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    Go All The Way

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  1. Best description of Go All the Way I've ever heard - a "three-minute thrill ride".
  2. raspathens


    This appears to be from the re-issue, non-numbered series. That's asking a lot of money for that.
  3. What really stands out for me in all of these is the rhythm guitar, which is somewhat masked in the original productions.
  4. And here is what this clown said about Hungry Eyes in the same article: 25. “Hungry Eyes” – Eric Carmen: And now for Eric Carmen’s other huge hit from 1988. The best memory I have connected with this song is the one time I sang it as a duet on karaoke with no idea how the melody goes, outside of the title phrase. Once I finally watched Dirty Dancing and heard it in connection to the film, I realized I wasn’t all too far off. It’s still pretty awesome that they got the guy who whined along to “All By Myself” and managed to churn out this pretty passable pop-rock ditty. As passable as it is, though, it is also terribly generic – typical verse-chorus-verse structure, twinkly synths, saxophone. It’s all there and nothing innovative is done with any of it. Yeah, I can see myself getting awfully sick of this after a few dozen listens. It’s totally inoffensive, though.
  5. I listen to 70s on 7 a lot. Occasionally, I hear GATW, IWBWY, ONS (HR). Last evening at 6:58, Let's Pretend was played. I can't say for sure that it had never been played before then, but I sure hadn't heard it. Truly great music finds a way through. That reminded me of something that happened about ten years ago after a round of golf at Hilton Head. A group of us were having lunch at a "19th hole" bar when we heard a beach boys song. My son remarked how it sounded like Let's Pretend. The server, who couldn't have been over 20, overheard him, smiled remarked, "The Raspberries' Let's Pretend? I love that song!" Scott and I looked at each other like "are you frickin' kidding me"?
  6. Wow, that was a long time ago! My brother Steve even made an appearance.
  7. Ditto Kirk! Right down the line for me.
  8. I hear it. The tempo and latin flavor are similar.
  9. Thanks for everything Bernie! Without you, none of this would have happened.
  10. That is one slow ass horse. A gelding no less. Lost its inspiration, and couldn't get it back again.........
  11. First song on tonight’s Fox’s Name That Tune - “Eric Carmen’s Hungry Eyes”. No one got it. Contestants weak tonight.
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