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  1. This was my first Raspberries concert and was THE best concert I have ever attended. The crowd was huge and completely energized. The sound was amazing and the venue was perfect.When Eric did the extended version of ABM people were just flipping out. Also during ABM, I loved how people were screaming for Jim just before the drum solo (is that part called a solo?). I had to have good seats for this show and it was worth every penny to be able to see the the band members up close. I was right in front of Wally, and I think he must have had many relatives in the audience, because at one point a woman shouted out "good job uncle Wally!" I am delighfully hoarse today from screaming after every song. It was an experience I will never forget.
  2. I have been a fan for a while, but I brought some friends to see him at the Station in Berea the other night. Wow! We now have some new Billy Sullivan fans in the world. He is one of the most talented and passionate performers I have ever seen. He loves what he does and so do the rest of us! Marie
  3. Here Here! I didn't even have to look at this video again (although I did) to know which one it was. The pajamas, crawling on the floor, was just too silly for Billy Squier.
  4. Hi HT from Mo and all, Just watched Make Me Lose Control - Great video! I like the connection with American Graffiti. I think I'll rent that this weekend.
  5. Could that intro be any sexier? I think not!
  6. I think our pet peeves are defintely related Annie. Helicopter parents are the norm where I teach and they make me (and probably their kids)nuts. Only three more weeks until all the fun starts again...
  7. This is the perfect topic to go with the 95 degree heat. I know I am going to sound like an old crank here, but it bugs me when I hear parents say they don't want their perfectly healthy teenager to have a part-time job as it could interfere with school, hobbies, fun and being young in general. I know there are lots of hardworking students in the world, but more and more I am hearing parents repeat this sentiment. Working as a teenager teaches social skills, responsibility, as well as time and money management. It also builds self-esteem. I can't imagine graduating from college and getting my first job, ever. Teenagers of America, get to work! Well, it is official. I have turned into my parents.
  8. marie

    Movies that....

    What a great topic James. The first movie that leaps to mind is Dances with Wolves. For me, it was a fascinating, heartbreaking, intimate look at culture contact/conflict as well as the differences in worldview held by Europeans and native Americans. The native American actors, subtitles and setting (National Grasslands in South Dakota, I think)made it authentic to me. The music from the movie also elicits images of big sky, endless prairie and cottonwood trees. A terrific journey back into time.
  9. That's hilarious Bob, and it just goes to show that it happens to the best of us.
  10. Mysteries are just plain fun to read and I plan on devouring a few Who-dun-its this summer. Tony Hillerman writes some great murder mysteries set against the backdrop of the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. I worked out there for years and visited several of the landmarks (geologic and man-made) he mentions in his books. Ok, so Parker, Perry, Slaughter and Evanovich for fun. I have to read my Sister's Keeper (my students have been raving about it too)and throw in a classic for good measure. It just seems like there is never enough time to read what you want. It reminds me of that Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith. Remember the one where all he wants to do is read? He survives a nuclear blast and has the library to himself and just as he is getting started, his glasses break. What a bummer!
  11. I am off to a great start thanks to your suggestions. I am hitting the bookstore this week with this thread in hand. Thanks!
  12. Summer is nearly upon us and for me it is a time to read books that diverge from work or school topics. I recently finished the Mermaid Chair (Sue Monk Kidd), a nice escapist novel. It would be great to see what you all are reading and add to my summer book list. What great books have you read?
  13. Some friends of mine resorted to burying a St. Joseph statue in their backyard. Their house sold within two weeks. I say give it a shot. I have never done it but I understand there is a particular way it supposed to be buried, right side up, upside down, I can't recall. I think the statues come with directions. It's kind of funny. Good Luck!
  14. This is a blast. If you save a song in "favorites" you are able to access bio info on the group/artist on a page called "all music." GATW just came on!
  15. 1) that there is a plan, even if it seems sketchy at times 2)a renewed pride in Cleveland
  16. suddenly I have ZZ Top song running through my head.
  17. Here is a link to info on Severance Hall. It includes history about the renovations and also answers to FAQ. http://www.clevelandorch.com/html/Severance/SevHistory.asp
  18. I'm with Marlene on questions 2 and 4...I must say I love option #3
  19. Wow!!!! This is terrific! Thanks Bernie
  20. Border collies are great! They are super smart, high energy dogs. The only thing is that they need a job or they create their own.
  21. Believe it or not you can purchase coyote or fox urine in spray bottles. It is supposed to repel deer as well as bunnies. A well stocked garden center should have it. I don't want to know how it is collected in the first place though.
  22. You have to watch those cheese puffs Tony, they'll get you every time. I for one do not lump Eric in with the 'Tiger Beat' bunch at all. I love his music and although I am not a musician I can respect the time, training and passion evident in his body of work. I understand what you are saying but...do I sense some hair envy here? :p
  23. Well, it's official - I need to upgrade my computer. It is not because I can't use it for work or day to day surfing, but because I cannot download Make Me Lose Control from the VH1 site. I tried everything. I do recall that in the Make Me Lose Control video that Eric's hair is long, or at least longer than in the Hungry Eyes video. Honestly, long or short, it is all enough to make a poor girl's heart skip a beat!
  24. I just watched it, thanks. It has been a while since I saw that. I never I really understood it either, but it definitely should have had WAY more Eric...like in every frame
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