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  1. I have signed the petition. This is becoming a very serious matter. How can we slowdown this global warning? Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will definitely suffer if we do not act now.
  2. Thanks for the warning! I just got rid of a Trojan Virus - Don't need another one.
  3. Eric, Spring is approaching fast. May I inquire if this year we'll all have the privilege to see you performing soon? Thanks. ac
  4. Bernie - I am hoping a signed lyrics and/or music sheet (perhaps Boats Against the Current)will be available in your Garage Sale?
  5. Queen at Wembley Stadium 1985 or was it 1986?
  6. I just saw it this afternoon and I laugh all the way through. This is the funniest and yes tasteless movie but it worth being seen. Two tumbs up to Sacha Baron Cohen!
  7. Sorry, I posted before checking if there was already a posting on this subject. I've tried to delete but could not. Anyway, as I was saying, this is a great video.
  8. I was looking at ec videos on "YouTube" and came across his "I'm Through With Love" video. Great music and lyrics but his performance is amazing - you can almost feel his pain... Check it out! Anita
  9. Sorry Kenny! but I predict France is going to win! They already won the Cup in 1998 and, since I was born, raised and educated in France I have to root for them....
  10. To all EC and NASCAR fans that were unable to watch the race live today, commentator Daryl Waltrip, trying to define cars positions, started singing "All By Myself". Congratulation Eric, you are now going NASCAR!! I thouhgt this was worth mentioning. ac
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