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  1. Happy Birthday Eric and many, many more. cool chick auntie
  2. This comes from a great-grandmother who never watches the news and hates politics. (I DO vote; I figure if you don't, then you can't complain. I try at election time to make an informed choice, but no matter who you vote for, it's a crapshoot, and I DO mean crap.) Anyway, on to my reason for this post. Many months ago George W. said that as long as he is in office, there will be troops in Iraq. There it is, plain and simple; he has us there because HE CAN. He doesn't need to give anyone a reason even if he could come up with one. I wonder how many of the politicians have kinfolk over there??!! My guess is NONE. In my opinion, this is one thing against term limits. If a politician knows he or she cannot run again, they can do anything they want to. They have nothing to lose. When they talked about impeaching Clinton, (I think they did actually) I thought that when a president is impeached, he was out. I don't think that is always true; it can be just censure. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Besides, if Bush was thrown out, who would we get?? It's pretty frightening to think about the choices. What we really need is reform to get rid of the system in which you have only two real choices (bad and worse) at election time. You know that if you vote for the candidate from another party, he will not win. If someone can come with a plan for change, I'd carry a placard or something. (There's a visual!!) I'll get off my soapbox now; didn't mean to go on and on. We still live in the best place; it just needs a little cleaning up!!! cool chick auntie
  3. Hey Kiwi!! This could turn into come party!! Glad you would like to join us! Okay--- if it's say 2:00 p.m. on Friday, June 29th here (we're the same as New Jersey), what day and time is it where you are? If we're going to to this party thing, we have to synchronize. Our son spent a year in Korea with the Army in 1984, and I don't know if I ever did get the date line thing straight. cool chick
  4. P. S. When you and Kathy have your gin and tonic and cheese celebration, call me and I'll join you here in Michigan; kind of like a conference call thing. cool chick
  5. Darlene: I'm really glad for you that conditions at work will be so much better. I missed your posts regarding the problem. When we have to get up and go to work each day, it's not right to have someone making life miserable while we are there. We've all had that to deal with at one time or another. Enjoy your new situation!!! By the way, I like the quote from ELeanor Roosevelt. I can really relate after some of the stuff I've gone through the last seven years. I'm hoping I'm starting a new seven-year cycle. Love, cool chick
  6. Hi Muzza; Thanks for the information. My hydrangea has been a pet project of mine. It started out as a gift plant from one of my sons for Mother's Day May 2004, and I was determined to keep it alive. I went online and got in touch with a lady who gave me lots of advice, and lo and behold! it is going to bloom now for the second year. It bloomed pink last year; it was blue when I got it. I can't remember what makes the difference. I think it has something to do with the Ph of the soil. Auntie
  7. I have: Hydrangea Hostas Wisteria vine (new this year, didn't bloom) Burning Bush Coral Bells (just found out last night, this attracts hummingbirds ) Ferns Roses Daisies Hollyhocks Iris Chinese Lanterns Crocus Coreopsis Violets by the millions Moneywort Hen and Chicks Phlox Hyacinths Lily of the Valley Some other little bush I don't know the name of I have bulbs for Elephant Ears, I don't know if they will grow if I plant them this late. I have Zinnias, Forget-Me-Nots, Nasturtiums, and Snapdragons in big pots. Also some plant I can't remember the name of, but the flowers are white and trumpet shaped and last only one day. They look like the kind of flowers Gerogia O'Keefe use to paint. Muzza-- I thought it was winter now where you live!! Are your winters mild? How can you be planting? What is a loquat? I know what a kumquat is. Are they similar? cool chick
  8. You have been given some pretty great ideas here. It's hard to generalize regarding what women want, we are all different. But in some ways we are alike as well. Maybe try to remember the things you did to "get the girl" in the first place. (And buying her a bunch of stuff is not the answer.) Try seriously asking her what she wants, and take her answer seriously as well even if it sounds a little nutty. I'm not being sarcastic here. Sometimes we get so angry we get an edge in the voice and say something like "What the H--- do you WANT from me anyway????" That is non-productive. I like Bessieboo's suggestion that you touch her when sex is not your intention. That's more important than many men realize. Another good suggestion is counseling. I hope your wife will change her mind and go. I admire your willingness to try and save your marriage. I can relate to your frustraion and pain; I was divorced after 45 years of marriage. I suggest you read "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" by John Gray. He gives great insight regarding what makes men and women tick and why we see things so differently. You should be able to find it at your library, I found it at mine. It is still carried in the bookstores as well. Good luck. cool chick auntie
  9. Mellie: I agree with the idea of sending the purse and "stuff" to the girl's parents. It would be worth the extra money to send it certified with a return receipt requested and request that it be signed for by the addressee only. That way the girl can't intercept it. Of course you would have HER signature instead of the parents, but she could still dispose of some of the contents and say it only had money in it or something. This kid needs some big time discipline!!!! Cool Chick
  10. Hi Ronda: I meant to respond to this post before now. I think your concerns about MySpace are pretty valid. I saw a lady (maybe in her thiries) in the supermarket several weeks ago. She was wearing a tee shirt that said "MySpace Ruined My Life". One can only imagine what happened. It's so sad that something that was meant for fun is being used the way it is by some teens. I saw a documentary a while back about webcams. Pretty bad stuff going on there, too. Sounds like your son is a pretty good kid if he let you KNOW he was going on MySpace. Good Luck! Raising kids is the toughest job in the world. Stand your ground! I'm the poster child for Fuddy Duddy! If I was raising teenagers today, they would probably hate me. cool chick auntie AKA Gran
  11. Muzza: Forgot to ask earlier, What are Pinky Bars? Roberta
  12. Hi Muzza and Kiwi: I LUV Peeps, I could eat them by the box. I enjoyed some chocolate fish at WAB 4. But, since the original topic of this thread is eggs, I'll tell you about my favorite. CADBURY CREME EGGS. Solid chocolate outside with a creamy white filling with a yellow center for the yolk. SOOOO sweet!!! That's the original. They now have orange and I think carmel. cool chick anutie
  13. Diane: Thank you for posting this link. I found THREE in my neighborhood. The farthest away is only .18 miles. One is a teenage kid right around the corner. Pretty creepy. cool chick auntie
  14. To Lew Bundles: Your post of 8/29 is hardly worthy of a reply. However, it's time someone put you straight on a few things. No one enjoys being insulted. And don't ask me if I can't take a joke. You aren't funny. You owe me a HUGE apology. Are you trying to be the poor man's Don Rickles? He's never been funny either. You are rude, crass and CRUEL! You are one of the most obnoxious and boring people I have ever met. "Cuter than John the Baptist" ay? You may be many things, mister, but cute is NOT one of them. Kathy's Aunt
  15. Indeed! Thanks, Darlene Cool Chick Auntie
  16. Here is a little biographical info: I was DIVORCED at age 64!! I was married for 45 years. When I saw the topic for this thread, I decided it was time to share. It was a sign! I was talking to a young woman (about 32-ish) shortly after the divorce. She said, "It seems if you could make it that far, you could make it the rest of the way." I told her she was too young to think the way I was thinking at age 64, but there comes a time in your life when you begin to wonder (not in a morbid way) how many years you have left to live, and you ask yourself, "Is this the way I want to live them?" In my case, the answer was "NO". I had the opportunity to change things, and I did! Has it been difficult at times? Oh, yeah. Would I do it again? YOU BET!!! Would I go back? NO WAY!! cheers cool chick auntie
  17. FYI: Our US Senator Debbie Stabenow is introducing a bill to eliminate the FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL TAX BREAK given to the oil companies by the government. Why do they need that kind of subsidy when they are making BILLIONS in profit?! You have probably heard that EXXON-MOBIL made PROFIT of THIRTY-SIX BILLION DOLLARS in 2005. cool chick auntie from the beautiful state of MICHIGAN.
  18. There are granular products you can buy to sprinkle around the garden to repel animals. Keeps dogs away from shrubs, too. They are available at garden centers, hardware stores, etc. I think they are a bit pricey, but it depends how bothersome the animals are, it might be worth it to you. They don't like ammonia either, but I don't know how practical it would be. Ammonia is what we used to get a skunk out of the garage once, soaked a cloth in it and tossed it near him. (Made sure there was a good supply of tomato juice on hand before this procedure.) Or maybe you could make mesh covers for the plants? Stakes and chickenwire are not too expensive at the hardware store. Good luck. cool chick auntie
  19. What about Snoopy and Garfield?!?! I LUV both of them, (have stuffed animals of both) but Garfield is my hands down favorite. I even have one the Garfields with suction cups on all four paws to put in the car window. It isn't there now, it was getting faded. I wish I could be more like him. cool chick auntie
  20. I recently purchased the bonus pack DVD of "Dirty Dancing". I was SOOO excited to find the Hungry Eyes video is one of the bonuses!!! If it is the same video to which you refer, (which it MUST be), I couldn't agree more that there should be more Eric. But what IS there is a great treat! I'm so glad to have it since I don't have cable or satellite tv. cool chick auntie
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