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  1. right, like what's his day job these days, etc? is he a cleveland guy? has he been to any of the reunion shows? his drumming on their last album was no less than "jim bonfanti-esque"...
  2. i recently inquired about his whereabouts in another thread, would be interested to know. scott mccarl info you can dig up, not sure about mcbride. some folks on these boards will prob know..
  3. m. night is not a slash & gore type director; this movie won't fit your preconceived slasher notions & are always much more thought-provoking than that genre
  4. now we all know the secret to eric's raspy james brownish snarl: a pack & a half of kent menthols a day! ;-)
  5. makes you wonder how the opp to capture the Cleve Eve was passed up, tho' i guess it comes down to 2 things: $$$ (& the fact that reunion video & audio was already captured) & also who could've known it was going to be such a stunning & peak night performance-wise, vibe-wise, crowd-wise, etc
  6. 'the village' is one of my fav movies of all time. the guy knows how to imply horror subtly - hope this one's not an in-your-face version of his concept of inducing fear if you ever rent 'the village', be sure to check out the extras - it includes his first home movie he ever made, when he was around 10 yrs old, w/ a little indiana jones for inspiration & starring himself & his 'terrifying' german shepherd
  7. very interesting proposition! you know, it would not surprise me. the latest tolls that have been forced upon us around Austin has many many people furious, not least of all the landowners in the countryside who got their land yanked from them. it sure does make sense re: a justification/motivation; otherwise it's a tragic loss - oldest gov mansion west of the Mississippi...
  8. excellent, smithers! nice job heaping the superlative there at the end, yet staying w/in the confines of a proper encyc article!
  9. speaking of bootlegs, i just downloaded recordings from the NYC Highline show, & a show at the Agora Ballroom in '73. anyone else come across these? fact is, bootlegs are an unreversible reality in today's digital age... i speak out only b/c i don't intend to distribute (nor do i think anyone on these boards would), only wanted to listen in out of curiosity/fandom, & of course have supported the band through legitimate channels to rather extreme amounts
  10. don't know how many of you have heard, but it's a sad day for austinberries & everyone else in Texas: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25044757/
  11. the 'Epilogue' section does not include recent info like the triumphant Cleveland show & some of the other reunion shows: RASPBERRIES — WIKIPEDIA PAGE seems it deserves some tweaking from the hands, heart, & mind of one of the fine ec.com boarders among us...
  12. don - do you know what michael mcbride is doing these days?
  13. ahh yes, all those Barris's sound alike to me; thx for clearing up this slice of pop culture trivia, but ya gotta admit it's some thing Chuck Barris coulda had a hand in like he did everything else!
  14. hollies - u got a chart u can send me?
  15. i was sitting right behind wally's niece & friends/family. i think it was them..
  16. i'm pretty sure they are saying the Raspberries are a "plank of shut" recognizable by their "Beatle-influenced pandura plebeian streak" & often inciting fans to give in to "exploring their pleasant center of gravity" so which part did you not get, Al? ;-)
  17. no copyright on eric's likeness necessary if the cake is flavored.... raspberry sorry, couldn't resist (cue cheezy cartoon trumpet w/ plunger sound bit: "wowh wowh wowh wowhwww..")
  18. wow, what a freak of nature! this should've gotten airtime in the chuck barris movie 'confessions of a dangerous mind' or whtaever it was called..
  19. these are really very cool pics, thx for posting Bernie. on a tangent, what's very interesting to me is the appearance of a Fibes drum kit in the shot - these are made in Austin & are preferred by many drummers these days (especially locally, but nationally, internationally too). but back then, they were, i think, a tiny custom shop known to few - & btw, they are *great* sounding kits..
  20. glad to claim Ron Paul as one of our own! like Ralph Nader, he tells the truth, is exceptionally intelligent, & most importantly is not motivated by greed. ever read "Parliament of Whores" by PJ O'Rourke? good book, but you'll laugh & cry..
  21. right! i forgot about that... we were feeling the urge to texas 2-step to dave's "i can't wait", which is a great country-rock tune for such a thing! (even tho' i think i posted in another strand that i'm on the fence w/ that song as 'berries tune) the security guard who saw us out from backstage afterwards said, in his (maybe caribbean or african) accent, "we will live to dance another night, texas" or something along those lines..
  22. OUCH! i just came across it & it's awful, but in a charmingly cheezy kind of way. but it really is total milktoast compared to the 'berries & if you were lucky enough to have heard them do it in cleveland in dec, well then you were...very lucky. the auditorium was just completely filled out, soaked, & drenched w/ melody & harmonies..
  23. tho' i'm sure the band would cringe at the sight & sound of this, it's really cool to see & hear, esp the clip of 'Thats Rock & Roll'. people were really diggin' into that one w/ the band reminds me of the conversation (previously online on the boards to offline in person) i had w/ Eric at the afterparty about the 'berries doing cover tunes - i don't think either one of us convinced the other of their position, but we had a fun, if not slightly ehh, 'liquidly lubricated', chat about it ;-) so Al, suffice it to say there were no official recordings of the Cleve Eve? i can't tell y'all what a great time these two wayward Texans had in the snowy & rockin' confines of Cleveland...
  24. the shoulder guy was very funny, & he was blissin' out over GATW - classic, if not bizarre, moment wally's tune was great, had forgotten how awesome the bg vox are, jim is a total metronome on the tune (more cowbell!), & i had never noticed dave's cool bass climb after wally's gtr solo never been much for dave's eagles-esque tune, at least not as a 'berries tune. now 'hard to get over a heartache' is another story was a wacky LA night, but a warmup for the greatest show on earth @ the state theatre in cleveland a few weeks later..
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