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  1. open solicitation to Eric & Raspberries - if you guys do hit the road for some more shows to herald the new Live @ Sunset Strip release, i'd like to suggest you guys consider checking in w/ Scott McCarl & seeing if he'd be ok w/ y'all adding a version of 'Play On' at your shows. to me, this is the *only* thing missing from the set list (well, i could prob come up w/ a couple more), but certainly in place of any cover tunes, this would be preferable. i'd go so far as to say that this is one tune that defines the Raspberries' (esp late 'berries) sound almost as much as any of Eric's tunes (& that's going out on a limb). i wonder if this is something y'all could work out for us hardcore fans who would be glad to draw up your set list on any given night?...
  2. Al has posted a bunch of the new live tunes on the Vox amp/jukebox at raspberriesonline.com - they sound great, tho' the songs are sprinkled w/ a female voiceover of "raspberries live on sunset strip", maybe to discourage pirating, to promote, or both. to all you lucky folks who attended the show, the 'ecstacy' is very palpable...
  3. EC - it wouldn't have happened (fan support) if you guys hadn't turned out all that great music (i'm constantly amazed at what y'all squeezed out in 4 albums) - time to celebrate in style w/ a few road shows!
  4. bernie - well done (for the occasion) on the new website introduction! when i saw the hollywood sign & heard the big band music, i was like, "now where could he be going w/ this?...". too funny - & then that opening lick to IWBWY never fails to get the get you revved up.. btw, when can us special edition buyers expect to see our copy show up? i seem to recall something being said about them shipping out before today (july 31) but nothing in sight yet. apologies if i missed this info posted elsewhere
  5. this is a reply from Austin's world-famous Waterloo records (waterloorecords.com), upon my inquiry within about the release. seems he's talking about just the cd, not the combo: Hey Kyle, We have a bunch on order so it should be in stock tomorrow. It'll be on sale for $14.99. thanks, Doug @ Waterloo Waterloo Records & Video 600A. North Lamar Austin, Texas 78703 512-474-2500 www.waterloorecords.com
  6. ouch - truly mediocre & cheezy tune & performances, but i sure hope the guy's ok. after all, he did give us KISS, & for that we'll be ever thankful..
  7. wow, this is really cool, half the raspberries in action - thx for pointing us in the direction..
  8. edgar & johnny winter are from my hometown of beaumont, tx. this is one of the great AM radio tunes of the 70's, the guitar riff at the top is very cool. if you play gtr, its a bit tricky, you can prob find the tab online
  9. so is there a podcast or mp3 of the program online somewhere?
  10. i co-hosted a 1-hour radio show today here in Austin, & wanted to end our show/set w/ "Let's Pretend" - but the MP3 cd i burned it onto wouldn't play! it was the only tune i wanted to spin that i didn't get to... but i was sure trying to do my part. all 5 guys in the studio (all of us bona-fide music nerds) were fans of the 'berries
  11. the official iTunes write-up for the new Fountains of Wayne CD "Traffic & Weather" concludes /w the following observation: "But the band always begins with the harmony-heavy, guitar-based pop rock that takes the finer points of The Beatles, Raspberries, & Squeeze & turns them into contemporary commentary." this little blurb will no doubt send a few new fans the Raspberries' way. the CD sounds great btw, every one of their CD's are just stellar, & as described on these boards b4, these guys may not be here but that the Raspberries begat FOW down the power pop family tree!
  12. in case anyone wants to tune in over the web this Saturday, central time: hey folks - i will be co-hosting an hour of music on KOOP 91.7 FM this Saturday @ 12:00 noon-1:00 as guest DJ's on a regular KOOP program called 'The Swinger' having (myself) just read a cool book called 'Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth', we'll be taking you down a trip thru the classic, definitive, & drippingly juicy late 60's/early 70's era of bubblegum/sunshine pop music, a veritable goldmine of (often subversively) innocent lyrics, masterful melody, & high cheeze tune in & turn on! Saturday 12-1:00 KOOP 91.7 on your dial. we'll have a pretty obscure playlist lined up, but 472-KOOP if you wanna call & make a request & try & stump us. (KOOP also streams their broadcast on the web, btw, for you out-of-towners)
  13. Average White Band - if all goes as planned, our band will be opening for these guys when they pass thru Austin in September. they had some great funk/disco funk tunes which you would instantly recognize if you came of age w/ the Raspberries now if we could only arrange to open for the Raspberries when they play thru Austin - so who's working on this? pronto!
  14. oh man, Let's Pretend sounds SO FINE, Eric still wails, life on the 'berry vine is good...
  15. is there a version of this 2-song medley online somewhere? dont think ive ever come across it, havent seen it on youtube. bernie?? yoooo-hoooo, bernie??? ;-)
  16. eric - i've noticed the avatar you (apparently) chose for your message board icon. if i recall correctly (& judging from your grizzled look ;-) this is from the late version of the band w/ mccarl & mcbride - do you remember where this outdoor show was & have any recollections about the show?
  17. EC covering other people's music? esp the Beach Boys? why?? those versions can't be touched! it would be like someone else covering a Raspberries tune - untouchable except as rendered by the original lads!
  18. this is so cool - i love it when the music directors at public venues are well-versed like this; similarly, in Lowes hardware store yesterday i head an EC song - just goes to show that Eric & the Raspberries have had a very far reach..
  19. this is so cool - i love it when the music directors at venues like this are well-versed like this; similarly, in Lowes hardware store yesterday i head an EC song - just to show you that Eric & the Raspberries have had a very far reach..
  20. just read that 'oh tonight' & 'please let me come back home' (prev unreleased) will be bundled w/ the 'berries LE set - supa'fly news! anybody know who penned these songs, were they EC's?
  21. FOW are simply the best power pop band out there these days, have been for a number of years (tho' it was slightly disappointing that most people found them by way of "Stacy's Mom", b/c they are much more than that tune allows, hooked-out tho' it may be). AND they are direct descendants down a major branch of the Raspberries family tree - the 'berries can be mighty proud of their FOW nephews! (or is it great-nephews? ;-)
  22. thx for the list - it didnt occur to me to look back to the original list on raspberriesonline.com, where i see it is now posted. very cool features, tho' it still strikes me that a copy of 'tonight' (the book) is conspicuously missing. otherwise this is some great stuff to look fwd to, esp JB's home movies & the other behind-the-scenes footage i sure couldn't've seen this coming 30+ years ago, as i forced my neighborhood friend, joey, to dig on my raspberries cassette tape w/ me!
  23. yeah, that article was really an embarrassing piece of drek - & coming from billboard, of all people. there was so much uninformed detachment, it seemed written from a bean-counter. at least a publication like rolling stone is written by music-lovers at large, but this is quite the opposite
  24. in an incredible stroke of bad luck, hall & oates cancelled their only show of the tour here in austin, tx last year (daryl hall's health issues - was it lupus, maybe?) & i didn't get to see them; looks like theyre not headed this way on the current tour
  25. also prominently featured right up front on the Ryko home page (for now) is our (Austin's) very own Kelly Willis. she's a roots/country/folk-rock kinda girl w/ a great, instantly identifiable & unique voice & twang thang
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