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  1. It's been a long time since I have posted here but a number of folk have been saying they miss me. Can't think why. One of the reasons I have logged in is to say thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and concern for me (and Kiwi) following my recent event with a person who thought they could steal money from me. I am doing fairly well now and feel I am just about back to normal. (I think that's a good thing!!!!!) Something I have learned from this has been how wide is the impact of such an incident. Sure it affects me, it certainly affected Kiwi, but the impact on my children, grand children, staff at the hospital and even the community has been significant. Because of that it takes a lot longer to put it behind me as many very caring people still ask how I'm doing. If I was to identify one thing from this it is my hope that from what I have experienced and seen Kiwi go through I will offer better support to families of patients who have a loved one in our Emergency Department being treated following injuries due to trauma or even Cardiac and stroke patients. The look on Kiwi's face when she arrived in ED the day I was attacked told me just how hard it was for her to have received the phone call. I think that was something I hadn't really taken into account until that moment. Anyway... it's time to live on and enjoy the music. Muzz
  2. Look out... here I come.... making my bid for the front.
  3. Well...I've made my changes. Here's hoping I can get some improvement from my drivers. Maybe it's because I'm paying them in New Zealand dollars that makes them not drive so fast.
  4. Muzza

    Bird watchers...

    Our gannets get close Kiwi
  5. Happy Birthday from New Zealand Danny7
  6. I'm hoping for an improvement this week although I've had a couple of top 5's and a couple of top 10's. I need some wins. Picked my drivers so we'll see what happens after the weekend.
  7. Made my choices for this weekend. Seems I did OK last week so hoping I'm on the up and up. Larry, do you have an update on where each of us is on our team?? Let's go racing..!!!
  8. And Mr Bundles... I'm thinking, I'm thinking.... very cheeky of you.
  9. Gosh... i could be in trouble here. I'm a day late. Happy Birthday my darling.. Hope you enjoyed the brunch!!
  10. Happy Birthday AndieMay. Hope you have a great day
  11. Sheesh. I went to do my usual Friday morning (our time) thing and pick my team to find its closed on Thursday this time. Be nice if they sent me the email in plenty of time to warn me. Not Happy. Never mind. I guess I just have to hope that last week's team does better this week.
  12. Kirk will be saddened to hear the man who autographed his Tiger has passed away at the age of 89. Carroll Shelby was a legendary car developer who made fast cars go faster. The Shelby Cobra and Mustangs in particular and more recently the Viper have felt the experience of his magic touch.
  13. For a "blind" guy you were doing pretty good.
  14. Muzza


    Let me know when ya start your swim and I'll make sure I'm waiting at the beach with a towel and a Martini ;-)
  15. Muzza


    Gosh James... you're quite the international guy... when ya coming to New Zealand??
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