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  1. word on the street is the State Theatre show doesn't permit them to play there again w/in a 1 year+ turnaround time - however, from my observation while in Cleveland, that very cool area was called "the theatre district", so there must be other great old theaters for them to play - or i'd love to see them at the House of Blues there it may be just a bunch of noise we're making that falls on deaf ears, but a 2nd annual Christmas season reunion would be a ton of fun again - the hometown crowd was awesome
  2. two words: state theatre, cleveland, christmas season 2nd annual 'berries blowout. ok 9 words..
  3. wow, don't think i'll ever try stumping Eric w/ any music trivia; i'm just impressed that EC could sit thru listening to 2 Cher records w/out choking the dj/journalist!
  4. he was def comic relief onstage in LA when they were trudging thru the in-ear problems. great pic of a young kid who had amazingly succinct guitar sensibilities at that age while all his contemporaries were wanking their heads off w/ 7 minute solos - i loved how his lead solos complemented eric's vocal parts w/out treading all over them, ever so tastefully, esp in tunes like 'tonight' great pic; any chance wally ever reads these posts? we need to share the luv w/ him..
  5. do u have a link to the page about this show? those guys were actually very good & were more a 2-hit wonder..
  6. "aren't you the walrus?" what a wacky story that was, was he just headed down route 66 for the mythical american experience? & really, an '89 bronco?
  7. watching the BCR/Japanese video link in the previous post made me wonder, & it's prob been covered on these boards before, but did they hit Japan back in the day? if so, how did it go, how many shows, etc? i know they eat up the infectious pop, & know the 'berries have always had a following there, but not sure if videos or accounts exist of them playing in Japan..
  8. yep, the thread title was killer, until... (still cool pics tho'!) - watch yourself bernie!
  9. johno - also when u r in austin, dont forget perennial fav Sandy's on Barton Springs Rd downtown for burgers
  10. hollies - btw, texas *is* all about the brisket, but you will also always find pork ribs, sausage, & chicken too. & if u r really lucky, as i mentioned above, beef ribs (ala the flintstones' size) & i only know 3 places (1 in town, 2 outside of town) that do the country-style pork chops - these things are insane: imagine a salt & season-rubbed, flame-licked pork chop that is an inch & a half+ thick, gnawable right down to the bone ahh, it's good to still have a little caveman in us... (& i was even pretty much vegetarian for a couple years!) i totally did not get the whole southern pulled-pork thing w/ the vinegary 'sauce' - stuff can't even touch the Texas 'cue. disclaimer: some TX Q-joints do use a runnier, vinegary sauce like the deep south, but it has more body & flavor to it. but most use the the messy, tomato-thickened stuff
  11. the Spanic Boys on SNL were GREAT!!! they were real big here in Austin for a good while. but SNL's music has long-defaulted to predictable, safe, chart-topping Christina Aguilara's & Mariah Carey's of the world. plus, they need to be tied to chairs & force-fed a season of Mad TV for a lesson in how to be funny again, & how to not drag on a painfully dull skit for 7 minutes it's really too bad they take zero chances w/ their music - they could by now have legendary status as bringing the world under-the-radar original, top-notch music (& the occasional miracle reunion band ;-)
  12. you ate at my personal favorite - Ruby's, so be sure & head back by there if u r at Antones Records again! otherwise, 2 must-hits would be Artz on south Lamar (hint: try the beef ribs &/or the country pork chops - both rarities @ bbq joints, but an oasis for the serious carnivore). also, you prob know about Stubbs for live music, but of course they have great bbq & is how they started out. another legendary place is Sam's a few blocks east of I35 on E 12th & then there's the Iron Works downtown right next to the convention center, & the Green Mesquite on Barton Springs road (may catch some live bluegrass, etc there too); these two are great for atmosphere as well. there's also a chain called Rudy's (not to be confused w/ Ruby's) that is very popular for good reason: damn good 'cue. the most popular places number-wise in Austin are the County Line & the Salt Lick, but honestly, tho' decent & in great surroundings, they are for tourists & newbies & transplants, & most locals will go w/ the ones i mention above now you are all set! & yes, BIG difference b/t Texas & southern bbq - when i ate it over in Alabama it was the biggest culinary disappointment ever, i guess b/c i'm spoiled on TX 'cue btw, if you are around long enough, & really want to get serious about it, there is a whole slew of legendary bbq joints in the small towns surrounding Austin. but that's another story... johno, i'll send u my # by email in case u want to hook up while u r here, may be my good excuse to get out for some seared flesh..
  13. johno, your austin literacy rate is very high, indeed.. dan's is great of course, & is a legendary burger joint. if you didnt have the onion rings at huts, tho', you may be missing the whole point. but if u r really serious when u come to town, u better try dirty martin's comeback burgers on the univ of texas drag (aka "dirty's", on guadalupe st.). you will then have completed the holy triumvirate of austin burger joints (some may say not so if u didn't eat at hilbert's, top notch, or burger tex either)
  14. hollies, such an easy question w/ an easy answer: a better burger can be found here in Austin TX at Hut\'s Hamburgers , home of the "Allen Freed", the "Wolfman Jack", the "Big Bopper", the "Beach Boys Favorite", the "All American Buddy Holly", & the "Fats Domino" burgers! does your place have musical legend-themed burgers? i didn't think so... ;-)
  15. so what instrument was this guy Rich playing when you see the midnight special footage?
  16. i agree - one of the frustrating aspects of this particular board is having to sort through what sometimes amounts to dozens, or even hundreds, of off-subject, mindless 'quips' in any given thread, many of which could be sent privately between individuals vs dumping the load of them onto the public boards. the boards & banter are supposed to be fun, but Bernie shouldn't have to consistently try to reel it in every few months let's see, now where were we? oh yeah - Bernie was posting cool, rarely seen, historically pertinent photos of EC & the Raspberries...
  17. can someone post the starting over 'mini-poster' for a look-see?
  18. there was a 1-page interview w/ him in the current edition of Spin magazine - very disappointing, the guy doesn't have much to say & hollers back to his wife across the house by default for answers to the simplest questions. the Q & A sheds very little light whatsoever on the man or his music, except to perhaps inadvertently explain how a guy like him ended up w/ the likes of Tanya Tucker (hint: they're both clueless) too bad, b/c i really like GC, his music (compliments of Jimmy Webb), & his guitar pickin'
  19. Eric - just be sure you teach him how to use this musical prowess & foundation to write copious slices of 3 & 1/2 minute power pop nirvana...
  20. LIVE REVIEWS SUMMER 2005 Box Tops/Raspberries Live Milwaukee, WI Who would have thought that a reformed version of the Raspberries would be any good more than 30 years after their swan song "Starting Over" was released? Not me. Sure they were playing with all original members, but I'd seen enough poor reunion shows to keep myself cautiously guarded going into this. Reports that their Cleveland show was incredible had my curiosity piqued, but what sold me was the fact that all four original members were playing together after years of acrimony. Fuck, there was NO WAY I could miss what could very likely be my one chance to see the band that recorded "Fresh" and "Side 3." Even if they did butcher the tunes, just seeing them play together would be enough. When my traveling partner Fever B and I rolled into Milwaukee, we met up with my buddy Mark who was our guide to the outdoor fair where the Raspberries were playing. We got there right in the middle of the Box Tops set, and while it was cool to see Alex Chilton in the flesh that was about the only positive thing I can say about what took place on that stage. They played a lot of inappropriate covers and sounded more like a bad lounge revival act than a rock n roll band. The Raspberries, however, were more than enough of a take-no-prisoners, ripping rock n roll band to make up for the Box Tops' shortcomings. My god, it was incredible. From start to finish they played all of the hits and a good number of LP cuts as well. Mark, Brian and myself were able to sneak up to seats in the front row, where we sat for the first few songs until something happened that made me and Mark both spontaneously jump from our seats and start pogoing like madmen. Without warning, the Raspberries launched into a version of "It's Cold Outside" by the Choir (which, for those of you not versed in your pop music history, was a band that featured 3/4ths of the Raspberries original lineup) and the smile on my face was as wide as the state of Texas. From there on out Mark and I went over and stood by Lastname and Paul Reject's contingent and watched the Raspberries play classic tune after classic tune sounding as fresh and energetic as they likely did 30 some-odd years ago. Eric's voice was pristine as ever, Wally hadn't lost a step on guitar, Dave's bass playing was rock solid, and Jim did an admirable job on drums. Not even the presence of side musicians could hurt their performance, as the sidemen seemed to be buried in the mix. Words can't do justice to what an amazing show this was, but to suffice to say it was more than worth the drive to get to see one of the originators of power pop play their best songs like it was 1973 all over again. —Steve Strange, Terminal Boredom
  21. i am all over this movie. in fact, am all over superhero/comic book character movies in general. a kid i went to high school w/ illustrated one of the dark knight graphic novels, you can check him out at http://georgepratt.com/
  22. i saw him here one year at sxsw (south by southwest) music fest & they were real good, doin' his dad proud
  23. isnt that the truth? i dont think i heard them play this one at the reunion shows i saw, but ive always thought this song rips!!
  24. & so who did eric's rock & roll hair before these appearances?...
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