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  1. That is one slow ass horse. A gelding no less. Lost its inspiration, and couldn't get it back again.........
  2. First song on tonight’s Fox’s Name That Tune - “Eric Carmen’s Hungry Eyes”. No one got it. Contestants weak tonight.
  3. I slept in my Beatles t-shirt and woke up itchy and sceaming!
  4. Last evening, the topic on Bob Lefsetz's SXM podcast was "Greatest Albums of 1972". At the 12:10 mark, "David from Georgia" called in and insightfully (yea, that was me) discussed why he thought Raspberries' self titled, first album was the best album of that year. At the end of the call, Bob said a lot of great things about Raspberries as well as Eric. Specifically, he mentioned Overnight Sensation as a song that he could listen all day long to also gave an endorsement of Runaway as a very special tune on Boats Against the Current. Bob's emailed "letter" as well as his podcast are staples in the music industry. His audience is in the tens of thousands.
  5. Sunrise, come wrap me in the warmth of your crimson skies
  6. The introduction of Sleep With Me always reminded me of the Intro to Peter McCann’s 1977 hit Do You Want to Make Love…..No question Eric borrowed his chorus from this Bernstein composition.
  7. Please forgive me if this has already been posted. So awesome!
  8. Marie Osmond rude? Say it ain’t so! Maybe all that yo-yo dieting got her cranky.
  9. Agreed - he missed on the melody completely.
  10. I agree, an unnecessary shot, sitting alone in the middle of an otherwise great review, at a fantastic guitarist, great vocalist and song-writer.
  11. Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you had a great day.
  12. So fake. When they removed the head from the block there was no gasket material. Same for when the carburetor was removed from the intake manifold, for cryin’ out loud.
  13. Sort of that upbeat California folk vibe that was so prevalent in those days.
  14. Here is a middle 8 for the ages, in my humble opinion.
  15. The best copy by far I’ve seen of this performance on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. But wasn’t this late ‘73 rather than ‘74?
  16. I stand corrected - that did seem like a high figure to me. I should have read more carefully.🧐
  17. In January 2018, Eric reportedly sold his entire catalog for an estimated $245,000,000.00.
  18. Lazy me asks at what minute and second are Raspberries mentioned.
  19. Adjusted for inflation that’s still only $30.00. All that fantastic music for so little bread.
  20. I will absolutely never forget the depth of feeling I got watching that marvelous production before the curtains opened on that late November evening in Cleveland. It was all there in a delightful time machine masquerading as a video. Thank you Bernie snd Ken!
  21. I always thought in retrospect that if Raspberries were to survive, they would have done so with an “Eagles lite” hit penned by Dave and Eric in the vein of Should I Wait. Dave, I think, knew that to survive, they would have to adapt their talents away, at least for a while, from Beatles/SmallFaces/Classic Who/Beach Boys stylings and concentrate on up to the minute desires of programmers. “Tonight” was so dated and as incredible as Overnight Sensation was, it simply was not 1974 material. Think BTO, John Denver, etc. Come to think of it, maybe Wally’s Last Dance was such an attempt. I veered from the topic, I know.
  22. Good stuff Lew; however, I don’t know about number 13, especially with regard to romantic inclinations. I recall hearing that thought from more than one stalker I’ve represented in court. They envision a cosmic cerebral connection when in fact they are just bat shit crazy.
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