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  1. Kia ora ,I agree with you 100% Darlene.I waited with great expectations after Eric's first solo album (probably a lot longer than you guys) When it finally hit the shops here in NZ,I was just about the first person here to buy it. I loved it from the first time I played it.At the tender age of 17 I have to confess that I really didn't have much idea about some of the concepts in the lyrics.But 30 years down the road I can understand fully alot of the themes and ideas Eric wrote about.I still play it and to this day it remains my most favorite of all his albums.
  2. Kia ora Danmichel,In answer to your question They probably grew old the same time we did.
  3. Kia ora everyone, Man you guys are nuts. My husband and I joined in, it was our first experience in a chat room and all we can say is WOW!!!what a load of rapid fire fun.Thanks Kathy for your instructions.To answer the time question it was 4pm Saturday afternoon(tomorrowland!)Thanks for making us welcome. Looking forward to the March one.
  4. Kia ora Kathy I have never used a chat room before. I can't find the "Tutorial" you posted a while ago. I followed Sugars instructions but that didn't get me very far. Once I'm in the chat room I don't know how to use it,and I would very much love to be part of it. Thanks Marilyn.
  5. Kia ora Sugar,Thanks I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Kia ora,I was 5, and although we did have eletricity in NZ then(unlike Bahoodore) we didn't have TV.
  7. Kia ora everyone,Like most of you I was also quite young when I first heard Raspberries for the first time,it was Go All The Way.I was hooked.But living in NZ, it was extremely difficult to get much info. I did manage from time to time, to find articles in out of date"Teen" mags.As for video clips etc, all I can ever recall seeing was one of EC sitting at the piano singing ABMS.Now 30 years later my love of his music is still as strong ever, plus I've also got to find all of you wonderful like minded people. IT'S AWESOME!!!!
  8. Kia ora all This chat room event sounds like loads of fun. Could you please instruct a "computer illiterate"on how to find it,if I can work out the time difference between USA and NZ, and i'm not at work i'd love to join in.
  9. Kia ora everyone, Please excuse "an uneducated" from the Colonies but who is Dwight Twilley? I do know and have seen Split Enz though.
  10. Kia ora everyone. This ad was aired here in NZ about 18 months ago,with pretty much the same response as you guys ... amazing!
  11. Kia ora.I agree with you Darlene, Topdown Summer is right up there.There is something magic about driving a car with no roof,or parking up in one On The beach.Trust me I know what I'm talking about!!!!!(I own a sport's car)
  12. Kia ora. A bit of useless info for you. In Auckland,(which is New Zealand's largest city)we have a suburb called One Tree Hill,named so because...yep you guessed it there is a hill with one tree on it,there is also a monument there too. It is quite a landmark.It's also a popular "park up" spot!!!!
  13. Kia ora,Yes I have heard about the Reunion concerts.What I would have given to be there.I do have the next best thing. The book about it.I got it through the web sight.I have spent many hours looking at it since.I read with great hope of a DVD of the Reunion.I have heard rumours of a possible tour to Japan. Can anyone enlighten me.
  14. Kia ora, Thanks for your warm welcome. It's great to be able to talk to like minded people. Other than people in the radio industry here not many people know much,if anything about EC or the Raspberries and their FANTASTIC MUSIC But never fear, I soon enlighten them.
  15. Kia ora (that's New Zealand for Hello)This is my first time here. I've enjoyed reading all the items posted.For me "On the Beach" would have to be one of my choices for favorite Valentine song, but that is probably because the beach is such a part of the NZ lifestyle, and it's great to spend Valentines Day on the beach.
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