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  1. How did I do?? How did I do?? Oh yeah... I should go check. Maybe I should watch the race first!!
  2. I think a lot of the ":friends and team mates" falling out is media hype because it polarises people and creates atmosphere. Sure the drivers "use" the media to perpetuate the "feud", yet when they are looking for a Drafting partner, they will happily join up with their worst enemy... until the last lap of course... then it's every driver for themselves!!! It can be said though, that there have been long term tensions especially between Families involved in racing; the Unser and Andretti families being in the thick of it at one stage. Dale Jr, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon are able to create all sorts of stuff, Gordon having a love hate relationship with fans and drivers alike, Dale Jr always a fan favourite because of the exploits of his father and Jimmy Johnson just being there and messing with the other team mates heads by winning and not there to support them when they needed him. Then just throw in Carl Busch just for good measure. Oh... isn't professional sport fun!!
  3. OK.... here it is folks RBL (10 teams) Rasphillies Bundles Against The Current Tunes Tonight Great Expectations Go All The Ways Go Down Swingin' Double Play On Take It Or Leave Its Booyah Ballers Cyrus Erie West ECL (14 teams) Velvet Sunrise Take It Or Leave Its GM-LC Beatle Boys Bundels Against The Current Yankee Joe Vox! Populi Desperate Fools Let's Pretenders The Rockin' Baby Backpackbeerman Performance Enhancers Deep Blue Sea Devils The Rock And Roll Kids Great Expectations Have fun with it.....
  4. We've done it and sent to Pat who will no doubt put it up here soon.. One question... just who is "Performance Enhancers" or don't I want to know?? Lol.
  5. How bad is this... I haven't even seen the race from last weekend let alone the results. Better do some catching up and pick my drivers for the next race. Is'nt the "record" mode a wonderful thing. At least I can see what happened and it may help me for this week. Muzz
  6. I think it is fair to say that there are some tracks that Drivers "own" in that they always perform well at them. For that reason the Chart is worth a look to see how they faired last year. One thing to watch for is when they move from long ovals to short ones and also from ovals to Road courses. Some of the drivers come from Road Racing backgrounds so often perform better at those. And some seem to be "specialists" on short ovals and yet can perform well on long ones.
  7. Well.. I haven't even had a chance to look at the race yet as I kept getting called into the Hospital. I obviously need to study the thing a bit more to see what's happening. When I picked Truex and Blaney, I sort of knew that they can be "hot" one week and "off" the next. It was a risk I guess and I got stung by it. I'll have a look and put up some suggestions on who might be worth a look for the next race. No guarantees I get it right but who knows.. we strike the jackpot. And.. umm.. Pat... Jackie is sorta retired mate.. lol.
  8. Hope y'all got ya teams picked for this weekend.
  9. Muzza

    Car Accident!

    Pleased to hear you are OK. Sorry you had to experience such an event.
  10. Thanks Lew... needed a good laugh right now!!
  11. Gosh... He IS a NICE man isn't he.. Well there you go!!! Who'd have known
  12. Gosh Mr Bundles... you have toned down since I was last here.. We'll have to see if we can help restore you to full health again!!! Chaplains do that you!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well Hi everyone... I"M BACK.... hey... stop running away... I'm not THAT scary. Really looking forward to catching up with you all again andm gettingn to know the newbies since I was, last here. I guess I better go study the form for the next race. Different track requires different style of driving so need to think about it a bit. take care y'all... gigidy, gigidy goooooo!!!
  14. Finally I'm in. Had to try a number of times before suddenly the new password Bernie sent worked. So how is everyone anyway? Muzz
  15. James insights into human nature
  16. Harry. Not a lot to add probably but being best friends first works for Marilyn and I. Of course we love each other very much, but being friends is something that keeps us going through thick and thin. Hang in there and think about what you know works for you both. Marriage isn't a competition; it's a relationship that gives you a buzz when your partner gets some kudos or praise. I see too many couples vying with each other for attention and recognition and that is destructive in any relationship. Each needs to accept who they are and be thankful that each fills the gaps in the others life in a way that makes life together interesting and fun. Yep.. hard work sometimes but certainly worth the effort. Muzza
  17. Muzza

    It's SOOO Cold!

    Yep... it's colder here today. Down to 82f. I bet ya wished I still couldn't log in now! lol Muzza
  18. Thanks Bernie. As you can see I'm in now. Hope everyone had a great New Year and I hope things improve for many of you who faced tough times through 2009. Muzza
  19. Have a really great day and celebrate for all you're worth. Happy Birthday... Kiwi and Muzza
  20. Hari Huritau Phil. Hope your days is full of fun and family. Muzza and Kiwi.
  21. Have a really great day Larry. Take time off from organising games for a bit and enjoy yourself. Happy Birthday Muzza and Kiwi
  22. Congratulations Grandma. I'll help you when things get tough. I'm real nice to ummm... granny type people!!!! Your friend Muzz
  23. Hari Huritua to the TIGER man. Maybe you should get a new Tiger for your birthday Kirk. Looking forward to when we can have another ride with you without having to shift a couch first. Have a nice, relaxing day. Muzza and Kiwi
  24. HARI KURITAU John. Hope the celebrations are up to your expectations. You hold a special place in Kiwi and my hearts having gone to the trouble of obtaining a New Zealand flag and hanging it over your front porch to welcome us to your home. Tell Bonnie she has to look after ya good right through to after the weekend. Muzza and Kiwi
  25. Gee.... I musta missed Exit 14A. All there is in front of me is a whole lot of Pacific Ocean. Muzza
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