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  1. "All By Myself" (Expedia)

    I stand corrected - that did seem like a high figure to me. I should have read more carefully.🧐
  2. "All By Myself" (Expedia)

    In January 2018, Eric reportedly sold his entire catalog for an estimated $245,000,000.00.
  3. Our Favorite Power Pop Albums...

    Lazy me asks at what minute and second are Raspberries mentioned.
  4. Available for purchase...

    Adjusted for inflation that’s still only $30.00. All that fantastic music for so little bread.
  5. The Greatest Opening...

    I will absolutely never forget the depth of feeling I got watching that marvelous production before the curtains opened on that late November evening in Cleveland. It was all there in a delightful time machine masquerading as a video. Thank you Bernie snd Ken!
  6. In Hindsight: Raspberries' Fresh (1972)

    I always thought in retrospect that if Raspberries were to survive, they would have done so with an “Eagles lite” hit penned by Dave and Eric in the vein of Should I Wait. Dave, I think, knew that to survive, they would have to adapt their talents away, at least for a while, from Beatles/SmallFaces/Classic Who/Beach Boys stylings and concentrate on up to the minute desires of programmers. “Tonight” was so dated and as incredible as Overnight Sensation was, it simply was not 1974 material. Think BTO, John Denver, etc. Come to think of it, maybe Wally’s Last Dance was such an attempt. I veered from the topic, I know.
  7. What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know?

    Good stuff Lew; however, I don’t know about number 13, especially with regard to romantic inclinations. I recall hearing that thought from more than one stalker I’ve represented in court. They envision a cosmic cerebral connection when in fact they are just bat shit crazy.
  8. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

    Happy Birthday James! Glad we can all reconnect on this board. I am one month younger!
  9. Stephen King's a Fan

    Years ago, my mother told me of how her parents spoke fluent Italian, as their parents, immigrants, spoke it freely in their home. My mother and her siblings were not allowed to even try to speak Italian because 1) it would stall assimilation; and 2) my grandparents could resort to it when they wanted to speak privately in front of their kids. 😀. Many have the attitude now that assimilation means adapting to an exploitive and evil political/economic system. It’s has become a bad word to many.
  10. Stephen King's a Fan

    Hey LC! Take that over to Cartoon World! JK 😎
  11. Fans say Yea/No to Go All The Way...

    I read most of the responses and found them interesting. Reminds of when I played GATW for a friend in the seventies. He was blown away by the intro., but then when Eric began singing the verse my friend lost all interest and indicated he was through listening. The problem I think is that the into. promises something different (I’m not saying “better”) than the verse initially delivers. I also think that Eric’s choice to start the verse as he did (the singer quietly and thoughtfully explaining to the audience what the hell actually happened on his last date with his girlfriend) left the song with a lot of room to grow in melodic beauty and a return to his power packed riff in the middle eight. The song requires patience for the melodic-euphoria-payoff which many people don’t have.
  12. Best non Eric song?..

    Do you know something we don’t know?
  13. Best non Eric song?..

    1) Last Dance 2) Rose Coloured Glasses 3) Come Around and See Me
  14. We're Ba-a-a-ack!

    Stopped on by and.....YES!!! So glad this forum is back!
  15. Another Great Free Article

    “The Wackers” - 1972 was so innocent 😇