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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes. I had a great day! Barb
  2. Diane, May your birthday be every bit as special as you are! Wishing you health and happiness! Barb
  3. I wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day, and just knowing you were all thinking of me made it even better! Hugs to you all! Barb
  4. Happy Birthday to one of the world's most wonderful people! XO Barb
  5. I agree...the man is an amazing live performer...more energy than those half his age!
  6. Bernie, I can't wish you enough good things for your birthday and the coming year...you deserve WONDERFUL! Love, Barb
  7. Jeff, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your mother, but how wonderful you have such great memories of her! Barb
  8. Hi Lew, It would appear I missed your birthday, but didn't want to miss the chance to wish you all the best in the year to come anyway! Barb
  9. We watched most of the show. It was strange at best...I thought the performers were just ok and you are right, I can't remember any of their names either! Poor Caroline Kennedy spoke as if she was a puppet!
  10. Happy New Year Kiwi and Muzza...you are wished all things wonderful for the year ahead!
  11. Have a safe trip and a truly Merry Christmas!
  12. OMG...who knew Jim was making a fashion statement on our wedding day!
  13. Annie, why would I not understand? After all, I've ALWAYS thought he was hot!
  14. BarbB

    "Dogs Is Good"

    Ira, to answer your question, Jim and I have a golden retriever named Abby. She is our second golden and absolutely the best dog we've ever had. She had ACL surgery this past May so we made sure we kept her activity low key until she healed. She is back to her old self now!
  15. Thanks everyone for all of the great birthday wishes! It truly makes me feel wonderful to know that everyone is thinking about me! And about your suggestion, Lew....well...while it does sound mighty tempting, I'm thinking I may just keep the current Mr. B for a while longer! Leff't Home: the garbage is out! No red shoes yet, but the week is still young! Thanks again everyone! Love, Barb
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