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  1. anyone know what they were each night? i'm reliving the show (by all accounts oustanding) vicariously thru the posts & was wondering what crowd size we are talking about & so where's the big write-up in USA Today since the editor was there?
  2. btw, the CD, in addition to the power pop stuff, has 3-4 moody, swelling, powerful ballads, hooks & melody still *well* intact!
  3. the band i play with (Dennis & Randy Quaid's kid brother) should appeal strongly to Raspberries fans, ie: lovers of melody & harmony, & melodic power pop music. feel free to check out the new link to my sig below where you can sample a few of our tunes & order yourself our brand new, debut CD (cheap!) if you like what you hear - & if you do, thx for listening! btw, i might as well plug a tad more: one band member is from Sixpence None the Richer (worldwide hit w/ 'Kiss Me') & keyboard player was 2nd kbd's behind Paul Schaeffer at the Carnegie Hall 9/11 benefit in NYC
  4. so where is this spot being aired, on some cable networks or somesuch?
  5. do we know the capacity of the highline ballroom, btw?
  6. 1. Let's Pretend 2. Go All the Way 3. Tonight 4. I Wanna Be With You 5.I Can Remember 6. Overnight Sensation 7. All Thru the Night 8. Nobody Knows 9. If You Change Your Mind 10. Ecstacy/Starting Over
  7. the 2nd time?!? i still haven't seen them a first time! :-(
  8. the guys should all don matching suits for the show, right? since back in the day, no one got this fashion statement, & since then, fans, musicians, & critics have all hailed them as the archetypes of power pop & hugely influential, they can wear the suits & this time never get a word of flak for it!
  9. only problem w/ The Highline is... IT'S NOT IN AUSTIN, TEXAS!!! ;-)
  10. ...for me has to be eric's final chorus of "let's pretend" - wow, they are just so peaked out at the end of that song favorite blistering, face-melting rocker: "tonight" (also fav disappoinment that eric didn't count off "1-2-3-4!" into the mic!) favorite soaring, mini-pop opera moment of levity: transistor radio cameo in "overnight sensation" - & again, another maxxed-out ending which seems destined to spill over from the overflow of swirling musical nirvana, but takes you right to the precipice before the final, merciful release of the last chord wow! go Raspberries! music this great deserves & demands to be experienced live - hit the road again for us asap!
  11. I loved the stuff as a kid too. i plan on printing my own rootin tootin raspberries t-shirt luvthemraspberries, thanks for the idea of slowing down the photo montage!
  12. i sent a copy to our local independent (& most popular/world-renown) record store (waterloo records, austin tx) & asked the guy to post it, & he said instead of that, they will be featuring the cd at one of their listening stations for a month, which he said will get the release much more attention than the poster ever would there - cool!
  13. DK - thanks very much for posting this - could you be so kind as to also provide a link when the full-page article comes out?
  14. ...are just fantastic! man, how i would have loved to hear them in all their 'berries glory in a full-on recording, & how "please let me come home tonight" never made the final cut on an album, i'll never know - this is such a fine (mccartney-esque, but pure carmen/bryson) tune, & "oh tonight" is excellent too, tho' i've never been too crazy about 'berries tunes that slip into a two-step beat; that said, it's still a very cool tune w/ some very cool changes so ok, if raspberries play more live shows or record again, they gotta add "please let me come back home" to the set. otherwise i will gather a mob of *very insistent* raspberries fans (& you know how insistent we can be) outside the studio/concert hall door, & we will be wielding fire torches & a hanging rope in the event that you do not see fit to heed our demands, eric ;-) the cd/dvd is a great package, & i love hearing the armed forces concert too, in all its rawness. the dvd concert is awesome & has dredged up the feelings once again of being stranded here in texas while there was "OMG, RASPBERRIES REUNION SHOWS!!" going on halfway across the country. was also fun to see/hear the fans waxing away about the glory of the 'berries so eric, you guys just keep right on talking/looking at/& then *acting upon* doing some more shows around the country, & we'll be there!
  15. this was a frustrating interview to listen in on b/c the DJ did most of the talking (ie: rambling) - he just went on & on, often in circles, seemed to take up half the air time w/ this
  16. ah yeah, i shoulda known ec had written the chorus, b/c the chorus is what totally kills in that song. thanks for clarifying, eric
  17. don - thx for the clarification, i just listened to it ('play on') on a store-bought version of the new release. great tune & one i wasn't originally familiar w/ btw, were you the one that was going to post a recent radio interview podcast you did w/ some of the 'berries? maybe it was the other 'don' that posts here? either way, do you know where i can stream or download it? thx again
  18. just went & bought the Sunset Strip cd/dvd combo for a pal/fellow musician who's out of town (my limited edition version is on the way), & i gotta say after watching the 5-tune dvd: Eric is ripped & is looking freakin' buff! Eric, lay some arm workout tips on me, i got a little catchin' up to do, headed to the gym tonight w/ my new wife, in fact - free weights, machines, diet, lifting kids & gear, or all of the above? who am i kidding? Eric probably hasn't lifted his own gear in years... oh, great show, btw - can't wait to see & hear the rest
  19. its posted now, 12:30 central time
  20. 'scuse me, that's jim who has posted the material, not al..
  21. seems it was stated somewhere before, but i can't seem to turn up this info anywhere now: does anyone know when those of us who ordered the original LE set 8 months ago are due for theirs to arrive?
  22. the email said 'available today', so check later. unplugged version of 'nobody knows' - should be cool!
  23. look for my customer review of 'live on sunset strip' to show up on itunes very soon... you guys can all write one too, you know
  24. wow - ssc (sorry so clueless this is great news! thx for the heads up, any idea where can we see the LE 21-song set list online? scott mccarl did write 'play on', right? i'm not confused about this point, am i? & marvin, you seem to be on top of everything 'berries related - any idea when we can expect our original LE order to arrive? thx for the clarification-
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