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  1. Was checking out a bunch of Badfinger vids, reading up on their history, & thinking back on all the power pop fans here, & decided to check in w folks here. I used to post a lot in the forum here & hope many or most of the same folks are still around. Lots of you I met at the reunion concert in Cleveland at that magnificent theatre downtown, where the Raspberries KILLED and we all had a great time partying before, during, & after the show (I also caught them in LA @ House of Blues reunion show). Hope everyone's been well & can drop in & say hey! - Austinberries

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  2. ec quotes: "I miss working with each and every one of them."

    to which the house replies: "well if u miss them so much, why don't ya (marry them? no..) put on some more 'berries shows!!" ;-)

    we all know it ain't as easy as it sounds, but life could be worse not having die-hard fans like the 3k or so of us who packed the downtown cleveland theatre not so long ago; hell, we'd do it again, i'd wager!

  3. i love it, but any version done anywhere by anyone is, let's face it, downhill from the 'berries; still, glad to see 'em pluggin' away at it & keeping the fire burning by wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves!

    love dude's pronunciation of 'tonight' in the video..

    way to go clifford records!

  4. oops, looks like 1 orig member (steve priest, bass) + a bunch of LA heavy metal guys <groan>. they tout a "new single" which is none other than... a heavy metal version of "i saw her standing there" - color me soured (get it?) & jaded!

  5. Can someone just go ahead & book 'em for another Christmas season show at that wonderful theatre there in Cleveland?

    from an outsider's perspective, the town was beautiful & sparkling in the snowfal the next day. I think I nailed the "from farthest awayest" fan category & we got stuck there for an extra day or two bc of the snowstorm

    hope they decide to do it again. The band was just insanely on that night

  6. Bernie had an interesting post on this once - think he said the instruments were dubbed but the vox were live

    it's a great clip, well-preserved, & u gotta love eric's comments re: the ladies from the audience who "inquire within"

    I think Bernie also said it was shortly before the change in the rhythm section lineup

  7. shelley & rockynrobin - i was in the same boat until their LA & cleveland christmas show, & let me just say that having travelled all the way from texas for the shows, if they play again, it is fully worth whatever travels & travails you must go thru to get there; so do *just that* - get there! you won't be disappointed & it will make up for all those lost years when you didn't see them back in their heyday - plus they are capped off w/ 3 backing musicians helping to fully round out their sound to maximum, drenching, power-pop effectiveness. commit yourself to it now, should it happen again ;-)

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