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  1. Jay's Mother Rae passed away yesterday morning. Mom was moved to hospice on Wednesday afternoon. 10 hours later she passed away peacefully with Jay, her youngest son, holding her hand and knowing that she was loved. We are very tired and busy making arrangements. Her service will be tomorrow afternoon. We are gathering friends and family together to celebrate her life and pay last respects to this wonderful strong woman. She was loved by all that met her. I know that when he can, Jay will be back on the board thanking everyone for your support and prayers and to pay tribute to his Mother.
  2. Prayers do work! We are so happy to hear about your Mom's progress. Jay and Lisa
  3. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. I knew that we had a great support system on the board. We appreciate it so much. An update on Jay's Mom's health... She is still in very serious condition. She is such a strong lady. The Drs are not optimistic and she has shown no improvement. But, she is as sharp as a tack and even though her body is failing her, and not cooperating to treatment, her mind and soul is still with us strong. Please keep both Rae and Jay in your prayers. I will keep you posted.
  4. Jay's sweet Mother is in very serious condition in the hospital here in Vancouver. Please pray for Rae (and Jay too). They are very close. They share the love of family, baseball and animals. Her being so ill is devastating to Jay and we are worried that she might lose this battle with pneumonia. The Doctor let him know this morning that she might not make it. She is not yet giving up. She said she has to many books to read and to many baseball games to see still. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  5. This reminds me of the prediction some made that the end of the world was coming on Jan. 1, 2000. But, this prediction is not only ignorant, it is racist and offensive.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a great day! Took the day off of work. Taken out to my favorite restaurant for cocktails and dinner. Beautiful flowers and necklace. Partying in Seattle this weekend. Wonderful birthday wishes from family and friends all over the world. What a lucky lady I am! If only there was a Raspberries show to plan for... Everything would be perfect! I love you guys!
  7. Thanks Annie for this post. It hit me in a couple of ways. Most importantly, I have a close co-worker with a teenage daughter who has Autism. I hear about their daily struggles and joys and accomplishments. She has dreams of her daughter gaining some independence in her adulthood but at this point in time that is just a dream. I will be sharing this site with others. Also, I really like the band Five for Fighting. I listen to their first cd often and there isn't a song on it that I do not like.
  8. Two of the best "girls nights out" for me was meeting up with Gina in Cleveland for the two Choir shows last year!!! I am ready to do it again!
  9. I am so glad to hear Dave's surgery went well! Annie, I did make it home tonight. You know where my thoughts were though. Now remember what I said before... We can share! And even though I am home, I am not making dinner. Better send that take out over for Jay.
  10. What an experience! To sit in your own livingroom, with friends and family that appreciate good music and have a great performer do an intimate, live show just for us! My sis-in-law Jan works for Portland Sound and Lighting and set us up with some sweet equipment and lighting that really enhanced the experience. Kyle played original music and has a great voice. He put on a great show for us. He is quite personable and hung out with everyone for awhile afterwards. If more people "got it" I know the turnout would have been better. For anybody thinking about doing something like this, I highly recommend it. I just suggest that you invite at least 5 times the people that you would expect to show. More Kyle for us though. What an experience. I would do it again! Thanks Mel for coming. It has been so nice getting to know you better! Thanks Jay for busting your butt getting the house ready for this. Thanks Kyle for providing this opportunity for music fans. What a party!!!
  11. Where to start? How to put this in to words? What an incredible party! Thank you so much for everything Bernie and Kathy! Your daughters are adorable and your house it beautiful. It was so much fun to see you and Gina at the door when I arrived! I love you guys! When Jim, Barb and Al and Denise arrived it was so exciting! Thank you for being there. The party was really started when you arrived! I love the picture of Kathy and Gina's reaction. Bernie, I am getting my pictures ready to send over. Marlene, you are so sweet. I loved hanging out with you. Annie, it was so nice to spend some time talking with you. As far as Dave goes, we can share. Lew, no matter what anybody else says, I like you. I am still thinking about those lobster rolls. Thanks so much Dave. It was great to spend time with old and new friends. Hopefully we will all have the opportunity to get back together again soon!
  12. The family jewels were sold a long time ago to fund our foolish ways. Chicago, NY, LA, AC and Cleveland. Worth every penny! I'll have to make a direct donation.
  13. Mellie I am so glad you will be here. It will be great to see you! And Kyle will have CD's here.
  14. It was a great time at Gina's House Concert! For details on hosting one, just contact Kyle directly through his website, kylevincent.com and he'll give you the scoop. He is easy to work with, and cute too! Right Gina?
  15. What a great couple of nights! I thought they were great too! I will be getting their CD for sure! But, The Choir! OMG! What a great couple of nights!
  16. It's a house concert. It's a party! Everyone is invited! I realize that the closest active board member is over 150 miles away, but wanted to make sure to extend a personal invitation to all. KV is doing three shows in Vancouver on Sept 16th and 17th. Two house concerts and he is performing at the Peace and Justice Fair at a park downtown. Very cool!
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