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  1. Hey Cameron.. my man!!!! Neat pic dude. I think you are going to be far more talented than your dad who is reasonably talented. Keep practising and one day you'll make more money than any of the 3 "E"s and then your daddy will be REALLY happy. Your Friend Muzza
  2. Well it's Breakfast time here and Miss Kiwi's made French Toast with Bacon and fried bananas. Yum meeeeeee... I'm off to eat it now before she throws it at me!!!!! Muzza
  3. Pat, I take it you're saying it fixed it for you. I have been holding off on the download because I'd heard rumours so am interested in whether you solved it. Mike if you try the Adobe update I'd be interested in the results as well. Muzza
  4. Hari Huritau Adrienne. Hope you have a great day. You look so youthful it's hard to believe you're getting older. Muzza and Kiwi
  5. Having a BBQ with my cuzzie tonite so guess its salad and meats. Had yummy pancakes with Maple syrup and Natural yoghurt for breakfast though. Muzza
  6. Hey.. I just spoke to Kholvn on the phone. He wants brown leaves for his Birthday so he can finish one of the films he's involved in. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND.
  7. Actually I was planning on having an Iskender meal from the Turkish Takeaway. I know that Miss Kiwi isn't keen on those so wont steal it from me. Muzza
  8. Hari Huritau Tommy. We hear some special friends are joining you. Enjoy their company. Muzza and Kiwi
  9. Hari Huritau Julesberry and party long with those who are special to you. Muzza and Kiwi
  10. Julia, first of all please know you and your family are in our prayers and we pray that as time heals the pain the memories will give you hope and bring a smile to your faces. I'm sure you did a great job with the Obit and gave dignity and respect to your brother-in-law's life and provided memories that will keep who he was to you all vibrant and precious. As for the alcohol thing; it's best I don't get started. Kiwi and I see all too often in our jobs the results of allowing it to take over, control and destroy not just the life of the partaker but also family and friends. Well done. Take care of yourself and know you've done good!!! Kiwi and Muzza
  11. We got great wines here that'll make ya buns look awesome!!! Muzza
  12. Hey John.... the more cubic inches, the more carbs ya got means da faster ya go!!!! Oh, you didn't mean THOSE sorta carbs... silly Muzza Muzza
  13. Unfortunately the script he was given had a couple of inaccuracies - like there is not a Cinnabon at Auckland Airport. However; Kiwi and I think that if any of you are looking for a new start you could come to New Zealand and set some up as we love them. "Jay", we love Americans for their friendship and THEIR great hospitality. Come on down and we'll see if we can match it!!! Muzza
  14. Did any of you see our "leader" on The Letterman Show? We only got snippets on our News Channel so don't know how the whole thing went. Any comments on our man? Muzza
  15. Hey Paulie.... nothing wrong with Old, fat, baldheaded guys Muzza
  16. You'll have to mess with his hair cos ya can't mess with mine!!! We have a great "Got Milk" book with real cool photos. Muzza
  17. Hari Huritau Paulie. Have a great day and party long. Maybe next time (if there ever is one) we come over we'll catch up with you. Muzza and Kiwi
  18. Howdy all.... Well I cleaned a few skeleton remains and lizard tails out of the old cooking pot and tossed in the Teams Larry sent and got Miss Kiwi to pull them out and this is what you get. ROAD CREW SPOTLIGHTS CRUNCHBERRIES HIT RECORDS VOX POPULI BERRY BUSTERS SYLVIA'S MOTHER BOATSAGAINSTCURRENT ERICAGLES CLEVELAND ROCKERS ZAP TAKE IT OR LEAVE ITS THE GO ALL THE WAYS GREAT EXPECTATIONS Any complaints... make an appointment with Miss Kiwi. Thanks for the privilege of letting us be part of this again. Muzza and Kiwi
  19. Our news media is reporting the seriousness of the fires and Kiwi and I are wondering if any of our board members are affected by them. We hope everyone and your property is safe and will continue to be so. Muzza and Kiwi
  20. Sheesh.... don't leave again for a while. I'm not sure my laugh glands could cope with it. Great post and even greater to see ya back... and ya front.. and ya... oh well..um. You know what I mean. Howz your doggies doin? Did they have to do the gym thing too??? Muzza
  21. This from the man who cons his friends into moving lounge suites by promising a free supper!!!!!!!!! Muzza
  22. This is what happens when our government forces us to pay high prices for our meat so YOU can buy it cheap!!!!!! Seriously though, apparently the man was expecting guests and as he couldn't afford a large roast did what he claims was the custom in Tonga; a fact disputed by Tongan leaders here. The hammer was to render the dog unconscious so it didn't feel the pain of having its throat cut - that's humane apparently!! And what's in our oven??? Pork roast I hope!!!!! Muzza
  23. During our visit to the USA in May, AnnieK's husband Pete took us to Woodstock township and then to Bethel Woods where the actual Music festival took place. In June 2008 The Museum at Bethel Woods was opened to the public and is dedicated to telling the story of the Sixties and The Woodstock Music and Art fair. It covers nearly 9000 square feet and includes interactive installations, 20 films, as well as artifacts and photos galore. Just to see the list of bands/artists that performed over the weekend is worth the visit. If you have never visited it and you live in the New York - New Jersey area or anywhere else where you can get to it, it's worth the trip. Allow yourself at least 2 - 3 hours if you visit so you can absorb the whole thing. Being fairly young in 1969 I was aware of it taking place and probably because of living in conservative New Zealand, reports seemed to focus on the drugs, naked bodies and what was then considered anti-social behaviour. This I suspect originally gave me a narrow view of what Woodstock was about and I am grateful to Pete for taking us there. The picture in my avatar is taken at the entrance. Peace man!!! Muzza
  24. What!!!!!!! You're how old? But you don't look a day over... oh yeah... nice wee chaps like me don't mentions a lady's age so I guess I stick with... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLENE. Hope its a goody and brings fun and the promise of a happy year ahead. Muzza
  25. Hari Huritau Eric. It's hard to believe it was just 2 years ago Kiwi and I were at your Birthday Party at Bernie's. May this birthday be the beginning of a happier and better year for you. Muzza and Kiwi
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