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  1. >>There is a Bouzouki in the family from my dad's (Greek) side of the clan. Anyone here had a go at one of those?<< yes, they can be/are typically tuned like a mandolin, so i've enjoyed playing them here & there. cool instruments
  2. i play lakland electric basses (fretted & fretless 4's), an engelhardt upright bass, a kay ukulele, a jap mandolin & harmony mandolin, a daion/mugen acoustic gtr, & a strat.
  3. al - not sure if this is anything on your end, but recently i cant get into the site - clicking on 'enter site' doesnt get me in, just stays at the splash page & keeps playing 'tonight'. emptied my cache to no avail, this is using latest version of safari on a mac. not sure if there's some kind of browser incompatibility, but thought i'd toss it out there * scratch - its happened a number of times, but right after i posted this i got in..
  4. i knew it! & damn, all those pushups - tag me impressed; from what i remember, u dont look 50. i'm comin' up right behind you..
  5. i was flattering you - its yer birthday fer chrissakes! oh & did i say 'john mccain'? i meant barry goldwater!
  6. hollies, look 4 ur b-day gift from austinberries coming soon: http://www.herobuilders.com/08.htm right! he's like john mccain trapped in a 35 yr old's body!
  7. dangblang, EC - we gotta get u the designated driver on those nights!.. i for one am someone who enjoyed imbibing w/ Eric & Co after the State Theatre show, & the good spirits that ensued, etc, but there are prob dial-up resources in the Cleveland area just for avoiding this kind of pitfall (we even have moped drivers, among others, here in Austin that'll come grab u & take u home) EC may want to watch the video for the 'sobering' effect i'm sure it will have.. i just want to read next time where Eric posts a thread that says, "Guess what, fans? I recently handed over the keys & made it home safely the other night, so I'm still here to make some more music for y'all" hang in there EC, loads'a love 2 u, & we want to see you persevere & wipe this from the slate, that is to say use it to empower yourself in the healthy & healing manner you see fit, as this challenge sits before you & beckons your attention & commitment
  8. i just ordered one for hollies.. heh heh
  9. uh, he will be elected down here in his district ;-). think local, man, think local. we got enough fed-haters down here to make montana blush..
  10. hollies - u may like our guy Ron Paul down here in TX. no? might surprise u to know i'm a fan/supporter.. (not w/ all his tenets, mind you, but some). he's the real straight talk express... just checked eric's myspace page per kirk's reference, & it's all political blogging! eric - jump in here! ;-)
  11. yeah, i think i'll challenge hollies to raspberriesonline.com 'fan of the month' instead sorry we took over this post as our own little 'crossfire' blog! };^)
  12. hollies, u r killin' me w/ the err of your ways; in addition to the repubs controlling the senate during most of reagan's term, w/ them he ran the debt up from about $1 trill to almost $3 trillion note the dramatic increase in nat'l debt that began w/ reagan & has been skyrocketed to jupiter & beyond by the shrub. your boy RR did not accomplish this by spending less: http://www.cedarcomm.com/~stevelm1/usdebt.htm uhh, maybe we should take this dialogue offlist to a political blog.. ec.com is about melody & harmony
  13. dude, the repubs controlled the senate 1981-87 right smack dab in the middle of your big-spending beloved RR - in other words they wrote the ticket on these swelling, bloated, fat-cat, earmark favors budgets!
  14. uh bro, if u weren't taking a little ideological poke at some fellow ec.com posters, then i don't know who was i never miss a chance to take a swipe at The Shrub - he crapped on TX for a good long while b4 he crapped on the rest of the country
  15. luv ya back, hollies - i'm truly chuckling & grinning as we type this stuff, but i have no problem tagging bush as a mental midget, or cheney as a crook, etc. if you don't think they made it personal to all of us, incl a few thousand US mothers (& a helluva lot more Iraqi civilians) who no longer have sons thx to a bogus war, then i might reconsider besides, who in their right mind doesn't love talking trash/smack about politicians?!? i assume you've read Parliament of Whores by PJ O'Rourke? common ground upon which i'm sure we can both stand.. so ok - peace/truce, but it was fun volleying w/ you
  16. wrong, not even close, this is about as accurate as one of limbaugh's home-spun 'facts' - repubs controlled either the senate or the house, or both, 75% of the amount of time the dems have during the eras of reagan/bush/shrub. look it up, don't make it up; heh. repubs...
  17. ha! i was thinking the same thing, but the video reeked of a Bush supporter, & being from Texas, i couldn't sit idly by. The Shrub, apart from being an embarrassing mental midget puppeteered by till-robbing old cronies/crooks aka Cheney & Co, is, after all, being hailed universally by historians as Worst President Ever. we can't wait to bring him back to TX so he can stop screwing the rest of y'all out there.. 2 much funnier (altho' the tree-crying thing was a tad funny/creepy) videos, by the, ehh, 'commentator' who always hits the nail on the head are here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKwesxb83c4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eneq0jcMlTw&feature=related
  18. not sure about during reagan & bush jr, pretty sure repubs had at least one house during these terms, but as you know, the repubs had the white house, senate, & house of representatives during The Shrub's (bush jr) tenure, the spendiest of the big spenders. you can't knock 'em out of the park any more than that repubs still claim to be fiscal conservatives, but its one of the longest running & most successful lies ever propagated on the american public. they loooooove big, fat, juicy, spendy earmarks like there's no tomorrow
  19. what a nutty photo - they actually had to haul that thing out there before the days of photoshop...
  20. hollies - the right-wing version of the tree video would've had them cutting down the tree, spreading fear that a certain forest beetle could pass on AIDS to local children, outsourcing the lumber milling to indonesia, getting a multi-million $ earmark for paving the area, & following up w/ a multi-million $ highway project for well-connected contractor, all while calling liberals 'unamerican' & 'tax & spenders' btw, did u know that of the $9.5 trillion debt we've accrued since WWII, George W has accounted for an astounding $4 trilllion of that? add to that the approx $3 trillion that Reagan & Bush Jr added, & that's 3 meager Repub presidents accounting for about 75% of our national debt in the past 60+ years! wow - i'm sure glad only half the country believes them when they call themselves fiscal conservatives!!!
  21. >>It's ironic you revealed that video, H-65, because I found one where I believe you made an appearance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxGJWeWyTGE&feature=related<< amazingly, there's even a girl in that video clip! (it's the only way those guys know how to share..)
  22. uh oh, hollies.. sounds like u may have a big ol' crush on sarah palin or sumthin'... look out! ;-)
  23. >>What about Dec 15 or 16? That's over the 1 yr mark!<< i think its actually like a year & a half; mind you, this is 3rd hand info so it could be off-base, which i'd hope for, but that's what i understand to be the case re: the gig @ The State
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