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  1. Just got home from seeing the film. The use of the songs on the soundtrack album was totally brilliant, and very original!
  2. I sent a note to James Gunn, the brilliant writer and director Of "Guardians Of The Galaxy" thanking him for including my song in the film and on the soundtrack. He had previously used "It Hurts Too Much" in his film, "Super." Here is his return reply: "Wow!! I am beyond a huge fan of your work, Eric - as you might imagine by my use of your songs. You are more than welcome. Glad to turn more people onto your music!" Life is cool! e
  3. I spent two hours on the phone with Kevin Spacey, years ago, while he desperately tried to convince me to let him use "ABM" in a film he was involved with. I always ask for a video of the scene, and the screenplay, before I agree to let one of my songs be used. In this case, as much as I love Kevin Spacey's work, I couldn't let him use "ABM" for the scene in his film. The film eventually came out titled "Swimming With Sharks", and the scene Kevin wanted "ABM" involved his assistant ( who he had completely abused, in every possible way ) tying him to a chair, and giving him " a thousand paper cuts." It was a REALLY dark comedy, but I couldn't let my song be associated with that scene, on the off chance that, if the film became a "hit" , people would think of that scene every time they heard "ABM." He pleaded, he begged, he wanted it really badly. I said "no." I loved the film when it eventually was released. It didn't do much, but I think they ended up using "Close To You" by the Carpenters during that scene. Kevin was looking for the dichotomy of a really pretty, emotional song, juxtaposed against this horrible 'torture" scene. I loved talking him him for two hours, but I'm glad I didn't let him use it.
  4. In addition to licensing the song for the film and soundtrack album, they just licensed "GATW" to be the music played on the DVD when the "Special Features" are offered. Thumbs up!
  5. I almost hate to tell you this, but I licensed "ABM" for a McDonald's commercial in England, last week, and for a Brazilian film as well. And "GATW" will be the music playing on the DVD "Special Features" Menu of "Guardians Of The Galaxy." In reality, every time one of my songs is used for anything, it raises public awareness. I'm particularly pleased that "Go All The Way" is going to introduced to a whole new generation via "Guardians Of The Galaxy." BTW, Marvin was groaning about the Wendy's ad on Facebook, and he said he thinks "GOTG" looks stupid! So far, the reviews have been great, so, whatever. My guess is it's going to be the top earner at the box office the week of August 1st, and will do huge business overseas, as well. Millions of kids who never would have heard of Raspberries are going to be exposed to the band via the film and the soundtrack. It's all good.
  6. We live in a different time, James. Bob Dylan did a Superbowl commercial, for cryin' out loud!
  7. http://www.eonline.com/news/557359/bachelor-in-paradise-looks-to-be-anything-but-in-new-tear-filled-promo-watch-now
  8. I talked to Tim Smith at Sony, yesterday, and he believes there ARE royalties paid, but I haven't been able to find out what the royalty rate is, yet. Up over 13.5 million hits, though!
  9. Over twelve and a half million hits, and counting.....
  10. Now, over 11,000,000 hits!!! Amazing! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/céline-dion-calls-richard-dunn-s-lip-sync-video-of-her-song-hilarious-1.2673606
  11. There are SOOOOO many great soul records, I didn't even know where to begin. How about Aretha's version of "I Say A Little Prayer." Possibly my favorite Aretha record of all time. I had the privilege of working with Lamont Dozier, back in the 90's. We wrote a song together. Wonderful guy. Amazing history and catalogue. In an interview with Mojo magazine ( a Brit publication, I think ) where they asked a number of highly esteemed songwriters what they thought the "best single of all time" was, " Lamont answered "All By Myself," by Eric Carmen. Now THAT'S a "pinch me" moment!
  12. Hi Kelly, Your father was a sweet guy, and a really good bass player! I had a lot of fun working with him in Cyrus Erie, and the opening track on my new release "The Essential Eric Carmen" ( on Sony, Legacy Recordings ) is "Get The Message", a Cyrus Erie track that features your dad on bass, and your Uncle Mike on drums. I'm glad you found this site! So sorry to hear about your father's passing. e
  13. "Twist And Shout" / The Isley Brothers "Sweet Soul Music" / Arthur Conley "Land Of 1000 Dances / Wilson Picket "I'll Be Doggone" / Marvin Gaye "Twisting The Night Away"/ Sam Cooke
  14. I think the reason that only one song from the Geffen album was used is that Sony doesn't own the masters. Arista (my four solo albums) and RCA (Dirty Dancing) and Epic ("Get The Message") are all part of Sony, now. The Capitol recordings (Raspberries) and the Geffen album are not, and therefore, those tracks have to be licensed for inclusion, and Capitol and Geffen would receive a good percentage of the income from those recordings. The other problem is that Mark Wilder had complete autonomy when it came to converting the original Arista, RCA and Epic two-track, flat masters to digital. With the Capitol and Geffen stuff, he had to work with whatever they gave us, and those masters may have been converted to digital years ago, by someone much less talented than Mark, and at a time when the technology available today didn't exist. They also probably didn't care as much about the outcome of the transfers. We did switch a few things around for the upcoming Japanese release of "The Essential." Tim took some flack from a few writers for not including "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" on the American "Essential," and the Japanese label was adamant about the inclusion of "Foolin' Myself," so we juggled some things around and both of those songs are included on the Japanese release. It's also apparently a "must" to include some bonus tracks for the Japanese audience, so my original demo of "LongLive Rock 'n Roll" as well as a smoking' hot version of "The Rock Stops Here" and the "alt mix" of "Brand New Year" that we released on vinyl for Record Store Day are also included. My version of "Almost Paradise" from the "Winter Dreams" CD will also probably be there (Japanese label REALLY wanted "Almost Paradise")! And, of course, these have all been remastered brilliantly by Mark Wilder. But, fear not, my American friends. Last week Tim Smith sent me live versions of "Go All The Way" and "Slow Down" , both taken from the same 1976 show at The Bottom Line that produced the "live versions" of "Starting Over" and "That's Rock 'n Roll" that appear on "The Essential" and the performance of "Go All The Way" completely blew me away. And that's before Mark Wilder gets to work his magic on them! I have also been sending Tim tapes that I've unearthed from the "Boats" sessions that should be very interesting, some of which could become bonus tracks for a complete box set" somewhere in the not too distant future.
  15. Referring back to Adventurine's post about "oppressing other's views," all I can say is I have never been one to do that. I have the ability to "delete" a post, if I don't like it, but you will notice I've never deleted any of Marvin's posts. If I really wanted to be the "Kim Jong-il" ( something Kay once said about me ) of EC.com, I could delete anything I didn't like! Obviously, that has never been my intention. And let me say, ONE LAST TIME, Wally was NEVER a "co-writer" of "Go All The Way." Hell, according to his own words in the Shindig magazine interview, he doesn't even LIKE the song! Just the intro, "right up until the vocal starts." His whole case, for the past 42 years, was based on a typo, on the back cover of the first Raspberries album, that erroneously credited ( Carmen/ Bryson ) as the writer(s) of the song. When you remove the album from the sleeve, and look at the label, the writer credit under "Go All The Way" says ( E. Carmen ). Once a song is submitted to The Library Of Congress, for copyright purposes, IT CAN NEVER BE ALTERED! PERIOD! "Go All The Way" is, and always was, my song. End of story. I'll tell you one more story. One day, back in late 1972 or early 1973, I walked into rehearsal, and Wally, Dave and Jim said they had "taken a vote" and "decided" that Raspberries publishing royalties should be split up evenly, among the four of us. The way things work, in the world of songwriting, is that the writer and the publisher split each dollar of income 50/50. We had a publishing deal with CAM, so the publisher was already taking 2/3 of the 50% of publishing revenue. The remaining 1/3 went to whoever wrote the song. I reminded my band members that, the last time I looked, America had not become a "Socialist" nation, and that it was only fair that the person who does the work reaps the rewards. Splitting the publishing "evenly" among the four band members would have served as a disincentive for the other guys to write great songs. I said "No,"and if they had chosen to force the issue, I would have quit the band right then. John and Paul would have quit The Beatles, too! And Henley and Frey would have quit The Eagles. One of the best motivators in the USA has ( at least, up until now ) always been the idea that if you work hard, and do something well, you will be compensated for it. Take that away, and we're back in The Soviet Union, in the 1950's.
  16. I remember hearing a tape of John singing "No Reply", and when he got to the part where he sings "I saw the light", he sang the line once. Didn't repeat it. I was incredulous!
  17. I find it incredible that they'd flushed out just about the whole arrangement, vocal and instrumental, and still had that cockamamie vocal ending! I wonder, at what point John or Paul ( or perhaps, Sir George Martin ) suggested the notes we have heard at the end of the chorus all of our lives. That change certainly made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!! e
  18. I don't know that he's ever heard it.
  19. Funny thing is, I, too, respect Marvin's opinions. He doesn't have to "love" every single track I've ever cut. Hell, I could list twenty Beatles tracks that I think are AWFUL!!! I'll tell you what "got me" more than anything else Marvin has ever said. It was something like "I learned a long time ago, love the music, NOT the musician." I paraphrase, but that was the gist of it. What that said to me is simply this: Marvin can like and respect my musical achievements, but that doesn't mean he has to like me. I respect his viewpoint, but it irks me when someone I don't know passes judgement on me PERSONALLY, especially based on bogus information, fed to them by people with an agenda. I hate having to defend myself. I can't really do it, without calling Wally and Kay liars. And so, for the most part, I have just let it go. Honestly, I literally spend zero time thinking about Wally and Kay, until they kick up some new dirt. This stuff is ancient history, and the truth is out there for anyone inclined to look, and add two and two together. Wally's bitterness saddens me. It saddens Jim, too. Michael and Scott were caught in the crossfire. The damage Wally has done to ALL of our lives cannot be calculated. And yet, HE feels "wronged." I'm done talking about this. I don't want this website to become a bummer, and a source of discord. Negativity always attracts more negativity. Somebody post something positive. Let's move on. e
  20. For everyone here, I'm going to try to give you a reasonable explanation. As you are well aware, Wally and I ( and now Kay, because she has become Wally's "public defender" ) have had "issues" for a very, very long time. This is not an unusual situation in bands. Mick and Keith, Pete and Roger, John and Paul and George have all had "issues", and often have commented about them, publicly. Since Bernie created this website, in 1997, and I became aware of it, there have been many discussions about all sorts of things, politics, religion and music among them. For years, I tried to "take the high road" when it came to conversations about the band. I understand how important the band is to all of you, and to me, too. I never wanted to say bad things about anyone, partly out of respect for the band, partly because I didn't want to cause divisiveness among the people who come here, and partly because it's just not my style. For better or worse, I usually go for diplomacy over "cheap shots." On the evening before the first reunion show, in 2004, the Brysons invited Marvin over for Thanksgiving dinner. They took that opportunity to air all of their dirty laundry, and all of their grievances with me, with Marvin, as they have done with countless others over the past 42 years. For whatever reason, Marvin bought what they were selling, and what they were selling was the same, tired lies ( about the intro of "Go All The Way" and every other "problem" ) that they have been telling anyone who would listen, for years. Marvin has very strong musical opinions, and has never been shy about stating them on this message board. Some of those "opinions" were really unnecessary, and hurtful. Whether Marvin likes "Winter Dreams" or the Geffen album, I think it is nothing short of bad manners to continually post disparaging comments about "She Remembered" or "The Way We Used To Be" on this message board. Ostensibly, he was coming here because of things he "liked". Why he felt the need to post about how much he hated something, over and over again, is beyond me. He had to know I was reading these messages, and personally, I felt like they were a slap in the face. In spite of this, when I met Marvin for the first time, I gave him a hug and posed for pictures with him. Opinions are, after all, just opinions. At some point, I became aware of the fact that Marvin was now Wally's "champion." I also became aware of the fact that Marvin had a tendency to post things on Kay's Facebook page that continued to "stir up" the waters. After the "Shindig Magazine" interview, where, given a soap box, Wally once again chose to take the "low road" and say mean-spirited things about me, followed by Kay venting her own venom on her Facebook page, I just got sick of it. The things I have said about Wally on this message board, believe it or not, have been extremely measured. No one here knows what was going on behind the scenes 40 years ago. Wally knows, and Jim knows, and Dave knows, and Scot knows, and Michael knows, and I know, and each member of the band brings their own "perception", right or wrong, to the party. Marvin doesn't know anything more than whatever Wally and Kay told him, and that has been colored by 40 years of anger and bitterness. A while back, I became tired of Marvin reporting back to Wally and Kay about things I may have said in response to things Wally had said publicly in "Shindig Magazine." I called him on it. Period. If he has now chosen to stop posting here that's his business. It's not the first time Marvin has left this board. I think it's a shame that, instead of focusing on positive things, his commentary was often insulting. I would liken it to inviting someone to your home for dinner, and having them wipe their muddy boots on your carpeting, and complain about the food. There are literally HUNDREDS of stories I could have shared, but chose not to. I'd rather celebrate the band than say negative things about the members. e
  21. P. J. Proby, Steve Marriott, Robin Zander, Gordon Waller ( Peter and Gordon )
  22. "Let's Pretend" for sure. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" for the cleaner, less sexy version.
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