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  1. Does this mean that I'm going to have to wait another 31 years to hear the original band members perform again together live. RATS.
  2. Finally Hard Rock. You Guys Rock. Raspberries for LIFE. Come back to California.
  3. Thanks Art. We are all on the same team here and I feel that everyone wants to be there, even Mark, for ERIC. So I will sign off with this last comment to everyone. Eric is human and so are we. He is our brother and we ALL love him. If, and I did say if, Eric needs our help, lets be there for him. If he doesn't need you help, let still be there for him. Take care fans, Paul
  4. Thank you "pauliemississippi." If you read my reply Art, you will see that I do not know if Eric has a drinking problem or not. Did he drink to much that night, YES. Did he make a very bad decision to drive a car, YES. Did he get into an accident that could have hurt himself or someone else and maybe even kill them or him, YES. Has he been arrested in the past for this very same behavior with a simular outcome, Yes, YES. All I am suggesting is that we should not judge the man and then lynch him if we do not have all of the facts. What Eric did was bad. That doesn't mean that we should toss him to the curb either. You have asked everone to pull together. I am asking the same. All I meant was that Eric changed my life for the better. Maybe, you think, he has others as well. Let's pray that if there is a problem, it is over or being taken care and that Eric uses better judgement in the future. I don't drink but I am a cop, yet I can still see the good in Eric greatly outweighs the bad. I hope that everyone will pull together. Eric MAY need our help. It is just important for him to know that either way we are here for him. That was all, Paul
  5. I know that I don't post very often. Compared to many of you, I guess you could say that I don't post at all. But then you would be wrong. I love Eric and the rest of the band. As the "Raspberries" biggest supporter in California, I was in New York as a VIP member. And then again at both California concerts. I can't wait to see them again SOON. So with that I send out a BIG CALIFORNIA prayer to Eric, his family, friends, Wally, Jim, and Dave. I have never had a problem with drinking so I can not judge. All I can do is support the man that changed my life when I was a young boy in 1970. I may not be known, but I am the silent reader at every post. Eric IS my HERO and now is the time to come to his help as he has come to mine on many occations without even knowing it. I would not be alive today had it not been for that man. I have only met him and the rest of the band 3 times and he will never know just how important his music was to me. And I fell the same about Wally, Jim, and Dave. They will always be the "Raspberries" to me and their timing in my life was perfect. You can do it big man, and then come back to California to pack the house. We love you Eric. Take Care, Paul
  6. What do you have when you combine the worlds greatest pianest, guitarist, drummer, bassest, & vocal harmonies to die for? You get the Raspberries of course. The 2007 HOB location on Sunset Blvd in California makes the thrid concert that I have seen of this legendary band. A fan from day one I am living in total bliss. 2005 was a dream come true and everything now is icing. And I like a lot of icing. There were problems and you could see the tension in the band over it, but like the true professionals they are, the show went on without a hitch. The meet and great was GREAT and as in the last two I attended all of the members made me feel like their friend. Dave and Jim have always made me feel like and old buddy. Wally and Eric joked around with me making me feel like a million dollars. At 51 years old it was finding this band in 1970 that has lead me to the life I enjoy today. I love each and everyone of them as a brother. I'm in ESCTACY.
  7. Gee, I don't want to sound like an ingrate, but I have never cared as much for a band as I have for the Rapberries. The name Ecstasy Band came from my naming my band back in 1979 "Ecstasy" after the song. 10 years later the drug Ecstasy would hit the streets so placing the word "Band" became necessary. After touring California with that band for 24 years, I never dreamed the group that had inspired me so much would even consider a reunion concert. I am very happy to have been a part of their history, and if they never perform ever again I can look back at a dream come true. Still, I have that part of me that can't wait. Patience, little grasshopper is not one of my best attributes. But patience I will have along with the hope of more concerts to come. The only thing that would ever top it all would be for the guys to let me set in with them. Now thats a dream come true.
  8. I was very lucky to see the band of my dreams perform after believing that I had missed them for good. Even after all of the years between they where better than I had ever dreamed of. I was a VIP in NYC and a VIP at the HOB in Hollywood. But is the magic over. Will the guys perform again? I haven't been able to find anything about any future Raspberries Concerts. I would be in the front of the line, first one in, like I was in NYC and HOB. There is no better band on Earth. Can anyone help me?
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