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  1. Wow...kinda shocked it's taken this long for you guys to find it! I've been listening to Bleu for a few years now. He doesn't have a self-titled CD, but the one you should look for is titled "Redhead." It includes some helping hands from Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish) and Dan Wilson (Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare), but Bleu himself is a huge talent. Great songwriting, and his voice is outstanding, reminding me at times of Robin Zander with his Teflon quality (meaning nothing seems to get in his way or "get stuck"). Bleu also has a couple other side projects. One is a "band" called Loud Lion which is a tribute-of-sorts to the production stylings of Mutt Lange (sounding rather like Def Leppard), similar to L.E.O. being a Jeff Lynne tribute. The other project is a band with Mike Viola, and unfortunately I do not recall the name of that one right now - but nothing has been released from that as of yet. Bleu himself has also recently appeared on a couple new albums: "Gran Jukle's Field" by Canadian group The Nines, and the solo disc from Dan Wilson "Real Life." Check out Bleu online at bleutopia.com.
  2. I can think of quite a few appellations that would apply...most are not fit for polite company. Phooey on downloads! Go ahead, call me a Luddite. I prefer my audio with full bandwidth, not all compressed. At least I'm not one of those "Vinyl is better" zealots.
  3. Happy birthday, Eric - I am celebrating your day by watching my just-received Raspberries Live Special Edition package. May there be many more birthdays to celebrate and more wonderful music to share! Bri
  4. Unlike Jeff (Poor4Life), my SE did arrive today! Naturally, the USPS did bend things a bit, but it was just the file folder & lyric sheets that bore the brunt of postal abuse. The disc package protected by an additional CD mailer is in fine condition. BTW, Jeff - greetings from Electric Bozo!
  5. There was one excellent song on Styx's "Cyclorama," which naturally was written by someone now no longer in the band - Glen Burtnik's "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye." (And he does a killer version of it on his recent solo disc "Welcome To Hollywood" minus the Styxisms.)
  6. Brioohs

    IPO 2007

    You can't take Popdude to any restaurants. Lemme guess, he started a fight over a t-shirt.
  7. Brioohs

    Free Ride

    Derringer's Guitars And Women co-produced by Todd Rundgren - great album. Rick's voice sounds a little worn, but the songs are marvelous. Drums from other Benatar vet, Myron Grombacher; and sweet background vocals done by Derringer, Rundgren and Kasim Sulton. Might be a tough one to find in print on CD, but well worth it.
  8. Actually, Marc, I think it's the material. The new album is written mainly by members of the band, and they seem to be trying to be edgier. The first album had some definite "ringers" in the songwriting department with two songs coming from Adam Schlesinger (including the main hit "Just The Girl"), another from Paul Stanley, and a cover of a Thompson Twins tune.
  9. Brioohs

    Free Ride

    Good call, Bob. From the album "It Hurts To Be In Love" (including a cover of the Pitney tune, of course).
  10. I have it. It's not as immediate as their previous disc. I think the tunes might be less instantly memorable, and the new vocalist is a tad vanilla.
  11. Bought "Go All The Way" b/w "With You In My Life" at age 12, and a year or so later "Let's Pretend" b/w "Every Way I Can." Dopey me, I didn't get any of the original albums until years later, but I did buy RASPBERRIES' BEST shortly after it was released. (Great liner notes!) First of EC's solo stuff I bought was definitely the 1984 Geffen LP. I've since made up for lost time in both categories.
  12. Brioohs

    Free Ride

    I haven't seen that performance in years, but I do remember it succeeded in getting me to go out and purchase The EWG's at that time current album "Shock Treatment" as they did a few songs from that album during the show ("Do Like Me," "Easy Street," "River's Risin'") and I seem to recall them playing one of Derringer's album tracks as well ("Teenage Love Affair"). Excellent band, love all three of the albums they did (and have them all on CD).
  13. Ernesto, I think another reason why the singers you have cited (Eric, Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison) sound particularly good singing in this way is that they write their own songs, and therefore take advantage of their "special" abilities to deliver the performance as their individual talents allow. I agree with your assessment about the "upward pull" (and Mike Viola is the voice of The Wonders to whom you refer - good example). I think the trick is knowing at what point you are capable of "shifting gears" from full natural to full-toned falsetto. There is such a thing as a nicely resonant falsetto, although not every vocalist is capable of producing it. I do hope Eric will add something here as it would be interesting to read his thoughts on the subject. Bri
  14. If I may chime in - I think the answer to Ernesto's question is that Eric has a smooth transition from natural range to falsetto (or "head voice"). It is a technique that can be developed over time with practice, although I cannot explain exactly how to do so. I use that technique myself all the time. Bri
  15. Technically, L.E.O. is really the brainchild of singer/songwriter Bleu. Sturmer contributed to a couple songs performing and writing, as did other luminaries like Mike Viola, Scott Simons (formerly of The Argument), and even the brothers Hanson ("MMMBop"). I highly recommend Bleu's album Redhead, as well the L.E.O. disc Alpacas Orgling. For those unaware of the L.E.O. project, it was Bleu's idea to do a bunch of tunes that sound like Jeff Lynne & ELO - and they pull it off quite admirably. Bleu also has another "tribute" type project called Loud Lion that sounds like Def Leppard and other rock artists produced by Mutt Lange (better known as Mr. Shania Twain). Almost forgot - Bleu's Redhead album also contains some Sturmer contributions, as well as Dan "Semisonic" Wilson.
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