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  1. From: Eric Carmen Subject: Berlin Finale Hi Bob, Thank you for kind words. “ Boats” was my most personal work and of all of my albums, means the most to me. Not many people know that I wrote every song in the order I wanted them to appear on the album…the order I wanted them heard ..to tell a story (my story). However, the record company reversed the order against my will. Not sure if it will make a difference to you, but if you start with the last track and go in reverse, you will hear that story . Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2024. Peace, Eric ______________________________________ Subject: Re: Final Berlin Even though I played bass on Eric’s first solo album, I listen to Boats much more often. So rich in imagery and personal emotion. “Love is all that matters” is my favorite Eric Carmen song. It even made my (pre-planned) Celebration of Life event soundtrack! Stephen Knill
  2. Spoiler alert: Plot points of the series revealed. "Love is all that matters Faithful and forever Keepin' us together Love is all we need Prisoner of illusion Sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended Love has set me free" "Love Is All That Matters" Eric Carmen That's from Eric Carmen's expensive stiff album "Boats Against the Current," the 1977 follow-up to his solo debut with multiple hits. Oh, "She Did It" made some headway on the charts, but in truth this uber-expensive record was unjustly ignored in the marketplace. Yet it's one of my absolute favorites, songs from it run through my head on a regular basis, and doesn't that mean it's installed in your personal pantheon? The piece-de-resistance is the finale, the eight minute "Run Away," and you can check these cuts out on your streaming service of choice, or not, it won't affect my love for these songs. And "Love Is All That Matters" started playing in my head after the finale of "Berlin." Yes, some stupid things happened, like the snakebite. And the escape from the hotel was almost too perfunctory, too easy, but to escape on bikes at the end, on their own personal Tour de France, that was unexpected genius. Not that "Berlin" wasn't formulaic. The "Money Heist" blueprint redux. But still... You could tell how much fun the writers/producers had thinking this stuff up. There were unexpected twists, but ultimately it was all about love. You had Damián with that woman at the campsite. "Are you hitting on me?" Guys are dumb, you can be incredibly obvious, but it takes a long time for the light bulb to go off in their heads. But it played so real. Damián distraught from the breakup of his marriage, his pleading on the phone was so real, if you've been on the losing end of a breakup, you know. But then he crawled out of the wreckage into a brand new car. When you least expect it, good stuff happens, you've just got to stay in the game. As for the relationship between Keila and Bruce... People can appear so together on the surface, but be a complete mess underneath. The only sex she'd ever had was virtual. Keila is fighting her emotions, Bruce is beneath her, but his smell... Love is absolutely primal, after all we're just animals. Instincts kick in and... You had Roi and Cameron testifying. You've been there, at least I hope you've been there, when you get close enough to another to reveal your honest truth. This is something most people don't reveal in public, they don't wear it on their sleeve, they're embarrassed, they feel inadequate compared to what's exhibited by celebrities and on social media. We're all flawed, we're all looking for someone to listen, understand and love us, accept us. And when you find them you create a bond that lasts forever, even if the relationship does not. Which brings us back to Berlin himself, and Camille. At first I thought Camille would turn, and then just when I was convinced she wouldn't, she's infatuated with Berlin once again. We are wandering through life, and when we find someone real, when we experience the real thing, we can't escape it, we're drawn to it, we'll sacrifice everything for it. Camille thinks she's got her life together, and then it turns out it's all an illusion. You'd forgotten all about the safe, and then when the contents were revealed...you didn't expect François to be a duplicitous heel. Wasn't he innocent, a hero? No. And Camille is at loose ends. But before that, when she feels shame over the affair with Berlin... You expected it earlier in the series, so when it comes up you're surprised, and heartened. Guilt is a powerful emotion. Which brings us back to Berlin himself. Debonair, yet oftentimes caught up in his own mystique. But ultimately he sacrifices it all for love. That's the funny thing about life. The men? They like their success, they like their money, but ultimately love triumphs. Look at Bill Gates, hitting on everything that moved, sacrificing his marriage. Or Gary Hart. Or even Bill Clinton. They're willing to put it all on the line, for love. Which you don't have to be rich to have. It's about two people, chemistry and magic. All the clichés are true, triumphs don't mean much without someone to share them with. Watching "Berlin" in 4k on a big screen... I haven't been to the movies in eons. I've been reading all the Oscar hype, about there being too many good movies. But that's a different paradigm, that's a short story, a series is a complete novel. You get to know the characters. And it isn't easy to pull off. And the funny thing is how "Berlin" alternates between comedy/shtick and real tension, obvious and then surprising. Not that it's the best series I've ever watched, but ultimately the characters become three-dimensional, in a way they cannot in a film. You know who they are, their foibles. Everybody's got a story, and in "Berlin" we hear it. I don't think "Berlin" could be made in America, it'd be hard to get the tone right. Sure, production values were high, but ultimately story was king. Today's film directors, sans Greta Gerwig and a few others, are so interested in image that they sacrifice the plot. So if you watched "Money Heist" and want more, I give "Berlin" two big thumbs up. Takes a while to find its footing, but it ultimately delivers, truly. And just when you think they're going to draw it out, make you wait for another season for a conclusion, they wrap it up. Then again, the returning Spanish police people are on the hunt. And the Spanish put-downs of the French are hysterical. Maybe you've got no idea what I'm talking about. Maybe you only watch HBO, or even Apple, week to week. You're inured to the old formula. Maybe you think the strike killed all your favorite shows, or at least delayed them. But the cameras still rolled overseas. The news is overwhelming. For those who need escape, who think "Ted Lasso" is the best show ever, watch "Berlin," you'll be taken even further from everyday life. You see life has comic elements, but ultimately it's not light, but serious, it's deadly real. And "Berlin" hits this note. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. Best description of Go All the Way I've ever heard - a "three-minute thrill ride".
  4. raspathens


    This appears to be from the re-issue, non-numbered series. That's asking a lot of money for that.
  5. What really stands out for me in all of these is the rhythm guitar, which is somewhat masked in the original productions.
  6. And here is what this clown said about Hungry Eyes in the same article: 25. “Hungry Eyes” – Eric Carmen: And now for Eric Carmen’s other huge hit from 1988. The best memory I have connected with this song is the one time I sang it as a duet on karaoke with no idea how the melody goes, outside of the title phrase. Once I finally watched Dirty Dancing and heard it in connection to the film, I realized I wasn’t all too far off. It’s still pretty awesome that they got the guy who whined along to “All By Myself” and managed to churn out this pretty passable pop-rock ditty. As passable as it is, though, it is also terribly generic – typical verse-chorus-verse structure, twinkly synths, saxophone. It’s all there and nothing innovative is done with any of it. Yeah, I can see myself getting awfully sick of this after a few dozen listens. It’s totally inoffensive, though.
  7. I listen to 70s on 7 a lot. Occasionally, I hear GATW, IWBWY, ONS (HR). Last evening at 6:58, Let's Pretend was played. I can't say for sure that it had never been played before then, but I sure hadn't heard it. Truly great music finds a way through. That reminded me of something that happened about ten years ago after a round of golf at Hilton Head. A group of us were having lunch at a "19th hole" bar when we heard a beach boys song. My son remarked how it sounded like Let's Pretend. The server, who couldn't have been over 20, overheard him, smiled remarked, "The Raspberries' Let's Pretend? I love that song!" Scott and I looked at each other like "are you frickin' kidding me"?
  8. Wow, that was a long time ago! My brother Steve even made an appearance.
  9. Ditto Kirk! Right down the line for me.
  10. I hear it. The tempo and latin flavor are similar.
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