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    I chose mine because, well, "there's no place like home"...plus, I happen to LOVE red shoes!
  2. You are right about the "Go" show. Our oldest daughter used to wake us up on Saturday mornings to let us know that "I saw daddy on TV again this morning". That was a couple of years after Jim left the band.
  3. Bernie, somewhere in our vast piles of memorabilia, we still have Jim's Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry shirt! Barb
  4. Hi, everyone! I just wanted to give our personal thanks to Bernie and Kathy for being such wonderful hosts to a very fun party! Jim and I had a terrific time, and it was wonderful getting to talk to everyone without the usual time constraints. We are all truly lucky to have met each other during the last couple of years! The food was great (could have fed all of us for another week I think), the company was wonderful and the entertainment (Lew) was outstanding! Now we can't wait to see some of those pictures! Barb
  5. Most of us here in Mentor, OH have been totally unaware of the quake activity...we're just fine, thanks!
  6. Pretty darn impressive, Bernie! Congrats to Eric for having so many "worldly" fans! Barb
  7. Tony, my prayers for your mom can be added to the list. Barb
  8. OK guys, now you've got me thinking....Go All the Way ala polka style? That would be something to hear!
  9. Dinner was great! With such good company, how could it be otherwise! I do have a thing for red, and sparkly red is even better! There's no place like home...
  10. I call that male-pattern selective deafness!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I will pass along your greetings to Jim.
  12. Thanks, Phil. I'm looking forward to some nice warm weather and spending some time on the boat!
  13. OK, guys, I confess to being a "lurker"! Guess that's over now. Hi, everyone!
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