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  1. Nice review -- just missed on the title of "I Can Remember".
  2. I still have my vinyl LP which I bought when first released. I agree that the very flat production really hurt this album. Too bad because the band and tunes were pretty decent rockers!
  3. Sad news! I knew he was sick -- and it didn't sound hopeful. Sorry to know he's gone. My wife and I really liked him. Saw him live a couple times, and he was definitely one of the best performers we've seen. We also have many of his records on vinyl LP and CDs. We always thought he deserved to make it bigger in the industry -- couldn't figure out why it never happened to the level deserved. Sadly, talent doesn't always equal huge success. We feel fortunate to have seen him. Cleveland was fortunate to have him around for so many years!
  4. Sad. He contributed to some great recordings of so many timeless songs.
  5. Sad... I thought his movie,"The End", with Dom DeLuise was one of the funniest movies of the 1970s.
  6. John McCain had integrity. He treated people with respect, regardless of party or point of view. He understood and demonstrated the principles of public service! He will be missed.
  7. Both tunes sound GREAT! Thanks!!!
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