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  1. Anyone here heard of Opus? They are an Austrian band with "Live is life" (1985). It's still a European party song to the day. However, I was one of the few people who bought their album "Up and down" - and it's a better album then one might think. Clean production, good songs. There were a few other songs very sporadically on the radio from that album. In fact, they have one of the best power ballads ever with "Flying high" which I never understood why it didn't chart in the U.S. It's on youtube somewhere, also with Falco on vocals - who died in 1998. Crank it, and pretend you're lost in Germany in the 80's.
  2. Jeff Healey was legendary and inspirational. Look for a new c.d "Mess of blues" shortly - I also checked out his "Jazz wizards" where he plays trumpet and was impressed. A real sad news.
  3. Cheers Eric, you have a lot of supporters.
  4. Awesome recollections Paul! I just ordered Frozen ghost "Essential 20th century masters" from Amazon, which features their best tracks. The songs are really great, production, musicianship wise from an 80's perspective. They have a perfect ballad called "Dream come true" and their U.S modest hit single "Shall I see" still sounds great. I'm a defender of good 80's pop/rock - for jogging at least worth a spin. It's always good digging deeper and finding music that might sound even better today than it did back then.
  5. Thanks for the word-up Marv. Funny how people are a product of their era isn't it? I grew up on Muchmusic. I know most 80's singles that was ever released, good or bad. Peter a.k.a Greg.
  6. By the way, take a look at the Rutles video Don posted and my Greg Kihn video of "for you" - don't the singers have an uncanny resemblance?
  7. The Rutles rule! There was a time when I liked the Rutles c.d even better than the Beatles. It was a Beatles parody funded by good old George himself. Favorite Rutles song "With a girl like you". P.S What is the topic? I'm tired of playing games too, last night I played Risk and monopoly back to back Something to be said about stream of consciousness. Hey Marv - I'm curious as I am 15 years younger than you, if you ever could somewhat tolerate the best of my favourite 80's Canadian bands like 1) Frozen ghost 2) FM 3) The Payolas Thanks for turning me on to Venice by the way! I appreciate expert dissections of music a la Marvin and Don (great reviews of Fotomaker et al.)
  8. For you is great, the studio version and album "Greg Kihn again" is pure pop magic. I don't think Greg reads these posts, so I'm not worried about gettings sued for slandering his name. Maybe there are other Greg Kihn's out there too! After all, I bought all their albums many times over, just like Eric and Raspberries material. However I must admit it is sad how Greg and his band had such potential (1970 - 1983) which kind of got diminished by job hazards. When Greg hits a good note it's awesome - when he's off, well.. Check out this old one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbeMrUqfGPk
  9. I'd love to join the bill, but I have a day job as a dj and don't think I can get off work.
  10. On behalf of the mostly anonymous readers, Thanks for the entertaining posts! As much as I love Eric's music and the Raspberries, I have to admit I chuckle out loud like a grade 8 at some of the twists and jibes found on this great board. Find me another board like this - I haven't seen one. How about The Raspberries/Strawbs/Vanilla Fudge triple bill? Maybe the Motors could open up, but just play "airport" and then actually fly away on a small aircraft. The Raspberries are the bananas....(to quote a 1972 ad)
  11. I agree with the predominantly females who say "Nay". While I'm all for interesting personality and commentary, I think societies today, especially North American society, needs more people who show eloquence, distinction, respect, politeness, self-reflection, and encourage family/people values above all else. Now that is cool! There are a lot of good people around, but we need the men to stand up for these faded standards. I really hope we see some improvement in the coming years.
  12. Thanks Brioohs. There were well-made compilations by Castle for each Beserkeley group done in 2000. Great liner notes, pics, and the best material was mostly chosen. So for Greg Kihn, you have a lot of cuts from the absolutely smashing "Greg Kihn again" instead of "Kihntagious". The Earthquake is called "Sitting in the middle of madness" which in my opinion is all that you need, although they had some collectible very early 70's albums which were rereleased on cd recently. Worth checking out though for if you are a music nuthead like me!
  13. Jump Man, thanks for the insight! I bought 8.5 on cd for 10 dollars in Germany about 11 years ago. All those Beserkeley c.d's got released in the late 80's in Germany. I thought the ballad "And he likes to hurt you" has some spine tingling moments, and some great rock tunes mixed with powerpop. Admittedly the quality, recorded and otherwise is variable - but they definitely had their moments and potential. Crazy though - pondering to buy "Kihntinued" or "Citizen Kihn" on c.d by the Greg Kihn band at reasonable prices in Germany but deciding to save the "cold hard cash" and then whoops! a year later they've disappeared from the stores and now can be bought for 200 U.S from Amazon! Germany was great around the mid 1990's (I moved there then and lived for 10 years). They had a lot of good quality pop/rock that still had a shelf life there.
  14. Here's the link to Tin soldier. Enjoy! Nobody ever bought here an Earthquake album? Sang along with "Lovin' cup" or "Savin' my love?" http://garyphilippet.com/Tin_Soldier_-_Earth_Quake.mp3
  15. Yes, Gary was on all those classic Beserkeley albums. I thought his/Earthquake's version of Tin soldier was better than the original! Did anybody ever hear even ONE song of Earthquake's on the radio in the mid-late 70's? Their highest charting album was 8.5 (1976) which made about #183 on the charts. Perhaps enough for an AOR song like "Hit the floor" to make a small noise?
  16. Sofia, Bulgaria Severance Hall Galapagos islands
  17. Dear Eric Carmen and wider music fans, I'd like to call to your attention that Gary Phillips (Gary Phillipet) died recently. You may ask - who was he? While not an active musician over the last 20 years, he was a prominent member of Copperhead, Earth quake (ever heard of them? Some great tunes and albums - Levelled, 8.5) and was a member of power pop's Greg Kihn band during their mainstream success (Rockihnroll, Kihntinued, Kihnspiracy). He died of cancer and was apparently a true rock and roll spirit and a great man always willing to help others. He was 59. http://garyphilippet.com/ It's sad that so many of the great rock musicians, prominent and less prominent, pass away in their 50's. (By the way I'm not Greg Kihn - but it seems I have to reregister to change my name. My name is Peter from Vancouver. It was just a running joke that got out of hand, like Greg Kihn's punning ways.)
  18. Thanks Annie and Anne, the great thing about the forum is that many of the members have interesting tales to tell. For instance Expo 67, I wasn't around, but that era fascinates me. Vancouver had Expo 86, which was fun - and after that rapid development and mass immigration from Asia happened! I am thankful for the diversity we got out of it, the downside is that its easy to pine for my parents generation when house prices cost almost 1/100th. I guess what links me to Eric Carmen and the Raspberries is the taking me back to the 70's even though I was hardly there, yet I sense the happiness of my early childhood by listening to the music. It happened to me too, except way later: I heard GATW on the car radio for the first time and I still vividly remember the chills I got. I have to admit I am out of the loop on Canada/US jibes and foreign relations. I know media and tv shows can perpetuate this. When I moved to Europe I noticed some Americans disguised as Canadians with our flag on their bags. Admittedly I found it also a bit immature that young Canadian backpackers inevitably had to have the flag on to say "hey we're friends of the world so don't rip us off". Best thing I take a road trip one of these years. Minor spelling correction: Geddy Lee, the lead singer of Rush was apparently called so by his Polish grandmother who couldn't pronounce "Gary". Glen Gould was probably the most genius classical pianist on the planet. And perhaps I am stretching good sense and am on the board rules radar by using the name of somebody living as my screen name who can't defend himself. It's kind of a strange name for a rock singer, don't you think? I didn't know people had heard of Greg Kihn. Admittedly when I discovered Eric Carmen, and the Raspberries I discovered the likeable Greg Kihn band whose early albums, but above all the 1977 album "Greg Kihn again" rocked my power-pop world. (I was alone in my milieu with my music tastes in the late 80's!) Sadly, I have not seen even one minor dissection of that album anywhere. But I should take that to "Cruising music.."
  19. I'm very appreciative of the answers and recollections! Admittedly I moved back recently after living 10 years abroad and am trying to "sense out" spacial and perspective issues living in N. America. You know, a fair bit of how we perceive a place, other places or others is in our head - I am convinced. I actually thought maybe Eric has hardly been here, as realistically Vancouver is a bit out of the way if you're not in the region. Toronto is much more a hub. Yet I do think there is something about the "West Coast lifestyle" that is nice, and Vancouverites generally have more an affinity to Seattle than they do other parts of Canada, due to the wide distances. The developing pop sound in the 60's was actually quite interesting for nugget searchers and documented recently on our national tv. Some of these songs were modest hits in the States. I thought Canadian pop quality wasn't always so great in the 80's, and even worse in the 90's but we've produced Glen Gould and Joni Mitchell on the other side...
  20. Thanks for posting to the thread I started. It's good that a few people have a nice opinion of Vancouver. I remember the 1994 playoffs like yesterday: its the only time the Vancouver Canucks came anywhere close to achieving glory in recent history! Admittedly I am interesting in the milieu of "y'all down there", as I have only gone as far as Portland. I find the West coast region fairly similar, the border doesn't make such a big difference...Strangely I know Bulgaria much better than the States, but then again there are also many Americans who haven't been to Canada. I was a fan of Eric Carmen and his groups (I think he was in a band called Raspberries, I am not sure) growing up in the late 80's but I assume that would make me one of the younger members. It's fun to at a much later time stumble upon people with similar music tastes closer to the source. With everybody knowing single stats etc. I would like to call out, perhaps to our dear Eric, if he ever played in Vancouver in the 70's..I would be curious. By profession I am a classical guitarist and play at the occasional function or wedding. I am considering arranging one or two of his more well known pieces for guitar. I wonder if anyone has done this before..I think they could sound quite nice.
  21. Thanks Darlene, cool that you are a string teacher and you did your masters, if I remember correctly from your posts. I am currently preparing to do the teachers training for music, after receiving training as a classical guitar performer in Canada and Germany (but early background on cello). I'm thinking that strings are better than brass instruments for a long-term hearing perspective. I have only heard of band teachers losing their hearing, but not orchestra or choir instructors!
  22. Vancouver is admittedly a nice and diverse city. The summer is beautiful, people are mostly friendly. Great scenery, mountains and beaches. Great restaurants. It has a good quality of life here. It's hard for me to be negative. I guess the biggest problem we have is a lot of drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless in certain parts. I wonder if Eric Carmen has performed here much? Does anyone have tour stats?
  23. I just thought, even though it is obvious, that I would express my appreciation to Eric for posting for us. Everyone has their own personal portal to music, and to music he was involved in creating. It's also interesting how different commentary, sometimes not always worded the best, can cause the occasional feather to be ruffled! Still I think its worth it. I have decided to mostly read instead of posting. Having grown up in the 80's, I have a soft spot for "almost paradise". One of the great power ballads. Eric did a great job on the dirty dancing tour live. And seeing videos of his performances on internet, (of course illegally uploaded!) makes me aware of what a great performer he is. So I wish you all in the States a great summer and hope you can support his concert in the fall. And Eric, as we're all not getting any younger, thanks again for the work you've done to bring some class to pop music over the years. I wish you all the best and a great future. Peter from Vancouver BC
  24. Oh yeah, baby Tonight is a cool intro. Why? because Wally had the nerve to play the second chord "B major" in first inversion, with the 3rd in the bass. It gives a bit of the sweet touch to the song, the sound we like. If he had left the second chord as a normal B chord, it might have sounded more like Steppenwolf, and have even cracked the top 40. Just my take on it..
  25. I hate to say it, but Greg Kihn bands minor but classic 1978 hit "Remember" from Next of Kihn, with its haunting 12 string jangle sound, stands for me as an unforgettable intro.
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