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  1. hint,not that some of u need it, like the tune man, group came out of canada,song is titled pretty lady,wanna hear some good tunes,listen to mixed bag on wfuv fm 90.7 on the dial,hosted by the great pete fornatale,4pm to 8pm on saturdays.peace all
  2. oh babe,what would you say?
  3. erase the question mark my friend u are right,good job
  4. nowadays clancy cant even sing
  6. always liked this tune,sounds great on a nice summers nite,dancing in the moonlight,maybe someone could beat tommytunes to this one,lol
  7. kenny

    name the group

    omg,that was fast,u are good,many people could not answer that
  8. ok hunnies who did the tune white lies
  9. kenny

    music quiz

    well done dude,a good song
  10. kenny

    music quiz

    this group came out in the later 60s,they were heard on fm radio, eg,wnewfm here in nyc,a popular song titled, u set the scene,lets see who can get this one,by the way ira school will be here soon.
  11. yes ira,it was the kingston trio,thats the version i was looking for,have it on a folk cd,nice version of it,u know wat yr they sang it
  12. was listening to a cd from time life when this particular song came on,it was popular in its time,where have all the flowers gone.who sang it and give your feelings on the song if u like,i do remember it and think its a nice song,the vocals are touching,let me know wat message u think its bringing across
  13. u guys put out some classics ones there that never entered my mind
  14. i am sure there are many,one that came to my mind was samba pa ti,by santana,the guitar work by the great one carlos santana is one for the ages,let me know one of yours,ira i expect to hear from u
  15. kenny

    music question

    u know your stuff,yes i liked there original music,their music really did a 360,i remember the first blood sweat an tears first lp with al kooper as lead singer,child is father to son i believe,i thought that was the best lp
  16. kenny

    music question

    yes it was john mcvie,good job,peter green i think had some mental issues yrs back,i have the original fleetwood macs recording,it was totally differant then the music that came thereafter,more bluesy
  17. what member of john mayalls bluesbreakers with eric clapton went on to become a member of fleetwood mac,by the way any fan of eric clapton must get this recording the guitar work is something to behold,eric was quite young at the time maybe like 19 or so.
  18. july 30 1966 fm radio came alive with wor fm 98.7, remember it well,it was the first progressive rock station across the country.it opened my eyes to a new fresh sound of music,the main people there are all deceased,to name a few,the professer scott muni,murray the k kaufman,and rosco,it did not last very long,but the great wnew fm took over in 1967,a great era of music.it will never be repeated.ok who did elusive butterfly,came out jan 1966.ec got the last one an we luv him.
  19. who did the song the isralittes
  20. kenny

    Pop Quiz

    ira that was a tough one
  21. ill say a prayer f your mom,i am 54 yrs old,got mitral valve prolapse,been told one day ill need it replaced or repaired,does not hinder me from doing anything,live f today
  22. kenny

    Pop Quiz

    ty f that bit of info,
  23. kenny

    Pop Quiz

    collaborator,please give the answer,tin tin,is right ,i forgot to tell u tom a job well done,i believe one of the gibb brothers wrote the song,got the 45 stashed in my parents house.
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