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  1. Bessieboo, Actually, at this point, I can't even think about pushing my feet into any of those cool shoes...time...
  2. HT--no red shoes, darn it! I'm still hobbling along from my foot surgery in October and can't wait to wear something (anything) other than what I've been wearing! ICR is such an amazing song and just hit me from the very first time I heard it. Sigh... Barb
  3. Darlene, I Can Remember has always been my favorite 'Berries song! To this day when I hear it live, I get goosebumps! Barb
  4. Anyone who has seen Wally's son, Jessie, just has to be amazed at how much he looks almost exactly like Wally at the same age. Barb
  5. Hey, great photo! Could Paulie look any happier? Barb
  6. ..."and that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown"!
  7. BarbB

    Christmas Card

    I would like to wish all of you wonderful friends on EC.com a joyous holiday season and a New Year full of health and happiness! P.S. Kathy--the village is done...wait until you see! Barb
  8. Darlene, sorry to say, but, yes...I remember!
  9. Eric, you make it so hard to tell how you really feel about him!
  10. MacArthur's Park? I never got that one!
  11. I don't know, Bernie...I think I've seen that facial expression somewhere before!
  12. Bernie, you made my day! This was the first thing I saw when I logged on this morning and it really made me laugh! Cartmill, who knew you were lurking around those hills of Pennsylvania all those years ago!
  13. Marv, funny you asked about JD. I was just thinking about how I used to really love to watch John Sebastian perform and how much he reminded me of JD. I think both were more folksy than anything.
  14. Ira, I, too, was a Lovin' Spoonful fan in high school. Their music was "happy" and made it hard for me not to smile when I heard it. I don't know if they would be considered rock and roll or not, but considering some of the others who have been placed in that category, why not?
  15. A news program I saw yesterday indicated a panel of "500 musical experts" makes the choices. Wonder what constitutes a "musical expert"? I'll bet we have more of those on this site than they do!
  16. Well, I feel really out of touch because I haven't heard of a bunch of these! "Teddy Bear's Last Ride"??????
  17. All things considered, Raspberries is in some pretty good company with those not being inducted!
  18. Marlene, I doubt very seriously if they ever get tired of meeting and greeting the same people over and over again because they are such great people!
  19. Tim, I agree with your idea to rename it "Music Hall of Fame". Each year when the nominees are announced, there are those that just simply make you go "huh"?????
  20. BarbB

    Avatar Talk

    Wow, Mellie, don't know that I've ever seen so many red shoes on one website before! That is quite a pair on the bottom! Makes my feet hurt right now just looking at them! Red leather...good taste, Mellie!
  21. BarbB

    Avatar Talk

    HT, not nearly enough! I have several pairs, but some of them need to be replaced with ones that are more in style. I had double foot surgery this week, so I am waiting until they heal and then...well...you can bet I will be buying a new pair of RED shoes! I do have a great pair of red slip-on sneakers that I love. I take a lot of ribbing about those! Barb
  22. Don, having our girls "getting to see Jim in action again" was actually one of the best parts of the reunion tour. Our oldest daughter actually attended the first concert only one week after giving birth to our grandson! Both girls were born after Jim left the band, so they never really got to see him at his best. Needless to say, they are both very proud of their dad! I remember when Jim won the "Foxiest Raspberry" title. He was very surprised (I wasn't...he's always been foxy to me!) because he has probably always been the most quiet/reserved of the group. Needless to say, he took a lot of ribbing about that one! He does have a great sense of humor! Barb
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