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  1. eric has posted & said he's heard it all before, but i bet he's never heard "who has better hair, eric carmen or susannah hoffs (of the bangles)?"! tough call.. btw, if u notice, the blogger also added: UPDATE: Welcome to visitors from EricCarmen.com; appreciate you stopping by.
  2. fri: ponderosa stomp (various artists starting @ 7:00) @ continental club, krayolas @ jovita's, future clouds & radar @ momo's / sat: the high strung @ emo's, ha ha tonka @ red-eyed fly, eric bibb @ smokin' music it's all a krazy toss-up! billy, r u one of the overdubs, or do i confuse you w/ another board member?
  3. this may have been posted before, apologies if so, but if you listen to & have XM radio, these are the 3 stations you can hear the Raspberries on: The '70s - XM 7 - Singer-songwriters, classic rock, R&B, soul, & disco! The Loft - XM 50 - An intelligent, eclectic mix of tunes by singer-songwriters Deep Tracks - XM 40 - Classic album rock, landmark songs, lost gems, offbeat cuts, and live concerts from the '60s and '70s
  4. Austin's SXSW (south by southwest) fest is in full swing & bands from all over the world are here; the fest always prominently features some tried & true vets, but alas, no Raspberries in sight...
  5. wow - great pics, got to re-live that rockin' night for a few minutes again.. only other show i saw was the last LA HOB show, but i'm convinced this cleveland show had to be the best - or at least i cant imagine it getting any better, except by extending it another hour or so! always a pleasure viewing pics by a photog who really knows what he's doing..
  6. right, i heard one of the merry go round tunes, sounded great. apparently b4 that he was drumming w/ a group called the palace guard at the mere age of 15 too
  7. yeah, 1970 apparently is when it came out; & apparently 'daisy fresh' is the only thing halfway findable out there these days. he's not on itunes..
  8. wow, who knew? not me.. i love discovering people long after their day & wondering how i missed them all along. this guy sounds so much like eric, & this tune sounds so much like 'drivin' around', it's uncanny. wonder if eric knew of & dug him? his main web presence seems to be this well-done (can you say 'bernie'?) fan site
  9. cool, i'll look into it some more & grab it for some upcoming summer reading; btw, hollies, were u able to get a copy of our cd, speaking of melodic power pop?
  10. i recently got a copy of 'play on' & it stayed in my player solid for a few weeks - great stuff, fantastic production & performances!
  11. the link is fine, but you do need to delete the period at the end of the url that apparently inadvertently got tied up in the link this looks like a new book just coming out? anyone have a copy yet & can make a recommendation or give it a reader review?
  12. by "closure" i'm sure he must've meant "Raspberries playing a scorching hot show in Austin, TX"
  13. exxxxcellent smithers; release the hounds!
  14. oops, board has a mind of its own. went back to shorten/edit my post & it created another copy
  15. nah; it's called being realistic based on eric's post - nothing like hearing it from the horse's mouth. if it were up to the fans on this board, we'd have them booked out thru august
  16. ha! it's called being realistic based on eric's post - nothing like hearing it from the horse's mouth. if it were up to the fans on this board, we'd have them booked out thru august
  17. back to the original topic posted here, Bernie's blurb on the home page re: "keep checking ec.com for more shows in '08" is why i originally posted the topic & thoughts about how they might be able to feasibly do more shows & draw more. Eric's post clears things up tho' about where they stand, & if you think about it, they really have "recaptured the crown" & vindicated themselves after all these years, even given the substantial splash they made in their original days. as Bernie dangles the carrot here at ec.com, it's clear people would still love to see them back out there whenever they can do so, but i guess we'd also have to understand if that doesn't happen, given the perspective Eric laid out. let's just hope they don't pull the plug on it too prematurely (that already happened in the '70's ;-) & that maybe other enticing opps will present themselves to the Raspberries in '08 again!
  18. Eric - thx for clearing the waters on this, fans have a tendency to anticipate & speak out for y'all b/c we want to see you out there, & go to your shows, etc i'm glad to hear you describe the Cleveland show like you do here. i balked at & almost bailed on going b/c of the long haul & expense (not to mention we got snowed in there & couldn't get out), but after taking in the LA show & its in-ear probs, was determined to see the Raspberries unimpeded by tech issues, & am SO glad i did, b/c i would describe Cleveland as perfection in every sense of my Raspberries-absorption capabilities if y'all happen to get back out there, you know we'll be there for y'all; meanwhile, thank you infinitely for making the reunion shows happen & bringing back together one of the coolest bands to ever knock out so many three & a half minute doses of melodic & harmonic bliss!
  19. 'insulting'? ehh, ok, assuming you have confirmation (as opposed to speculation) that others in the band (wally?) just wouldn't, couldn't stand for it this day & age. my impression is that they are older, wiser, more realistic, & more mature & are digging the opp to be playing together, period we're just talking billing here, designed to have the broadest draw. in fact, it would appear eric would actually need to be the one to acquiesce more so that the other guys, b/c he said a while back that an agreement had been reached where all raspberries proceeds would be split evenly from here on out i'm from planet texas, btw
  20. check the fantastic stage pic (cleveland?) bernie has posted on the home page - notice they are all wearing black, harkening back to their matching suits days - how cool is that? so how does it become viable for the raspberries to do more shows across the land in '08? do they advert themselves as 'eric carmen & the raspberries' & throw in say 4 of his top solo hits? this would add to their draw, & then blow away uninitiated members of the crowd w/ rockin' 'berries material. some radio airplay would help on the contemp adult stations, & the new recordings would strike & hook unindoctrinated listeners as new material, but i don't think that often happens w/ reunion bands/recordings of course, this isn't what the band & reunion shows set out to do (feature eric's solo material), but they already tweaked it in that direction w/ 'all by myself'. it could become an option if they were able to work it out, i'd guess just thinking out loud about how they get out into non-hometown/east coast/west coast markets (like austin ;-)
  21. i def wish 'all thru the night' wouldve been on the set list
  22. mine would be cleveland state theatre fri night dec 14, intangibly speaking..
  23. hollies - turns out you can order our cd from the website ($10 cheap! ;-) at buddyquaid.com - let me know what you think when you get it & give it a few spins - thx!
  24. these 2 tunes were never released by the 'berries, right?
  25. john-o, it sounds like you may also be confusing some aspects of SXSW w/ our ACL (austin city limits) fest
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