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  1. 'Foxiest', that was it! i knew he had pulled off some fan club coup like this... so any known video of the HoF performance, bernie et al?
  2. upon listening, i have to agree w/ the naysayers, this version is milktoast. i'm a big fan of these two also, esp matthew sweet, but this just goes to show what an original composition, & an especially original performance, by EC & the Raspberries this song was - it will never be touched by any cover or dupe.. not even close, by light years..
  3. ... of the 'berries at the R&R Hall of Fame show (other than the cell phone video on youtube)? apologies if i've missed this info elsewhere, but austinberries has been away for a while w/ a new baby girl - now 7 wks old & already has a crush on EC (or was it Jim that won 'cutest Raspberry' back then?)
  4. hollies, tony, c'mon - it's been a looooong time since we had a foxy first lady! & no, sarah palin would not have qualified as a a foxy president
  5. mighty mouse, i mean popdude - where did u hear this? it isnt on their myspace page.. do tell looks like GATW will be track #2 on the cd - even cooler! wonder if EC (not just his agent or ascap) has been in touch w/ this duo - wonder if they know about the recent spate of 'berries reunion shows for that matter..
  6. this is cool b/c everything they did on vol 1 sounded so great - great pop/powerpop sensibilities, those two; however, they will be extremely hard-pressed to wail + croon like EC did on GATW - i would guess she will need to sing that one, b/c i don't think he can touch it, vocally
  7. the contrition i saw & heard him express was about some comment he made about "slaying the enemy" or somesuch in his younger days; however, you have totally taken his comment out of context for your ideological convenience & left out his simultaneous quote: “What I mean by that is that it’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before. Things we had postponed for too long, that were long term, are now immediate and must be dealt with.†a very respectable & commendable point of view, i'd say. cheers!
  8. he said that (or something similar) when he was a young hothead of about 20+ yrs old or so. who among us wouldn't like a few hundred 'take-backs' from our days at that age? he has publicly acknowledged that it was a cocky, obnoxious thing to say & that he has mellowed, & more importantly, grown up since then but you knew that already, h-bomb..
  9. nah - the O admin has repeatedly made it clear that these were extraordinary times that required extraordinary intervention, & that to allow the collapse of certain industries would have been far more catastrophic than they have been thus far, which has been devastating to many already, of course. their actions & approach have been recommended & supported by literally hundreds of the nation's top economists. most importantly, however, perhaps for folks like yourselves, is the explicitly stated desire by the admin that this was *not* a series of measures they *wanted* to take, & that their explicit desire is to receive payback of loans asap &, here's the clincher: get out altogether as *soon* as possible as you certainly must know, the motives were to stop the hemorrhaging, not to convert us to a marxist-based political/economic philosophy & system. i think we can all imagine how much worse the consequences would already have been if the US gov't slammed the door shut, buried their head in the sand, & left a sign on the door reading "you're on your own, people" otherwise, i hafta say some of this russkie's generalizations of american culture are fair enough, unfortunately
  10. whadaya expect - we live in a banana republic! (or did until a couple months ago) clearly obama & the dem nat party must be behind this.. nice job w/ the sensationalist headline, btw - u oughta report for fox!
  11. so didya carve "Raspberries '09" into the cell wall? hope you weren't "all by yourself" in there.. ok, enuff w/ the bad puns; welcome back to your personal freedom, hope it feels good to have it behind you. my one night in jail was def a bummer (& tangently related to a gig i played), i'm sure a month got old real fast
  12. if the interned time was commuted to 30 days, then that may be about right
  13. actually, now that you mention, i believe it did say 180 days - i think he's been in since the last week of April. is this first mention of this on the boards? guess he won't be dropping in on us anytime soon. i guess a little jail time on a rock-'n roller's resume ain't so bad when it's all behind him...
  14. i step away for a few minutes & come back to find the site & boards have a whole new look - wow! Bernie, you sure you don't work for Apple? ;-) maybe i missed it, but i don't see any mention of the pink elephant in the living room; just read in Rolling Stone that EC is serving a 60 day sentence for the the DUI incident a while back - true 'dat?
  15. yeah, the list goes on (esp w/ the jazz & old-school pop cats), & you'll not finding me dissing any of the above, anytime. i'll have to listen for the KC song, i do know she's got pipes, & no doubt some great songwriting behind her
  16. is there anyone else here who has no idea what a "treacly" is besides me?
  17. EC u look like u r dialing a cell phone in your hand in the top picture! (if thats u next to jim . & what is that in his hand in the bottom pic?? dave looks like he may be making some blonde moves in the bottom pic...
  18. hollies - was that you that turned me onto that __?__ klein popster a while back (cant recall his first name or name of tune). been meaning to purchase it ever since - refresh my mem'ries? btw hollies, where's my props for using the word 'adroitly' in previous post?
  19. how smokin' izat?? eric's pipes were untouchable, & this performance reminds us again why GATW has been THE song that a jillion writers & musicians have hinged the whole power pop genre on ever since..
  20. yeah but EC, Kelly Clarkson doesn't pen her songs, right? there's a kazillion people who can deliver others' songs righteously, but for some reason it just doesn't quite resonate w/ me on account'a this factor. kinda like, uhh, Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion ie: they got the pipes, but not the authorship. i think someone countered w/ "yeah, but what about Elvis" in a prior, similar posting. our own EC, of course, wields both the pipes & the pen most adroitly.. & hollies, i ain't hearin' it w/ this Tommy Keene tune either - could it be our differences go deeper than politix too? have you experienced any trickle down effect from the porkubus bill, btw?
  21. ...or did the dude who wrote the aforementioned "Let's Pretend" article get it wrong, like he did everything else in the piece?: "Luckily, Raspberries have reformed with its original line-up, and have a few concert dates lined up this year." so to anyone's knowledge, is there such a thing at this moment in time as a few Raspberries "concert dates lined up this year"??
  22. 'ang on just a bleepin' minute - the dude in the "lets pretend" article mentions this: "Luckily, Raspberries have reformed with its original line-up, and have a few concert dates lined up this year." now is there such a thing at this moment in time as a few 'berries "concert dates lined up this year"??
  23. dude even call the bridge in LP "desperate & frantic" - this on one of the most bad-ass, emotionally-ascending, snarling & sexually fever-pitched bridges of all time!!
  24. verrrrrrrrry cool - i've never seen shots of the mythological carnegie hall show... & a couple of board members were there, to boot - rock on!
  25. yeah, he's good, isn't he - i thought he was miscast for that role until i saw a few clips of him going at it
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