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  1. My sentiments exactly, Pat. This is hardly the first father who has made unwise choices in spite of having kids. He loved them and they knew that and that in itself is more than some kids will EVER know! The fact that they were willing to tell the entire world that they loved HIM should say enough in itself! I cannot fathom what I would have been like if I had been forced to live his life (which started out in an unnatural way thanks to his father.) And dare I say this, but.... why didn't his 'saintly' mother ever put a stop to the father and this insanity for the sake of her children?!?!
  2. Tommy, bless your heart!!! John, Annie, and I are going out to Vegas at the end of Sept. and he's been looking for a good deal. I'll pass it along, thank you!!!
  3. Happy birthday to someone who is warm, caring, and gives to others (especially Scouts!) unconditionally! Have a blessed year ahead, Beth!
  4. Wishing you a happy birthday, MAM!
  5. Have a wonderful birthday, Susana!
  6. I came in on the tail end of Cheri's Soda Shoppe. A lovely lady, she died from complications of diabetes. Kiwi and Muzza were gracious enough to keep in touch with some of her family and her hospital as long as they allowed and forwarded information to the board but that didn't last long. We found out much later that she had passed.
  7. I think Pat put it all perfectly in perspective. Why don't we let it go and all stay put, ok? Wouldn't the greatest act of respect towards Cheri be to act in friendship?
  8. The one that keeps running through my mind is that satiny voice in "She's Out of My Life".
  9. LisaMarie, this is just the way the board 'talks' to each other. We ramble and go in different directions, converge temporarily, and then are off and running in different directions again. At the moment the only answer to your question is that nobody knows anything. But then again, that could be said at any given time about any given topic with this crowd!
  10. It may be a false story but to look at him I'll bet some things weren't too far off. This was a man in pain in numerous ways. And in spite of the fame and fortune he still had no one to help save him from that pain.
  11. Of course it will. There's money to be made, you know!
  12. None of it truly surprises me. He was an abuse victim, tragically, not an abuse survivor. First his father abused him, then the business abused him, finally he abused himself. Now the pain has stopped.
  13. Ecstasy


    A warm welcome to you, Lisamarie, and to Tammy who just showed up on another post. We hope both of you will be at home and make friends quickly. This is both a fun and interesting, agreeable and controversial site full of spirited people. Wishing you both a great time!
  14. We lost John's mom to lymphoma. Hideous. Cancer is so frightening because they still can't figure it all out. Why does it hit some people and not others? Why do the risk factors vary from person to person? Not even the genetic factors are consistent. You just don't know!
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing Billy soon! Hermits will be hitting the Chicago area next month for us and we'll be catching them in Vegas in Sept. ALWAYS a fantastic show and lots of fun!!!
  16. But it's not new and it never stops. Remember John Lennon in the morgue? And THAT was 29 yrs ago.
  17. I haven't been seeing that on tv, thankfully. She still seems to be getting the respect that she has earned and deserved.
  18. I don't think we realize yet what we've lost and what music and cultural influence could have come out of that comeback tour. I was telling a few people that it reminded me of John Lennon when he released Double Fantasy. He was ready to start his career over, too, and we'll never know what could have come from him, either. Heartbreaking, incalcuable loss.
  19. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson... am I the only one who feels like their childhood and teen years just came crashing to the floor? Entertainers we grew up with! Michael is just shattering me, though. I mean the professional Michael who was so brilliant and gifted and gave so much to the music world. Just crushing.
  20. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=100718825973&h=mBXiv&u=IikZv&ref=nf
  21. No, Julia, it crossed my mind in the same way. Even if not within decades, how about within months? She didn't just die from a car accident within a few hours. Still, he was with her and cared for her and that's what truly counts.
  22. Happy Birthday, Brian! Take that wonderful, gentle spirit of yours into a new year of peace and joy and all things uplifting!
  23. Happiest of birthdays to you, Danny!
  24. At the bottom of the first link I posted there is an email address of a person to contact who will tell you how to protest these proposed cutbacks. I've gotten a few people involved in looking into protesting for the sake of their families. (I'm contacting her so I'll post more info in case anyone is interested in following suit.) And Tony, I'm not sure it makes a difference anymore WHAT STATE you're in. We all seem to be in the same boat in more ways than one. My kids are adults (well, Brian just turned 18 and Annie will be 17 in September) so the child issues will not be affecting them in the same way anymore. But I have several small grandchildren and your son is little so these kids are about to be greatly affected!
  25. I found out about the foster/adoptive news last week in a message from UCanChicago (the organization behind Dick Biondi's Christmas Toy Drive which was how I got on their list.) http://www.ucanchicago.org/site/epage/51037_682.htm I didn't receive the news from DCFS until this week. After talking with my son, Shaun, last night he began putting two and two together and realized if they just went after foster and adoptive services then general services for disabled or even average kids are next! (Needless to say, he's worried about what health care and therapy services through the county are going to be cut for his daughter, Jessi.) You bet they are! So I got curious and did a little digging and found a LOT more things that are on their way out --- elderly, college students, immunizations.... http://www.ift-aft.org/forms/index3.aspx?CID=1727&TID=top3&PID=44
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