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  1. Hey, Annie...have a wonderful birthday! Barb
  2. Don't know about EC, but JB did! Barb
  3. I think it could come down to the two Davids! Two different styles, but both very appealing! Barb
  4. Adrienne, I'm sending you a "cyber" hug along with my positive thoughts, wishes and prayers. With everyone here, you have one heck of a prayer chain going for Bonnie. Your family has been through so much and I know it must be difficult, but try and stay strong, take care of yourself and remember your "support system". Love ya, Barb
  5. BarbB


    Darlene, I wish you a speedy recovery! I know shingles can be a devil to deal with, so hang in there and try to keep smiling! Sending positive thoughts your way... Barb
  6. BarbB


    Bernie, I haven't had a chance to look at the whole thing yet, but what I have seen so far only confirms what I already knew...YOU ARE THE KING! What an absolutely wonderful piece of work. You have much to be proud of! Barb
  7. Have a wonderful birthday, Linda! XOXO Barb
  8. Bernie, A big thanks to you for all you have done. Without you, many things would not have happened! You have created a place where some of the most phenomenal people I've ever met can share not only their tastes in music, but pieces of their lives as well. That is truly special! On a personal note, you know how I feel about you.... XOXO Barb
  9. Beatnut, The one you are looking for is the "Special Edition" that is shown on the home page of Raspberriesonline.com. There are 21 songs on that one. Barb
  10. Eric, you will love this one! We were talking to a friend of ours who took his 13 year old daughter to the State Theatre as her birthday present. It was her first rock concert. We saw her the other night and she continued to gush about how "amazing" the Raspberries show was and how Hannah Montana USED to be her favorite. Her mother told us she is telling all of her friends how awesome it was. Guess you are right about the age group, but it's good to know you can still win over the young ones! Barb
  11. BarbB


    I wish all of you wonderful people a healthy, happy new year and thank you all for your friendship! Barb
  12. In addition, they just played Cleveland, which is only 2 hours from Pittsburgh...
  13. Kiwi, The shirt looks awesome on you! Enjoy that sunshine and warmth for me! Barb
  14. Being born and bred in Cleveland (and a Browns fan), I still have to say I love Pittsburgh (although NOT the Steelers!). It is truly not the Pittsburgh now that I remember as a child having to visit the relatives there. I used to hate going there because it was so dingy and dirty (although in fairness, so was Cleveland at the time). Pittsburgh has become a beautiful city with much to offer. My daughter went to school there and thoroughly enjoyed it. Darlene, Windber is one of those towns where if you blink while driving through it, you've missed it! Jim was actually raised in Beaverdale which was a little coal mining town.
  15. Mushroom stuffed beef tenderloin, spinach salad, green beans with carmelized onions and potato casserole...it was good! Although, I have to say the fresh prawns in garlic butter and the lamb sound mighty good as well! Hope yours was merry... Barb
  16. June, So sorry to hear of all the curveballs life is throwing your way. I am hoping the new year will begin healthier and happier for you! Barb
  17. Wow, Julia, I am very impressed! My granddaughter and I make one every year and it never looks as good as yours! They are, however, lots of fun to create and look festive no matter what!
  18. Happy belated birthday, Adrienne and many, many more! See you soon! Barb
  19. Dave, Congratulations and many years of happiness to you both!
  20. It's absolutely awful up here by the lake...good night to stay in by the fire! Barb
  21. Julia, your creation is beautiful! My granddaughter and I decorate one every Christmas, but seeing yours makes me feel very inadequate! Truly a work of art. Congrats on your winnings! Barb
  22. Mr. E- This is the best laugh I had today! They are REALLY funny and it's amazing how I was able to mentally match a lot of these phrases with people I know. Thanks! Barb
  23. Congratulations, Dave! Much happiness to you and your lady! Barb
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