about "awww, raspberries!" btw, this was a great movie; not sure what lily tomlin's politics are, but they're likely preferable to the governator's...
  11. the 'raspberries refreshed' cd - the one made w/out eric a year or two back; a raspberries w/out eric is like a raspberry w/out the juice!
  12. btw, could someone direct me to a list of "must listens" re: the flamin' groovies & big star (i only know one or two of their songs). thx!
  13. i'm w/ you hollies65 - 'baby blue' is right up there in the top ten power pop songs of all time, along w/ the raspberries-song(s)-of-your-choice ('go all the way/i wanna be with you/let's pretend/tonight/overnight sensation' etc)
  14. 'overnight sensation' is a great scrapbook & archival source, which of course makes it fun to spend time with; however, you may be frustrated by just that: it's scrapbook approach. i think i remember bernie (host of this site) saying somewhere that he'd love to have had more of a handle on it (w/ author ken sharp), know what he knows now, etc. re: the whole layout, look & feel, & organization of the thing. it is put together rather haphazardly & randomly, which does make it frustrating if you want the story biographically folded out in front of you w/ chronology, etc - that said, it is an amazing assembly of clippings & archived articles, pics, interviews, etc. i haven't seen 'tonight' (which i was hoping came w/ the price of the dvd set, but doesn't, as i understand it), but it sure looks nicely done & appears to show the same exceptional tlc that bernie puts forth here on the site. either way, they both help keep the raspberries flame burning!
  15. someone once told me that a friend had said to him at the time of his father's passing that "you're not really a man until your father passes on". here's hoping & wishing Eric, that you rise to the occasion, reflect inwardly, draw from your support where you have it - here & elsewhere - & in the midst of the tragedy & sense of great loss, manage to continue to grow & evolve as a human & find inspiration from your loss to "do the next right thing" each & every day & moment; meanwhile know that you truly have our - your devoted fans - heartfelt condolences & empathy
  16. never mind the fact that celine gets heavy mention of the cover in wikipedia or elsewhere, we all know who's gotten the most mileage out of the song...
  17. 1974 was a tossup, thereby rendering a mutant tune called "I Honestly Love Overnight Sensation"!
  18. oh, forgot to whip out local braggin' rights: prince used a local austin latin horn/percussion/funk band (called 'grupo fantasma') for backup for the CBS party he played b4 the bowl game. everyone here in austin is real psyched for them; they also play his las vegas nightclub one night a week
  19. prince was scorching! it was a bummer when his guitar went way down in the broadcast feed mix toward the end (may not have done so at the stadium, who knows). he has everything going on, as fans can attest, but musicians also know he is a bad a** guitar player! a local radio dj here did a 2-hour program last week: "prince: the last 10 years" - ie: a bunch of his more recent stuff (which, as mentioned, doesn't even get corporate airplay these days) & it was sho' nuff funky & fiery, & as good as any of his earlier stuff
  20. re: the question in another thread about what eric would've done for a living if not for music, i have a suspicion he would've been a robot counselor at GM...
  21. re: the original question about what eric would've done if not for music, i have a suspicion he would've been a robot counselor at GM...
  22. kudos to mellencamp; i've never had a problem w/ the question of artistic merit of an artist allowing their music to be used for commercial/advertising purposes. & he's right, as has been spelled out on these boards before - the record companies & corporate radio are evil scum at all levels & have been for a good while now!
  23. right, i knew what song they played, i was just wondering if eric actually penned it, as i remember reading in another post recently about a big hit for him that he hadnt actually written (maybe 'make me lose control') this may be too personal to ask eric, but i've always wondered what the payday for something like this is? obviously different from gm using 'like a rock' or 'this is our country' for years is different, but i'm sure fellow songwriters would be interested to know what sort of income one can generate from a company picking up your tune for a commercial? if thats too probing a question to ask, no worries - it was a great surprise to hear it. it's funny how over the years the song has been culled for background comedic intent/irony in the pop culture realm..
  24. did eric write this tune? i'm sure i've missed that info in another post...
  25. the passionate vocal 'crack' in 'Lets Pretend' was the stuff teen girls' dreams are made of (& i wasn't even a teen girl! ;-) ... it is definitely a 'Barry White, move over' moment...
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