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  1. i'll take my Raspberries logo on a speedo, thank you..
  2. yeah, its the I-VI-IV-V pattern (musicians will know what this is about) thats unlocked the secret door to soooo many cool tunes over the years, & eric did it w/ this one. would love to hear his treatment of it again
  3. wow, these are great to read thru, would've never guessed some of the pairings: skylark/'wildflower' (great tune!- always thought of them as a soul band, maybe not-canadian?). the billy preston piano story is insane, i've seen him 2x here in austin - RIP billy.. keep the list coming, c'mon eric, give us some lesser ones too ;-)
  4. basically a cardboard vs plastic cd jewel case
  5. Eric - speaking of writing to band members' strengths, check out my post in the 'Raspberries/Play On' section: 'I-VI-IV-V chorus structure ala I Wanna Be With You' if u get a chance
  6. again, i sure wish the video cameras were rolling in cleveland that night - is it possible there are audio recordings of the evening? maybe eric or bernie could confirm yey or ney. & i concur w/ others here - hearing a live audio version of 'Thats R&R' would be a *real* treat if in fact it were captured (shawn cassidy shoulda been there in the audience . man they were cookin' w/ gas that night...
  7. you prob need to update your version of quicktime (free) via apple's website
  8. right! "wally, why don't you go ahead & get tuned over there..". i like the way he calls jim's overhead mics "the front ones"..
  9. bernie - cant believe there is such a thing; can you post a pic of the model kit when you get a chance?
  10. here's to housecleaning bernie, sometimes the posts get waaaaaaaaayyyyy off the subject!
  11. this is cool, & will be fun to relive; i had wondered what the video cameras were at that show & asked on the boards but no one knew or replied. man i sure wish the cleveland show would've been video'ed... like eric mentioned, that show was damn near perfection
  12. so i'm listening to I Wanna Be With You (actually watching a youtube video) yesterday & i'm thinking how many times a brilliant melody has been written over this classic chord structure, & how IWBWY is one of the best, hookiest, & one of the most creative/original of them all, in large part due to Eric writing & wailing on the high notes/lyrics ("so baaad..") on the IV (A chord) part which got me to thinking, i'd love to hear Eric reapproach this ever-enduring chord structure here in 2008, as he has mentioned being inspired recently by all the reunion stuff to potentially write in the power pop vein again. it's amazing the melodic avenues this pattern has opened up over the years as interpreted by so many artists - they never stop coming, & i'd bet Eric could breathe yet another hooked-out burst of fresh life & melody into the pattern again like he did w/ IWBWY in the 70's just a bug i hope maybe he's already planted in his musical ear...
  13. i think the clip showing jimmy in the studio is kinda funny, in that he appears as if he is trying to sound important & like he's in charge & knows his stuff for the camera. he's roaming around saying superfluous stuff & may not necessarily have been a studio whiz (or maybe he was?) & it may have been purely for film, but he obviously recognized a great band in the 'berries..
  14. this is very cool, this was one of the hardest video clips for me to track down of them (before the web, thru Goldmine magazine), & i remember seeing it in my pj's as a kid in between Sat AM cartoons & being really excited about it, as i was already a fan & had already turned on my buddy down the street to them. thx always for posting, Bernie
  15. be on the lookout for eric grinding the in-ears into tiny glitter-sized shards of plastic & foam in between his palms... ;-)
  16. right! this was another perfect example of the musical magical mix that eric & wally have always had - eric writes the perfect pop/rock tunes & wally adds the hooky, muscular riffs, & lo'... thus was power pop begat. that song was really scorchin' in cleveland in december & a real treat
  17. thx bernie, i wasn't even sure if it was an older standard from somewhere b/c of its signature sound, progression, & melody - cool that he banked it w/ shaun cassidy's version, but it was milktoast next to his own (& the 'berries version in cleveland in december). great tune, great melody, rippin' vocals, w/ another cool bridge - eric is the slayer of all bridges...
  18. did eric write "thats rock & roll"? bernie has a really hot midnight special version of the song in the multimedia section, & the 'berries played it in cleveland, which was completely smokin' too, but its never been clear to me (i only recently discovered it) if this was one of his songs or someone else's
  19. so how about posting that source material for us? }:^)
  20. ok, that was an evil joke... a teacher i work w/ told her 4th graders all day they were getting a new student named Lirpa Loof & they swallowed it whole...
  21. side 3, lemme just say i travelled from TX to CA & OH to see them in 07, & it was worth every mile. if they play again in 08, get yer scratch & sniff tail TO THE SHOW!
  22. ok, i've been wanting to see/hear this for years - thx for bringing home the motherload on this one bernie! - the only way you could out-coup yourself would be to find the american bandstand appearance of the 'berries. now about that midnight special performance of 'i wanna be w/ you'??... i never get tired of hearing 'lets pretend', its my favorite 'berries tune; man, eric was singing in the rafters on this one... wow, thx again bernie, they were rockin' & on fire
  23. You know austinberries.... we ask every other kind of question here regarding the band why not this? You're just jealous that you didn't think of it. I personally don't think it's funny and you really didn't answer the question.
  24. i'd be the webmaster so i could delete hypothetical questions about which Raspberry i would want to play in a movie!
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