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    4th of July

    Hey we dont do the 4th here, but youse guys all have a really good one eh Muzza
  2. Hey as a matter of interest. Can someone remind me how a thread about an article in Blender magazine about interviews with Eric and Wally is now becoming a history lesson in Polka. I aint complaining - just fascinated Muzza
  3. WE haven't ever been part of any other board and after the great enjoyment we get being part of EC.com why would we want to be part of another one?? This is a GREAT board!! Muzza & Kiwi
  4. Muzza

    the rubinoos

    Hey Kenny. When you first [posted I thought of the Rubettes. Found the Rubinoos site and listened to "I wanna be your boyfriend" and "Double Shot". Fun music. Sort of a little bit of country, a little bit of Gospel and other pop variants. Certainly sounded like the boys were having fun. Am going see if I can track down any of their CDs here in New Zealand Thanks for that. Muzza
  5. Tony if that was supposed to be a subtle hint - it sounded more like a solid whack around the head. Higher than hands around the throat though I guess. Muzza
  6. Whoa.... da boss is back so Kathy had better get sleep at the right times now eh
  7. Hey Gina. And what day and time do ya reckon that will be in Kiwiland? Last time we got it wrong and just about missed the fun. Muzza ( and Marilyn)
  8. Hey, what about pasta and pizza.... As Marilyn was reading about Rachmaninoff's 18th variation on theme by Paganini I thought "I have that somewhere". Into the archives I went amd there it was on a vinyl 45 called "Moonlight Fiesta with Winifred Atwell". Now she knows what the music sounds like. It is a piece I have always enjoyed so must try and find it on a CD. Muzza
  9. Kia Ora and Haere Mai Kenny from Kiwi and Muzza. If you get as much enjoyment being part of this wonderful and crazy group of EC fans as we do you'll have a great time. P.S. Kia Ora is Maori for Hello and Haere Mai is welcome. See, maybe you learnt something new already Cheers Murray and Marilyn
  10. Thanks Bernie. Marilyn and I needed that. I sort of thought I had it sussed but you confirmed what I understood of bridges and now Marilyn knows and has just played GATW to hear it happen. Thanks from the Kiwis
  11. Hey. Just as I am sitting here reading this thread "Overnight Sensation" is playing on our local radio here in little ol New Zealand. It was great to have that music in my ears as I was reading what was here. Great Song, Great band, Just Great Music Muzza
  12. Hey Gina. Take care girl. Marilyn has been through what you are going through in a previous "life". I can't say I rescued her from that but I do know that not all men are like you are experiencing. Whatever the reasons - diet, disorders, plain bloodymindedness, or a man struggling with expressing his emotions - help is required. We (Marilyn too) want you to know we care and are thinking of you. You and your hubby are in our prayers and we know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Getting to that light can sometimes be a painful experience though. Hang in there. Have hope, and know you have so many friends who care and want a good outcome for you both. Muzza
  13. Eric, I am a new Raspberries/Eric Carmen fan. I had not heard any of the music until Kiwi (that's my wonderful wife) introduced me to it about 15years ago. Not being a technically astute music person I found that here was a group that had a chemistry that for me surpassed even the Beatles. The sound, the lyrics, the arrangements all have something that for me at least can't really be described in words. I know she loves your voice and I have to agree with her there. There are many singers whose voice seems to be able to be replicated by many artists yet yours holds a uniqueness that makes your solo work and the Raspberries work stand out amongst the crowd. Having grown up in my formative years with artists like Buddy Holly and the Crikets, Bill Haley and the Comets, Bobby Darrin, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis to name a few, Raspberries music stands tall with them and just makes you want to go back for more. Why? I Just love it!!!
  14. She doesn't look very sorry
  15. I don't know whether you are aware of it but Split Endz is reuniting for a tour of Australia next month. It is basically the True Colours lineup of Tim and Neil Finn, Eddie Raynor, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs and Malcolm Green. They did get together last year to perform at their induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame and prior to that a one off for the millenium celebrations on New Years Eve here in New Zealand. If you want to catch up on what is happening go to the Finn Brothers website or to frenz.com. It also has a forum.
  16. Having seen bits of American Idol and endured parts of New Zealnd Idol I believe AI is far more professional and the standard of contestant a lot higher. That isn't to say there are not good performers here. Unfortunately they are few and far between. And its not as if we Kiwis are not talented - Crowded House, Midge Marsden, Halley Westenra for example. And we are about 4 weeks behing in what we are seeing of AI.
  17. Eric. I can only agree with you about the people and especially the stealing. When in Kyoto my boss left his wallet on the counter of our hotel one morning. We spent the day in Osaka where he realised his wallet was missing. When we returned that evening the wallet was still on the counter where he left it untouched. Now that would not happen here in New Zealand. It would probably have been stolen before we left the hotel. One day I want to go back and share those wonderful people with my wife. Muzza
  18. VAB5 - Will you get time to travel away from Tokyo. Thats where the real Japan resides. As Eric says catch the Bullet Train and head to the Shizouka Prefecture - Hamamatsu City and Iwata. Just looking out the window reveals a beautiful and amazing country with such extremes of culture and technology. I wonder - Eric did you get to visit the Yamaha Music Instrument factory at Nippon Gakki? Although I was there for the Motrocycle industry this factory just blew me away. I also stayed at a place called Tsumagoi - a retreat which had everything including students from the Yamaha music school entertaining in the evening. Absolutely wonderful stuff. Muzza
  19. Hi All. This is my first post. VAB5 - I was priveleged to visit Japan a number of times in the late 70s when I worked for Yamaha and have to agree with Eric. Experience all those things. A stroll around the Ginza district at 11.00 p.m. is well worth the effort. Life as you have never seen it and so much fun. DOOOOO try the food. Don't be shy. It's great. A trip up Tokyo tower gives you a different perspective. A visit to Yokohama is easy on the train and reveals another side to Japanese life. Even a Bus tour of night spots which gives you a taste of different sorts of entertainment is great. And watch some T.V. even if you cant understand the words, especially the gameshows. They are a real laugh. Do what you can and enjoy. Muzza
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